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While we're on the topic of Fast Zombies, there was actually something I felt was missing from Half-Life 2, namely, a fast enemy who retreated. The Fast Zombies are certainly fast, and scary as hell, but some of the best battles in the original Half-Life & Opposing Force were with those slippery Black Ops assassins. They were lightning fast, plus they'd fall back. You'd hear their quick footsteps, then hear that little 'thup thup thup' as they pumped a few rounds into you, and then, if you were quick, you'd catch a glimpse of them as they rounded a corner about thirty feet away. Those were some fun skirmishes, and I think HL2 could have used a nice, quick, stealthy enemy who took evasive action. The Fast Zombies are great, and when you take one out it's definitely a relief, but it's nothing near the incredible satisfaction of finally drawing a bead on one of those Black Ops ninja chicks.

In "Raising the Bar", there is some neat concept art of an assassin-type of Combine designed for HL2, and it's just too bad it didn't make it into the game.

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