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Painful! Not the comic, the baseball game. Almost as sad as the loss to the Cards is this fantastic picture.

Endy Chavez makes an astounding -- astounding! -- catch in the sixth, robbing the Cards of a homer and the lead -- and even turning a double play. Huge. Colossal. If the Mets win the game, that moment is never forgotten. It lives forever. Any time the Mets have a big game on the line, that clip is shown, even years and years from now.

But, the Mets lost, and so that is just a great catch that'll make the highlights for maybe a couple days, maybe get shown if the Mets make the NLCS again next year, and then that'll be it. Great moment, one of the most exciting and dramatic I've ever seen, but ultimately, not a lasting one.

Anyhoo, screw you, Cardinals! Have fun getting steamrolled by the Tigers, jerks! Pujols definitely has herpes. Or maybe I'm just bitter. But seriously, there's something gross on his lip, plus he's a jerk like all the Cards. Bitter again. Sorry.


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