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June 4 - June 8, 2001 - Kind of an impromptu Theme Week, brought on by an e-mail from Carol Feltman about a review I'd written of her book.

Fiction Week - Five short temping stories, all in a different ficiton genre:  Science fiction, horror, erotica, fairy tale, and mystery.

One Year... No Career - Not My Desk turns one year old!  Festivities ensue, including an exclusive interview with Mary Jo Pehl.

Men's Week:  Grunt! 

Theme Week Redux:  A Theme Week about previous Theme Weeks.  Yes, I was just that unimaginative.

Fitness Week: Feel the burn!  A week of getting into shape at your temp job, from desk-stretching to office yoga to something far, far more terrifying:  face-building.

Skillz Week: A complete run-down on the 25 (or so) skillz every temp should know.

Cheese Week: A week devoted to the best-selling and remarkably evil business book Who Moved My Cheese?

Non-Temping Week: Instead of temping, ruminations on wedgies, Darwin, and Mr. Rogers as leader of the free world.

Women's Week: The first theme week ever!  Check out Not My Desk's salute to female temps.