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For the benefit of readers outside of North America, I based this on a series on the cable network VH-1 called Behind The Music. I always thought it was such a bad show, mostly because it jumped around and played fast and loose with context, and very rarely featured the people the documentary was about.

I also want to make sure that it's clear that I have used some creative license in my depiction of Chris. Before he sends his cadre of elite Texas lawyers after me, I want to state for the record that Chris is actually nowhere near as tall as Frohman, nor is he bald. The rest, well duh, of course THAT part is true.

Because Chris also let me write the notes this week, I am offering a one-time interactive participation opportunity for Concerned readers. The way I figure it, why should I be the only one screwing around with the Google ad seeds? Just go to this page on my site, and enter your suggestions! I will pick some of the best ones and include them in the Notes on Friday's extra-long comic extravaganza. We'll teach Chris a lesson about giving out the keys to the house!

By the way, I'm not doing this on my site to linkwhore, but A) I don't want to spoil Friday's ad search results in any way, B) I don't want to spam up Chris' forums with this, and C) I have a script that is collecting everything for me. I don't recommend going to my site for the exciting, thrilling, and funny content, because is just ain't there.NOTE: Over the past 12 hours or so I have gotten a ton of suggestions. I'm going to go through them and pick out the best ones. Thanks for participating!

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