1Fort is (or will be (or might be)) a comic based on Team Fortress 2.

Beyond that, I don’t have a whole lot of details to spill.  I’m shooting for a May release of the first comic, or part of the first comic (it won’t be a comic strip, more of a comic book).  It won’t be a two-or-three-times-a-week type of comic, more of a I’ll-release-it-when-I’m-done-with-it type of comic.  I’m hoping to release material every few weeks, or once a month, but it’s a little hard to predict right now.

Frohman will not be in this comic.

This blog is mainly a place to write about the process of using Garry’s Mod to create the comic, to give out posing or staging tips, discuss add-ons and downloads, and ask for help.