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In the game, you hear Dr. Breen reading a letter during his broadcast. He says: "I'd like to read a letter I received. Dear Dr. Breen: Why have the Combine seen fit to suppress our reproductive cycle? Signed, a Concerned Citizen." This is where the name of the comic comes from, and we see that Frohman had a little more to say than was read on the air.

Posing Notes: The idea is to make Frohman look completely at ease in City 17, as opposed to the rest of the populace (I started with him just sitting, but then had him relax a bit). In hindsight, the woman sitting on the bench shouldn't have been looking so comfortable and casual. This is Michelle, who Frohman will hit on later in the comic.

I drew Frohman's pencil in Photoshop, and it looks absurdly big (which wasn't my intention, I just suck at drawing).

While I was posing Frohman on the bench, an in-game character walked over and sat down on him. A little later, an in-game Frohman walked over and sat down on him.

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