Living in Oblivion


Nondrick is on a bit of a hiatus (obviously).  Some other games (Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead) are keeping me busy at the moment.  I hope to have some new Nondrick stuff up the first week of December.


  1. I was wondering what was happening.Looking forward to the next update! :)

    Also, did you ever reestablish contact with your blog? I noticed you had a twitter about it.

  2. Can’t wait for the update! :)

  3. D-d-December?
    Although, I suppose it’s better than never!

  4. To #3: December is in like, 6 days.

  5. It’ll be like an early Christmas present. :3

  6. Why don’t you just start a Fallout 3 blog & be done with it? Then you can have fun *and* blog at the same time!

  7. I hope you don’t feel pressured into keeping up the Nondrick non-adventure, because I have a feeling that it will stop being entertaining the moment you don’t feel up to it anymore. Take your time! Nothing brightens up the morning coffee better than a new Nondrick episode, and Nondrick for christmas sounds too good to be true!
    Thank you for the tears of laughter.

  8. And yes, I am aware of the colour of my nose.

  9. L4D is awesome! My steam name is Edocsil if you want to play together.

  10. Boo!

    Here’s what you do, come up with creative and funny way to kill Nondrick, write it up, bang you’re done.

  11. Whatever you write, Chris, it’s always intelligent and funny. Just make sure you link to it when you do, and I’ll be content. Good luck with the crapshit at work!

  12. rabarabaraba says:

    December??????????? but i got a exam on the first day of December, a 2 hour mock….. oh well, it’ll be a fun read when i come home…..hopefully

  13. Yeh I got mocks 2 sept mines a 5 hour art exam (yuck). Great to hear about upcoming nondrick

  14. Seriously, it’s a good blog but how can you expect to keep viewers coming back when you only write 5 mins worth of material every month or so.

  15. Hurray, an update about going on hiatus! So you aren’t dead then? Whew! To paraphrase K. Reaves, “If Nondrick dies, you live. If you die, so does Nondrick.”
    Oh, and you haven’t been imprisoned either, so that’s good news too. Nor are you ill, so that’s good. Keep up the good work and have fun too. I’ll be as patient as the others as I wait for more about Nondrick.

  16. Wow. Best post yet.

  17. Thanks for the update. I know what its like when you are just not into a game at the moment and there have been so many distracting releases lately. I will continue to be patient and enjoy these entries when and if they come. :D.

  18. A concerned citizen says:

    I feel compelled to hate you… but then I remember that I haven’t been CHECKING the site as much, coz Fallout 3 has been keeping me entertained.

    So I can’t really hold it against you.

  19. Yes you can you can hold it against him, because “Or can you?” said so.

  20. Will Nondrick’s Non-Adventure have a Christmas special where Nondrick goes collecting tons of ingredients, mixes them into a potion, and then he hangs (err, places them) on a tree for decoration?

    Anyway, don’t feel pressured, Chris. Like somebody else said, it’s the best when made when you’re in the mood to make it. As long as you don’t take until next year’s December, then that’s fine.

  21. HyperKUltra says:


  22. Thats okay! Seriously, its good to take a break once in awhile. And those are the two games I’m playing right now xD.

  23. Scorch6679 says:

    Aaaww… Well, Fallout 3 is fun, but bethesda games get old after a while. You pick em up every so often and say, hey, this game was neat. It would take some real dedication to start up oblivion and write a short story (or a short novel?) sorta… About your adventures(everyday chores.) there. I REALLY liked the feeling oblivion had, despite all it’s bugs, the horribly funny AI, and of course, The Doggie diseases. I am thinking of picking up the CS and adding in some stupidly hilarious Diseases to oblivion. For a submission to Halolz, they could use some oblivion submissions.

  24. December’s tomorrow!

    And @Scorch, Oblivion’s timeless fun. I started the Shivering Isles the other day after not touching Oblivion for at least 2 or 3 months, and it’s just as fun as it ever was. There’s so much to do that it just DOESN’T get “old”. If you’ve done literally every single quest in the game and cleared out every single dungeon, which is a hell of a tall order, THEN you could say it’s gotten “old”. Otherwise, there’s always more adventure.

  25. Nonomu198 says:

    I’l just read hope as promise.

  26. The hope of a new Nondrick is enough to get me through the days now.

  27. I feel like Nondrick will hit a time warp somewhere in his career or take some teleporter that sends him to Fallout 3 for a while.


  28. first week of December is nearly up Chris…

  29. The blog is a lie. :(


  31. Mike:

    Sure, if you’re the type who doesn’t care that the dungeons all play through exactly the same and that the poorly-written and worse-acted dialogue gives you precious little incentive to view the crawls as anything other than the serviceable (for the first 15 hours) but uninspiring blandfests that they are.

