About First Person Observer

…our Mission:

The First-Person Observer is dedicated to providing you with non-stop, around-the-clock coverage of breaking news from inside the games you play and love. Some websites and magazines report on games, but the Observer does more. We report on games, in games. And our integrity is never AFK.

…our Staff:

Our crack staff of embedded journalists tirelessly scour first-person shooters, third-person RPGs, strategy games, MMOs, and those quirky independent games people claim to enjoy more than they actually do, to report first-hand on the important issues that affect the gaming multiverse.

Be it dodging bullets on the chaotic front lines of World War II, interviewing space marines in the bustling command center of an interplanetary starship, or gliding over the plains of an enchanted fantasy realm on some kind of weird flying reptile monster thing, the staff of The Observer is there: reporting, relaying, observing.

…our Founder:

Christopher Livingston is a freelance writer and blogger living in Sacramento, California. He has written for Shacknews and PC Gamer Magazine.  He is also responsible for the following sites:

Concerned: The Half-Life and Death of Gordon Frohman, a Half-Life 2 humor comic.

Living In Oblivion, a blog following the non-adventures of an NPC in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

First-Person Shouter, his PC gaming blog.

Not My Desk, his personal blog and work-humor essay site.

You can send him e-mail him via the Contact page.