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The benefits of using live spawns instead of posing can be two-fold. First, the metrocop firing his gun (into me, while I take picture through the static cam next to him) gets a nice flare on him from his gun, plus his spent shell casings go flying off into the air and, in the first panel, right into the camera. So, it looks a lot nicer than it would if I'd used an emitter for his gunfire.

I also love the detail of the game itself. The shell casing that's very close to camera in panel one, near the bottom, you can sort of see it has little scratches on it. That's just neat, especially for a non-object that quickly fades from sight when you're playing.

Getting the rebel to shoot in the last frame was harder -- since she doesn't try to kill me, I have to give her something to shoot at, so I spawned a bunch of city scanners and locked them into place a few feet away. The rebels tend to run around and fall back a bit more than the metrocops, so I sort of had to chase her around taking pictures. I felt like the paparazzi.

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