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I thought a little recap of Frohman's mission statement was probably a overdue; plus, I sort of like it when he writes letters to Dr. Breen. It's just so stupid.

I don't know how many times everyone out there played Lost Coast, which Valve released a couple months ago, but hopefully it's recognizable in the last panel. If you haven't downloaded it and tried it, it's short but fun -- and you don't need HDR to enjoy it.

For the record, that's the same poorly drawn pencil Frohman used in Comic #13 -- and by same, I mean same: I cut and pasted it. For um... continuity purposes, and not because I didn't want to draw another crummy looking pencil. Yeah.

Anyway. I didn't quite have the recuperative week off I was hoping for since I was sick pretty much the whole week, but I did get lots of sleep, and I can once more breathe through the holes in my head that were designed for breathing through, so I guess I'm ready to go again.

Thanks again to Greg for providing the strips for last week's guest comics! I loved 'em.

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