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Couple notes. First, the shovel isn't meant to be going through his head, impaling him, it's just lying behind him (see panel 2). I feel this is fairly obvious, but then again, there was apparently a thread on the board debating whether or not the shovel actually hit him in the last panel of comic #201. I thought it was obvious it did, being that there was a big sound effect indicating a hit, not to mention the fact that it was foreshadowed by Frohman saying his head wasn't injured a moment earlier, but since the sound of the shovel hitting him obscured the sight of the shovel hitting him, I guess there was some confusion.

I'll say that again -- the SOUND of the SHOVEL HITTING HIM was blocking the sight of the shovel hitting him -- thus there were some who weren't sure if the shovel was hitting him. Okie-dokie!

I had no intentions of including a joke about Frohman being molested in this comic until after I'd posed it and was putting it together in Photoshop, when it suddenly seemed a little creepy that some dude on a train was offering the glassy-eyed bumpkin a cheat code. If I'd planned it from the start I'd probably have use the old wrinkly guy model, 'cos he looks kinda weird (apologies to the actual human being the old wrinkly guy is based on).

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