Living in Oblivion

Day 24: Made for Bruma

So. I developed a bit of a bad attitude on the hike to Bruma, but I’m determined to be a bit more positive today. After all, despite the dreary, uneventful trip through the mountains, I’m in a new city, with new people to meet, new places to explore, and, potentially, new women to ogle.

After a quick breakfast of corn and oranges purchased from Olav, I strike out into the city. Bruma is a frosty place: even the buildings seem huddled together for warmth. I find my way to the Jerall View Inn, a pleasantly roomy tavern, where I talk to the innkeeper, Hafid Hollowleg. I’m rewarded for joking with him by my Speechcraft odometer turning over. My ascension to Level Four is suddenly imminent.

I’m a fool, all right! A level-gainin’ fool! I won’t gain my next level until I sleep tonight, but I think my new positive outlook is already working for me.

I proceed to buy up everything Hafid has in stock, squeeze the resulting glop into bottles, and sell them back to him, winding up with a nice 1320 septims when I’m done.

When I step outside again, it’s begun to snow. How pretty. I stare dumbly at the peaceful beauty for a bit, then I poke my head into a shop called Novaroma, and see what they’ve got for sale.


I have nothing to add to that.

I also pop into a shop called Nord Winds to sell my wolf pelts and a few other odds and ends and get my armor and weapons repaired. I take a look at some of the clothing they have for sale, and consider some heavier steel armor, but it’s a bit expensive. When I’m done there I’m sitting pretty at 1475 gold. Next, I head over to the Mage’s Guild where I find a fetching woman behind the desk.

Mushroom Daiquiri, please! Shaken, not stirred. I follow my usual pattern — leer, chat, buy, mix, sell — and wind up with over 1500 septims at the end. Hey, I’m getting pretty wealthy. Maybe it’s time to price some real estate.

I stroll over to the Castle Bruma to see if I can get the skinny on houses for sale. Bowing low before the Countess (okay, I’m crouching, but it’s the best I can do), I find the usual obstacles in place: she doesn’t know me well enough to talk housing.

Well, that can quickly be solved by telling a few jokes, bragging about my awesome abs, admiring the way she sits there all day doing nothing, and threatening her life. Bingo, now we’re fast friends, and she informs me she’s got a place for sale.

The price tag: 10,000 gold.

Now, that’s pretty pricey. I’ve been playing for over three game-weeks and I’m nowhere near that. Still, the way I’ve been working the alchemy grind lately, it doesn’t really feel so out of reach. I’m getting more persuasive, I’m a better salesman, and my potion skills are slowly increasing. Buying a house, for the first time, feels within the realm of possibility. That’s kind of exciting.

Of course, even if I were loaded down with gold, would I just buy a house, sight unseen? Shouldn’t I have a look at it first? While they won’t let me poke around inside the house that’s for sale, maybe I can get some idea of what the houses are like in Bruma by simply walking into people’s homes unannounced.

So, I’m off to barge into people’s houses and stare at their stuff like some kinda creep. On the way out of the castle I run into Gan Luseph, the castle mage and healer.

So. I get the third degree before the countess will reveal the city’s real estate listings, but she lets this pervert wander around casting spells and hitting on tourists? Nice.

I wander around Bruma for a while, trying to get into people’s houses. No luck. I encounter locked door after locked door. I thought people in the north didn’t lock their doors? Finally, I get inside one, the home of Lyra Rosentia. It’s quite a nice place. The furnishings are pleasant, it’s very cozy, and the breasts are fantastic. I talk to Lyra a bit, and not only is she pretty, she doesn’t seem to mind that some weirdo has wandered into her bedroom. I check out her home while she walks from place to place, stopping every now and then to stare at a wall. Everyone needs a hobby.

I find another unlocked door, that of Arnora Auria. She is… not so pleasant. She glares at me with real anger, though it’s hard to see her glare over the glare of the enormous gigantic jewel hung around her neck. Still, her house looks very nice, even though the atmosphere is a bit chilly.

I continue my tour of Bruma, walking into another home. Whoops. Did I come at a bad time?

A little CSI: Bruma, huh? Despite the brutally murdered dead man lying on the bed a few feet away, I can’t help but wonder if this house might be for sale shortly.

The sunlight is petering away. I head to the church for a quick prayer and blessing, then wander back through the falling snow to the Jerall View. There I’m happy to once again see the lovely Lyra Rosentia. I wouldn’t have made her for a barfly, but knowing she hangs around taverns alone late at night certainly does nothing to lessen her appeal.

The Oblivion wiki has this to say about her:

Lyra Rosentia is a completely generic female Imperial Commoner living in Bruma.

Commoner? Generic?

Ain’t nothin’ generic or common about that caboose, baby! Nondrick likey!

