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First off, there's this. Add yourself! If you want. It's a bit more specific than my survey was.

Secondly, I've got a huge (and I mean HUGE) series of family functions beginning in the next 12 hours, and they're going to last for over a week. So, no comic this Friday (sorry), and next week will be three guest strips, all done by my friend Joe. His strips are great, funny, beautifully put together, and I'm sure you'll enjoy them!

I'll try to check my e-mail and the forums when I get a chance, but it's gonna be a hectic ten days or so and, with any luck, I'll be drunk for most of it, so don't expect a whole lot.

Anyway, sorry about missing Friday's comic -- I just didn't get it done in time. Enjoy the Guest Week, and I'll be back with my own strips on Monday, May 1st... the same day Episode One begins preloading. Hawt.

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