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I actually saw "Stomp" on Broadway once. Winter in New York is tough, because you have to wear 400 layers of clothes to survive the cold, and then once you get inside, say, a tiny cramped theater that's 1700 degrees, you can't shed any of those layers. So when you're stuck in a tiny seat with no leg or elbow room, and you're sweating profusely and thinking you might pass out, the last thing you want is three hours of people whaling on steel oil drums with rowboat oars roughly six feet from your throbbing head. It was a pretty miserable show.

At this point in the game, you've got a four rebels teammates at your side at all times. If you lose a few to sentry guns or enemy grenades, a few more eventually trickle in behind you until you have a full roster of four again, leading me to believe there's a sort of velvet rope situation somewhere a few hundred yards back.

Sorry I missed a comic on Friday. No real excuse other than that I just didn't get it done in time.

I'm really looking forward to Frohman losing those damn glasses. Small props are tricky to pose, because if you're too close it'll react to you, and if you're too far away you can't tell if you've posed it properly. These also don't quite fit him, so one of the stems has to go inside his head, and when a small prop is rotated or moved inside another prop, if can be tricky to grab it again.

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