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I think I've lost count of the things my friend Greg, of spinnwebe and Scribs, has done for this website. He's written new code, rewritten old code, provided a super swanky index page, organized my folders, files, and images, fixed my RSS feed, and advised me on everything from HTML to PHP to JPG. I've often thought that if only I could get him to just do the actual comics for me, I'd be all set.

And, as a matter of fact, he has created some comics for me, three of them, and I'll be running them next week in a Concerned Remix Guest Week Special! Greg's strips will appear here on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while I take a desperately needed break. I really think you'll enjoy his three-part series, called "Concerned-ish" -- they're quite honestly some of the best HL2 comics I've seen. I think they fit perfectly into Concerned -- plus they add some very interesting wrinkles to the already mysterious Half-Life universe.

I believe he will also be providing notes for his comics, so don't forget to check those out, too!

So, enjoy next week! I'll still be checking e-mail, poking around the forums, and maybe doing some light To The Death! work if I feel so inclined, but mainly I'll just be enjoying some time off and recharging my batteries.

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