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There's a question I get in e-mail probably about every other day: "Is Concerned going to carry over into Half-Life 2: Episode 1?" Okay, it's usually asked like this: "HI R U GONNSA KILL FROMAN PLZ DONT I LIK HIM AND WNT HIM 2 DO EPIESIODE 1 PLZ DONT ENDS TEH COMIC OK OR I WILL HATE U 4EVER YOU SUCK IF U KILL FROHMANS UR A DICK ALSO HOW DO U POSE GUN IN HAND"

Anyway, before Episode 1 was released, I did have an idea for a comic about it, just not a comic with Frohman in it. Since the working of Episode 1 was originally "Aftermath", I though about doing a comic called "AfterMatt", about a guy named Matt Cole, who fancied himself a grizzled, world-weary action hero but was really just enamored of speaking dramatically, striking poses, and coming up with taglines. In an actual action situation, he was about as useless as a hat full of busted assholes.

Anyway, I quickly abandoned the idea for AfterMatt, but Norman is basically doing the same spoken shtick I had in mind. And no, Frohman won't be going through Episode One -- I thought about it a bit, but Ep 1 doesn't really lend itself to the type of comic I'd want to do.

The cigarette, and much more, in the Comic Necessities Pack by N00bus.

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