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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Heh he heh. Hum. Er. Okay, sometimes you have to spend a comic just moving the story forward and not worry too much about punchlines. Look, I didn't write the story, I'm just molesting it with my comic strip.

Other than putting a freeman ragdoll into the stalker pod, and tweaking Breen's facial expressions, I didn't do any posing for this comic -- it's all shot in-game around what's really going on. Still took about as long as a regular comic, because I had to run through the scene a bunch of times and try to find angles that worked. It's a nice change from propping up ragdolls, though.

Very quickly, because I'll probably get mail about it, if you'd like to muck around in the scene freely, load up map d3_breen_01 in G-Mod. You'll start out in the pod being pulled up, so open the console, type "kill" (which will kill you and drop you out of the pod). Also type "ai_disable" which will freeze everything until you noclip your way back up to the hallway and re-enable AI by typing "ai_disable" again. Though characters will look at you wherever you're standing, the scene will still play out as if you were still in the pod.

Created with Half-Life 2 by Valve Software, using Garry's Mod.
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