Unfortunately, her conversation is a bit generic, and we quickly run out of things to say to each other. So, I spring for a room at the Jerall (25 gold) and settle in for the night. Which means it’s time to level.

Okay, after this I’ve really got to put some points into strength and endurance. But for now, I’m going to gamble another level on helping me become a better salesman, alchemist, and all-around charming bastard.

Well, except for one angry woman and an apparent murderer on the loose, Bruma seems like a nice enough place. The houses I wandered into without permission are cozy and I could see living here myself. The biggest downside to living in Bruma is that it would mean I’m living in Bruma — not the most convenient place to reach and a poor center of operations for a slowly wandering alchemist. There’s not a whole lot of ingredients to pick nearby, and it’s ages from anywhere else of interest.

Still, it’s on the maybe list. It’s the first town I’ve found that will let me buy a home without being a famous adventurer, and the price is high but not completely out of reach. We’ll see.

Tomorrow, though, I’m out of here. Bruma is small and I think I covered most of it today, except for all those jerks who keep their doors locked for some reason. In the morning, I’ll be on my way.

And this time, I mean it: I’m heading for Imperial City and nothing — nothing — is going to stop me. Not even me.


  1. Well, not quite as funny as usual, but keep it up Chris!

  2. Hooray Nondrick!

  3. CSI: Bruma? Hilarious. Also I keep thinking Burma each time I read Bruma. xD

  4. GAH! i almost had first post! BBut no, my cmputer decided to be a friggin’ jerk.

    Anyways, Can’t wait for Mr. carik’tar To Go to the imperial city. He;ll be able to afford the house there, hopefully.

    Oh, and i do hope he doesn’t sleep on the bloated float. A lil’ too much adcventure.

  5. Lovely, I just got Oblivion myself!

  6. Spirited Treasure says:

    I’m really enjoying this! You go Nondrick ! =vbs=

  7. You know, there are mods that makes it able to buy portable bed things(the ones that are in tents and for beggars), would help nondrick get enough septims by not letting those greedy inn keepers rip him off :P

  8. ZedPower says:

    I’d let them rip me off, if I was him, considering how much profit he makes out of transforming perfectly good food into mushed up crap. Who would buy Restore Fatigue potions anyway?

    If they’re made out of fruit, maybe they can pass as trendy Nondrick(tm)-brand smoothies, but I doubt the bread-watermelon flavor is a big seller.

  9. Best one yet.

  10. Wow, these just keep getting better and better. I would be willing to buy a book written by you.

    My favorite: “Ain’t nothin’ generic or common about that caboose, baby! Nondrick likey!”


  11. HI JAKE! says:

    CSI: Bruma? Now THATS A Show I Could Get Into!

  12. “Well, that can quickly be solved by telling a few jokes, bragging about my awesome abs, admiring the way she sits there all day doing nothing, and threatening her life. Bingo, now we’re fast friends, and she informs me she’s got a place for sale.”

    When you put it like that, the social interaction system in Oblivion seems really bizarre. Especially the threatening part. “Tell me about the house for sale…or I’ll gut you like a clam!” *Disposition Up!*

  13. BABY GOT BACK!!!

  14. Hooray! Nondricks back, and more fish-faced than ever! Good new entry, keep em coming!

  15. Nondrick likey! haha class. Keep it up, fantastic read.

  16. Anthony says:

    “Ain’t nothin’ generic or common about that caboose, baby! Nondrick likey!”
    This is by far the most awesomest use of Oblivion that I’ve ever seen! Keep on keepin’ on, Nondrick!

  17. The uncomfortable feeling you get from Bruma can be summed up in two words: Gan Luseph. o_0

    Keep up the non-questing and hope to see the next entry soon. Imperial City awaits!

  18. yea, lets go to imperial city! good job!

    i like it.

  19. Rriku113 says:

    Bruma is a VERY boring place I think. I hope it’s better for him in Imperial City

  20. austinpwnz says:

    Bruma is so nice…yet unfortunately boring.

    I think Nondrick would fit in well in the IC Waterfront (coughshackcough). It’s conveniently close to untamed, alchemically-rich wilderness.

    As usual, entertaining writing! Please continue!

  21. austinpwnz says:

    Oh, and I meant to say that in this post and all of them really, I love the way you put ‘game mechanics’ into perspective (disposition game for example). Great fun.

  22. WoodenTable says:

    You forwent a boost of 5 speed for… 3 personality? O_o

    Wow, you and Nondrick must really love plodding around… the countryside… ever… so… slowly…

  23. Spirited Treasure says:

    Here you go Nondrick .. Been using this one for a LONG time.. Works fine =s= No problems and no bloating.