    Don’t get me wrong, I liked Oblivion. kind of.

    I just don’t understand how they screwed it up so bad.

  32. Ack you only have nine hours (eastern american time) to give us more nondrick stuff!

    Please! Don’t let me down!

  33. First week is nearly done. :c

    Where’s my fix of Nondrick?

  34. Nondricks adventures inspired me to buy Oblivion. Bethesda should pay you for this ;-)

  35. @Kerin: Matter of opinion, I suppose. I think the combat and magic system are great, even if the combat is rather simplistic. The weapons are all varied and there are some seriously cool magical weapons and items out there. The magic system is incredibly varied with spells and different concentrations you can focus on. I never hit a dungeon without a good Destruction spell up my sleeve.

    Besides, if the dungeons are your only beef, there are plenty of side quests which have nothing to do with them. As far as the dialogue goes, I think they did a fine job. The characters never really break eye contact, but at least the face models are decently designed, haha.

    You seem to be in the minority of those who think they “screwed it up so bad”. I know Yahtzee went off on it on the immersion deal and if you want to agree with him, that’s fine, but I found the game to be an enormously immersive experience, the likes of which Morrowind never even approached.

  36. Sigh. Only three hours left eastern american time. You have failed me, Chris. Shame on you.

  37. Mike: The combat and magic system are pretty darn neat, I agree. But they still fail to be varied enough that they can carry the game beyond the initial excitement of the game – or to put it another way, yeah. I never hit a dungeon without a good Destruction spell, either: flashy, neat, not the same as substance.

    The voiceacting was atrocious a good 15% of the time, which – to any game that’s trying to immerse you – is about 15% too high. Of the remainder, 60% was merely poor – and the 25% left was big-name voiceactors who had a ridiculously small number of lines. Add that to how the ratio of actors to NPCs was so ridiculously high – and how every Goddamn NPC insists upon introducing him- or herself to you and explaining what their trade or occupation is.

    Just to be clear, the quality of voicework isn’t just whether the words are spoken enthusiastically and without fumbling the lines. Just as – or more – important is the tone and cadence, which can basically be summed up as: Does this sound natural? If someone said this line to me in person, would it sound weird?

    Without exception, the voiceactors in Oblivion speak as though they’re on the phone to a lawyer. Clear, meted speech – even spacing between vowels, exact inflection. No one talks like an Oblivion NPC except people on the phone and car salesmen.

    This is basically precisely the kind of non-immersion that years of console RPGs have made commonplace, to the point where video game logic just magically doesn’t seem broken. Bethesda’s an American studio, right? So maybe someone could explain to me why the dialogue reads like a Japanese guy in second-year English class wrote it after checking Fellowship of the Rings out from the library?

    Imagine if you got that talking to people around town. “Marcus Finch, US Postal Service. I enjoy sorting mail, but I hate it when the roads are bad. I also like to have a beer at MacRuggen’s after my shift.” Yeah, shut the hell up and sell me my stamps.

  38. Oh no! It’s December 8th! Shame on you, Chris, shame on you.

  39. LOL, good show.

    For me, though, I think the entire world provided me with the immersion. I sort of grew to accept the dialogue as native to the world, instead of trying to relate it to real world speech, so in that sense I didn’t feel so torn away everytime some odd sounding line came out. I just loved touring the cities. I may have fast traveled (when I didn’t have Shadowmere), but I’d barge into everybody’s home and check out their knick knacks (and practice my lockpicking skills on their jewelery boxes while they were preoccupied with staring in the other direction). What I’m getting at it is that I didn’t need the dialogue to make me feel immersed; the adventure and freedom around me was sufficient enough.

  40. Jacob Singer says:

    For what it’s worth, I’m with you Mike.

  41. Update dammit! says:

    I’ve been waiting for like 2 weeks dammit!

  42. The fans are getting restless. I see the glow of fire and pitchforks on the horizon… hurry!!

  43. A concerned citizen says:

    It’s week two!
    C’mon… man…

  44. I think we have to face up to the fact that Nondrick’s not coming back – There’s just too much going on for our dear, beloved Chris. What he really needs is a few clones, so he can play several games at once.

  45. >_> 13 days.

    You have 13 days.

  46. Jaded Empath says:

    Well, I guess it was a vain ‘Hope’ :(

  47. menneskerettighedskage

  48. Thezombiemessia says:

    I’m starting to miss my Nondrick fix…


  49. et ord: et annet ord.

