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That's an actual image of a wet-nap I Photoshopped in. I found it at this site, called I Heart Moist-Towelettes, in one of the many, many galleries.

I'm not really one to point fingers, as I spend a great deal of time obsessing over a video game, but I dunno. It's a little frightening that someone would spend so much time and energy collecting and categorizing moist-towelettes. Also, the actual URL is Doesn't make me feel any better about the whole endeavor. On the other hand, they did have a picture of a wet-nap I found useful, so I guess I should just be thankful.

That being said, now I'm sure Google Adsense will find lots of ads about moist-towelettes and throwing up, so I'll try to undo the damage by saying GAME COMPUTER GAME VIDEO GAME HALF-LIFE 2 FPS GAME FIRST-PERSON SHOOTER SOFTWARE GAME VALVE STEAM VALVE GAME GORDON FREEMAN GAMING GAMER GAME MONKEY CHOW GAMES CROWBAR GUN SHOOTING PC GAMES. GAMES GAMING. There.

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