  24. Brad Lawrence says:

    Fantastic as usual! Standing by impatiently for the next installment…

  25. this is cool as the same for the other ones so far (your blog) and as austinpwnz said “I love the way you put ‘game mechanics’ into perspective”

  26. Soliloquy says:

    100-30 says you don’t make it to Imperial City this time,

    I bet Aleswell gets in the way ./wink

  27. Don’t know if this is really an ADVENTURE, per se, but what say you about having Nondrick try his hand at the Nirnroot quest? It’s like picking flowers except the flowers are underground and aren’t flowers at all!

  28. Of course, I only mean the ones that are out in the open. In no way am I suggesting seeking out the ones in dungeons. No sirree.

  29. Spirited Treasure says:

    I hated that quest Mike!
    Noo Nondrick! Runnnnnnnnnnn


  30. Is it sad that I didn’t get the title of this blog until after I had read all the way back through the entries? “He’s Chris Livingston, so-oh. Oh!”

  31. Awesome blog, Chris! I’ve read Concerned, and most of the things on your other blog. I’ve read through this entire blog, and have loved it. Keep up the awesome work, I love Oblivion, but I’ve got it for the Xbox 360. Don’t let Nondrick die!! (lie to us if you must…)

  32. Michael says:

    Hmmmm… I wonder what strange little comments Nondrick will have about Argonians? They are the only race he has not seen yet, and my favorite one too!

  33. the dude says:



  34. A new reader says:

    Awesome entry, you should update soon!

  35. Martijn says:

    Awesome blog! Made me get addicted to Oblivion again… Anyway, I’ve become a big fan of Nondrick (and you’re writing) so all I can say is: Keep up the good work!! :)

  36. the dude says:

    you know, i dont wanna get pushy, but it really might be time to update.

  37. the dude says:

    ok, now im gonna start getting pushy. really pushy, in fact. update or die.

  38. Spirited Treasure says:

    Wow the dude.. take a chill pill.. Reality happens.. Just wait for him to update… That’s rude of you.. =smh=

  39. livinginoblivion says:

    Sorry for the delay, everyone. I’ll have something new up by Monday at the latest! Thanks for your patience and/or death threats!

  40. Luke.Eats.The.Sky says:

    Hurry mann! we cant wait much longer!

  41. the dude says:

    lol. i wasnt being sirious, its a pity you cant hear the homour in other peoples voices when they say things like this over the internet.

    anytime is fine, nonny. its not like you dont have other things to take care of (like play tf2, or, play tf2).

  42. the dude says:

    id like to apologize again. i would never ever, lay a hand on the wonderful person who writes these blogs. sorry.

  43. the dude says:

    this is my third comment today, but i just want to make sure noon still thinks i was being serious. sincere apologies.

  44. livinginoblivion says:

    Yes, we all know you weren’t serious.

  45. the dude says:

    thanks, sorry for pissing you of, i gathered i did from the tone of your comment.

    also, i mispelt “tone” as “eotne” and a spelling suggestion was “hotness”… wtf?

  46. I love it! Post more!!!!

  47. PLEASE post more keep this up this is such a great blog :D

  48. Love this! I want to thank you for this and for getting me to actually reinstall Oblivion, it has shown me what I’ve really missed as all I just did was fast travel and kill things :P

    Keep it up! :)

    PS. I would love to see how he copes on the Bloated Float…quolesting and its ultimate :P

  49. Brad Lawrence says:

    With my Ninja new PC, I’m modding up Oblivion and starting from scratch again today. Make no mistake – this blog is responsible.

    Waiting patiently for the next installment…..

  50. Great stuff xD hilarious

  51. That one guy... from that one place says:

    Haha! I love this blog! Keep on going, and for goodness’ sakes, don’t die! Update SOON!

  52. Joho The Hobo says:

    I applaud you for making what should by rights be a boring grind of eat, sleep and wander about, into a compelling read. I’m looking forward to the next installment, and finding myself pretty attached to the fishfaced mucker you’ve created.

  53. Would a fish-faced guy accept a fishstick? Anyway, I remember now what I meant to mention before! “Jerk” is derived from “Jerkwater Town”, as a means of describing the people from them. Typically they were thought of as being poorly educated, et al. Such towns were built to support railroad water towers, where steam locomotives needed to stop and replenish their water supply, that in turn was boiled until it became steam that in turn, turned the wheels, etc. So, I’d say Nordrick, as an Alchemist, is smarter than that! As for Nirn folk having jerks without railroads, that’s a mystery. Oh, and then there’s “bitch” and “son of a bitch”. The latter is way of calling a man the “Anti-Christ” without using that term, mostly out of fear. The former is a way to call a woman the mother of the Anti-Christ, without using that term, also from fear of using it. As the mother of the Anti-Christ , supposedly will be a bitch jekyl. In canine terms, a “virgin”. Mothers being “dams” and fathers “sires”.

  54. mysterion says:

    god i love nondrick

  55. How many bucks?

  56. The extra commentary is definitely one of the best parts.