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I asked some friends to come up with some things you see in games that indicate something specific is about to happen, and several of them made it into this comic. I think another one was that if you see a big, wide open area or chamber, you're about to have a boss fight.

I initially had a big backstory for the other guy in this comic. His name was Larry Lighthouse, though not because he was stationed at a lighthouse. It just happened to be his name by coincidence, and he was annoyed that people kept assuming he loved lighthouses, knew a lot about lighthouses, their history, how they work, that sort of thing.

He also was a former employee of the company that manufactured the Infinite Ammo Chests, and talked about how they went out of bankrupt because providing customers with an infinite amount of ammo was a poor business model with no repeat customers.

Then there was a whole thing about how heavy they were, due to the infinite amount of ammo they contained, and the dangers of putting more ammo into an already over-crowded chest. When I finally counted up the lines of text I'd written, it would have been about a 37 panel comic, so I sort of streamlined it.

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