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Model 7, the model I use for Frohman, comes with four outfits: citizen, refugee (sort of a dirtier, more ragged citizen), rebel, and medic, so I've now used them all. In fact, I've been waiting for ages for the chance to get him into this medic gear. I think it's the most dashing of his looks, personally.

If Concerned were more of a topical gaming comic, Frohman would probably be getting a visit from a lawyer representing the Canadian Red Cross right about now.

While I was putting this comic together, my wife came over and asked if I could have Frohman say "Eep" at some point. So, what did I do? I made him say "Eep" RIGHT IN THE VERY PANEL I WAS WORKING ON WHEN SHE ASKED. Now, that's service! Not all husbands will do that kinda thing.

Created with Half-Life 2 by Valve Software, using Garry's Mod.
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