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Finally installed and started playing F.E.A.R. this weekend (I got the game way back in December). I'm not gonna launch into a full review since it's been out for a while, but it's a really neat game. The gunfights are a LOT of fun. The AI isn't quite as good as I was led to believe, but it never is, really. And, for a game that relies on two pretty stale elements -- the spooky little girl for scares and the Matrix-slow-mo gunplay -- it's both scary and entertaining. Why the hell are little girls so goddamn creepy, anyway?

Biggest problem so far is that it's really, really repetetive. You walk around, you have terrifying visions, you have a dynamic slow-motion gunfight with several opponents during which you shred their pinwheeling bodies with lead and shrapnel in an almost balletic display of carnage... then you do it again. What I'm trying to say is, the repetition doesn't really hurt the game a whole lot, since the stuff you're doing again and again is so much fun. But, really, any deviation from creeping through hallways, getting in gunfights, and getting the shit scared out of you by a little girl would have been welcome.

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