  50. it’s past the first week…

  51. it is week two and i am not having the good herb picking time i was led to hope for…………nondrick, where are you?

  52. Timmy Petersson says:

    …December 2009?
    I miss you, Nonny!

  53. I wish Nondrick was here.~

  54. Now we know why game developers hate giving release dates. :D

  55. This better be the longest Nondrick story ever. Like, 34 pages of the stuff.

  56. @Joeman: Forrealz. I expect to be buried in flower picking litany.

  57. That’s it, enough waiting. I’m starting my own rival non-adventure site. With blackjack! And hookers!

    In fact, forget the site.

    But seriously. Has Nondrick died, and the news considered to vile that the author cannot bear to deliver them to us? Has he fallen prey to adventure? Has he retired as a drug lord and raised a family of trout-faced children? The loyal readers demand answers!

  58. @Pavel
    And the blackjack. Ah, screw it all. More Nondrick!

  59. XChillaGorillaX says:

    I miss reading nondrick :(

  60. Every day I return home to check for a new nondrick update, and every day I am dissapounted = [

  61. Microwavability says:

    Oh come on now, this is week three!

  62. quicksilver_502 says:

    everyday i come here and there is no update a part of my soul dies. oh, and i kick a kitten. so for mine and the kittens sake, update!

  63. Sure is NO UPDATE around here.

    You’ve got a big fan base dude, stop disappointing them so much! :)

  64. Geez, it’s been like 2 weeks man.


  65. [impatient comment]
    [ungrateful comment]
    [assertion that I could do it better]

  66. This is worse than waiting for christmas! ):

  67. @bah because you know for sure that Christmas will come once a year?

    Seriously though guys, it’s not like your paying for entertainment here. Just let the guy play his games and the update will be here when he’s done. Until then, just check out some other comedy blogs out there, you may find you enjoy some of them almost as much as Chris’s.

  68. Jacob Singer says:

    I think we all understand how blogs work, it just so happens that we LOVE this particular game-related blog, and miss it when it’s not updated. An occasional post of “where are you Nondrick?” hardly means we’re all sitting by our keyboards, refreshing constantly, waiting for justification of our obsession.

    For myself, I’ll keep checking the site, hoping for more, and I know I’ll read anything this man puts online ever, Nondrick or otherwise.

  69. “…hardly means we’re all sitting by our keyboards, refreshing constantly, waiting for justification of our obsession.”

    Really? You guys aren’t? Nooondrick!

  70. The Green Lantern says:

    I think I’m going through withdrawals.

  71. geez, give the guy a break… oblivion is already outdated, anyway
    a fallout 3 blog would be funnier (since fallout 3 is freakier and full of weird gameplay glitches and flaws)

  72. Haha, what makes it outdated? That it’s a few years old? OH SHIT. YOUR KID’S 5? GET RID OF THAT OBSOLETE SHIT.

  73. Dingleberry says:

    I don’t think Chris is into this anymore. It might be better if he just ends it and moves on to to another comic or blog involving Fallout 3 or Left 4 dead. It sucks because this was hilarious.

  74. The fact the my fastdial still shows the picture of Nondrone only makes it seem more likely he will be moving on to a Fallout 3 blog

  75. Also, @Mike
    He probably meant it’s outdated because he thinks Fallout 3 is like a sequal to it.

    But he’s wrong.

  76. Metal Gear Solid quote modifying time for me.

    Chris? Chris…? CHRIS? CHRIIIIIIIS?!

    Perhaps Darth Vader quoting time for me.


  77. Jaded Empath says:

    bah. I miss Nondrick’s non-adventures, too. However, if we compel Chris to whip something out on a schedule when his interests are drawn away from Oblivion to other games (and REAL LIFE, too – he *might* be a little busy),


    Here, let me repeat for emphasis:

    If Chris ‘forces’ himself to write some stuff for Nondrick, it won’t have the same charm and enjoyment we all get.

    I, for one, will remain patient, wish Chris and all his faithful (if whiny ;) ) readers a happy holiday season, and hope for an update sometime by mid-January.

    And for all you demanding, impatient, ‘five years is outdated’ cry-babies, calm down before I decide to fire up a blog about a character in “Arena” who simply avoids going after the main quest /ad nauseam/! :P

  78. Strained Metal says:

    Ok now this is getting damn rediculious now. Shame on you Chris. Shame on you!

  79. Man, I sure am missing Nondrick’s non-adventures right about now.

  80. Don’t go all Surfer Girl on us, Nondrick! We need you!

  81. Every day you don’t update I murder a new born baby.

    Do you really want baby blood on your hands, Chris?

