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Man. I hate when games make you stand your ground. Fleeing, I'm good with. Charging, no problem. Hiding? Count me in. But when a game is, like, "Defend this position until help arrives!" you just know it's gonna be rough.

Been playing some Call of Duty 2 lately, and they even give you a nice countdown clock showing you how long you have until reinforcements arrive. Thanks! As the time ticks down and I panic more and more (mainly at the thought of failing at the last second and having to go through it again), it's nice to have a giant ticking clock reminding me of how close I'll get before I blow it.

No clocks in HL2, but you do get to watch the cart ever-so-slowly grind its way over to you between frantically scraping fast zombies off the pipes with your shotgun. Seriously, Grigori, you couldn't have had the cart ready? Dickweed.

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