The Character

Hey Nonny Nonny

A few notes on the character I created for this, Nondrick P. Cairk’tir.


Right off the bat, I tried to discourage adventure from finding him. I mean, just look at him. Can you imagine a statue being made of this guy? He sure as hell doesn’t look like the Champion of Cyrodiil, so maybe the game will leave him alone.

Since I’m playing without reloading, though, I need him to be, if not heroic, at least durable. Nords are pretty sturdy, are good fighters, and are good with armor (which I hope to one day afford). They come with +10 Strength and Endurance, and -10 Intelligence, Willpower, and Personality. Sounds a lot like me, except for the strength and endurance parts.

They also have a Frost Damage spell, a nice constant resistance to frost, and a Shield spell. For his Birthsign I chose The Ritual, which gives him a tasty once-a-day major Restore Health spell called Mara’s Gift, for those moments when he’s in a real life-or-death jam.

As for the custom NPC class, it’s nothing complicated. I chose a Combat specialization, and for my two chosen attributes I picked Willpower (to offset the Nord penalty) and Endurance (ie: hit points). For my Major Skills, I went with Athletics, Blade, Block, Destruction, Marksman, Restoration, and Speechcraft. It’s a decent blend of skills I’ll use a lot and ones I can practice if I really want to level.


That’s the starting pot — we’ll see it if pays off.