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Hello, I am Greg. How are you this fine day.

A while back I had this idea and I was going to get it together as fan art to send to Chris, but as it got bigger and more involved I figured I'd pitch it to him as a guest week. As total luck would have it, it sort of intersects with the Concerned story. In the game, when you get to this building, you can look through that binocular-scope thing and see the rebel base where Frohman just showed up in #102.

This is good, because otherwise I would've pissed away all the time it took to get this done. But it's also why this one's longer than a usual Concerned; when I first started making them I didn't plan on breaking it up into three parts, and by the time I made that decision it was way too late to go back and change things. But even if I had, I'm not sure I could do it; one thing Chris does well is keeping a good joke down to six panels. It's a lot harder than it looks.

When you get to this building in the game, there are a couple soldiers in there. I wanted to set them up, leaning against a wall statue-like, as if these two guys had suspended them there while they did their thing. But it wound up not being clear enough, and I think two frozen Combine would've cluttered the scene more than helped it.

For non-players: I'm way off the HL2 plot, here. This fan-art from Dan put the, er, spark in my head about thinking up surrounding details, and I what-iffed my way to a whole organization of guys who look like G-Man and have their own agenda.

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