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If you're here in search of my Half-Life 2 humor comic, "Concerned: The Half-Life and Death of Gordon Frohman", please click here.

If you're here for this site, well, hello.  It's obviously back online at last.  The Field Guide is back up, more of the Features have been restored, like Temp Chat and the Memo Gallery, so we're back to almost 100%.

I haven't decided if I'm going to put some sort of blog or journal up yet.  I may.  I may not.  We'll see.

In the meantime, enjoy reading all the stuff I wrote, like, 46 years ago. And thanks for your patience.


I've just launched my new Half-Life 2 web comic.  It's called "Concerned: The Half-Life and Death of Gordon Frohman", and can be viewed here.

I'll be updating it every Monday and Friday.  Those who are not familiar with the game probably won't find it especially funny (frankly, those intimately familiar with the game may also not find it especially funny), but it is my current passion and I think you should accept it into your heart.

I'm aware the field guide and a lot of the features are still not up.  I'll be devoting some time to rectifying this over the coming weekend.


New pop-culture essay up, titled "A Few Bad Kids".  Click here to read it.


What's new?  Well, this website, for one.  Yes, I have joined the elite group of absolutely everyone on the planet and gotten my own website.  Despite the fact that I have no web-publishing skills to speak of, after only three days of constant toiling I have managed to publish a number of blank pages.  

These pages are lovingly rendered with nothing, the graphics, of which there are none, are not present.  The text, after much debate, has been presented in the delicately ornate Junior Helvetia Brush Script Minor font, sized for optimum readability, tested against several backgrounds, then omitted completely.  Speaking of backgrounds, initial focus groups voted unanimously that they did not actually exist, but if they did, they would certainly prefer a plain white background.

Hopefully there will be some more content within the next seven or eight months, so stay tuned!

I wrote those words exactly five years ago, and in a lot of ways, they still ring true today.  I still have no web-publishing skills, there are many missing pages, links don't work, graphics are absent, and promises of new content still spill from my keyboard with alarming regularity yet little chance of ever being realized.

Thank God fame hasn't changed me.

Thanks so much to everyone for continuing to visit this site after all this time.  Thanks for the e-mail, thanks for the donations, thanks for the message board postings, thanks for the fan art. Thanks for the suggestions, the criticisms, the chidings, the complaints, the compliments, the questions, and yes, even the completely incoherent babblings.

Thanks for being a reader.  Thanks for making me feel like a writer.

Okay!  See you in March, 2010!


Okay, although I just said I wasn't going to announce every time I added something to the site, I feel the need to announce this:  I added the archives.  The reason I'm announcing this is because since most of the site still isn't up, and since the location of a lot of the stuff that is up has been changed, there is going to be a quantum buttload of links in the archives that don't work.

Before the helpful e-mails start pouring in, alerting me to the locations of the broken links, I'd like to encourage everyone to hold off on the pouring of the e-mail helpfulness.  Gimme a week or two to get the links sorted out before writing in; after that, lemme have it.


Rather than announce every tidbit I add to the site during this rebuilding process, I'm just going to post this link to a change log.


The "Essays" link is now active.  Eventually, every essay I've written for this site will be linked on the same page, by category, but as of right now I just have the temping ones done.  Enjoy the nostalgia, and if anyone can figure out why I called that one essay "Go Fish", please let me know, because I just re-read it and I'm baffled.


Dear Patient Website Readers,

Dawn slams up on the all-new*, all-improved** Not My Desk!

Now, not many of the links are actually linking to anything at the moment.  I'm not entirely done redesigning the main page yet, and until I'm done with that, I'm not going to start altering the rest of the site, since the rest of the site design will pretty much feed off this here page.

Basically, I wanted you all to look at it and let me know if you have any problems with it.  By "problems" I mean "technical problems".  I'm sure many of you might not like the colors or little graphics or whatever, and while you should feel free to let me know, it might not result in any changes.  I long ago discovered that every color scheme known to man will offend someone.  Different browsers and monitors will make the site look slightly different to everyone, so what appears to me to be a pleasing shade of gray might look pitch black to one guy and bright white to someone else.

What I really need to know is if this page is technically screwed up at all.  I've looked at it in IE 6, Netscape 7, and Firefox, and everything seems to be lining up and looking okay, but if there is any weirdness from other browsers, please let me know and I'll see if I can fix it.  There's also a little Javascript in the linkbar across the top, and I have very little experience with Javascript, so there may be problems there. 

On another note, it's amazing how I can work for a long time on something, like the design of this page, and exactly at the moment of completion, decide I absolutely hate it.  So I may be making some changes anyway in the next couple weeks based on my own tormented thoughts.

For instance, looking at my crudely drawn little temp character, I realize that the cigarette butt poking out of his mouth actually sort of looks like a tongue.  Which it isn't.  It's a cigarette butt.  Plus I never liked how his hair came out, and it would be nice if he had arms from time to time (at least when he's typing).  So, I'm sort of thinking of redrawing him, which means doing all those little sidebar panels over again (they were a pain).

Any thoughts about this stuff can be e-mailed or message boarded or commented-about on the journal.  Thanks!

I'll be getting the archives back up and arranging the different sections over the next couple weeks, and then I'll actually start producing new content when that's done.  (I made this the other day.)


*nothing here is actually new
**or improved.  In fact, very little is here at all.

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