  82. I currently have a gun held to my head. One of the six cartridges is loaded. Each day, the trigger gets pulled. Your time is running out Chris. Please save me!

  83. Ahhh, but which direction is that gun facing? :P

  84. Towards a new born baby of course.

  85. *cough*

  86. o:

  87. Christopholes says:

    Ok, at this point I don’t even care. I don’t need a new chapter to the story. Just another post saying ‘Hey guys, sorry it’s taking a while, I’ll get to it when get to it.’ Seriously, just copy and paste that phrase, let us know you’re alive, and I’ll be content.

  88. Hey, guys. It’s christmas. Maybe Chris drove home for it.

  89. It’s just getting rude now, if your not going to continue ‘chris’ then just tell us instead of making people wait for your next update.

  90. I’m holding out for a Christmas day update, after that I’m gunna stop checking for updates

  91. @Christopholes:
    I agree, I think he should at least post something to let us know where he’s been.

  92. I’m with Lemon Boy, this better be one hell of a Christmas special.

  93. To the ones wondering if he’s alive: yes he is :)
    I’d like an update too though :(

  94. Deseriudus says:

    Oh please please please please update! It really would make my christmas! My family is starting to irritate me and I could really do with some journal updates!

    Hmm… I tell you what; I’ll donate money. Actual MONEY to see you update your journal. How about that- hmm?

    No I won’t, but that’s how much I want to read another update. PLEASE COME BACK!

  95. If it’s going to make your Christmas just by reading a blog entry then thats pretty sad.

  96. Why should Chris spend his Christmas with his family and friends giving and receiving presents? He should be at his computer, fulfilling the wishes of many fans who he probably doesn’t know and care about!

  97. @Deseriudus: You can, brah. Notmydesk still has a Paypal donation link up, if I’m not mistaken.

  98. MERRRRY CHRISTMAS! Ho-de-ho-ho!

  99. Long time reader, first time commentor says:

    I’ve been following Nondrick’s adventures since the beginning, and before that I was an early adapter of “Concerned,” and yet I’ve never felt compelled to comment until now, when I have decided to say:


  100. 100 comments! :D

  101. The Green Lantern says:

    I’m with Max.

    It’s baby killing time.

    Now we’re up to two babies a day.

  102. Merry Christmas everyone! O:

  103. If anyone wants some holiday reading to tide them over until Nondrick’s triumphant return, you can always read my blog, which is currently running my Fallout 3 diary. It’s not as detailed, funny, or fourth-wall breaking as this, but it might entertain you a bit. Click my name if you can be bothered.

  104. I think I’m joining the choir when I say, “more nondrick!”




  107. I have Put a turd in every mailbox for every day we havent had nondrick, and im just waiting tilli get to yours because oooooo man is it gona be special!

  108. Shit, i just read the whole thing, didn’t know about chris doing this after concerned, damn cool, please MORE

  109. JenovaProjekt says:

    First week of December? Umm… :(

  110. I’ve run out of babies to kill. Sooo, I encourage you all to continue my work at home. Maybe a world wide baby murdering spree will open Chris’s eyes.


  111. We can hope max, we can hope.
    Or we can move onto senselessly slaughtering of game developers.
    If that doesn’t wake him up, then nothing will.

  112. @JenovaProjekt: perhaps he was meaning the first week of *next* December?


  113. when will you update?!?!?!?

  114. We should make a terrorist assault on Valve or Bethesda, that should wake him up a bit.

  115. I say we Write him a very irrate email insulting his intelligence!

  116. Wait. Fallout 3’s full name isn’t “The Elder Scrolls V: Fallout 3”?
    Hmm… Maybe it’s a mod, then! Anyway, it’s still cooler than Oblivion (which is pretty nice, altough tiresome).

    Oh, bugga.

  117. @Washcloth: Nah, he’ll just write back something more clever, the smart bastard he is.

  118. goin on january there chris, watch out

  119. Christopholes says:

    He’s dead. It’s time we accepted it.

    So here’s the new plan: someone needs to buy Oblivion, create a character identical to Nondrick, engage in an identical series of wacky non-misadventures until he comes to the point where Chris left off, and then see what happens next! Said someone must be literately talented, witty and/or clever, and have at least two humorous websites beneath their belts already. This ‘New Chris’ will update twice weekly and be even better than the original. Then we will all find a million dollars and be happy for the rest of our lives.

    Anyone second this motion?

  120. If he is dead, I want to see the body. Otherwise, I don’t accept it as a fact.

  121. Microwavability says:

    I agree with vadermath.

  122. If Chris is dead, why doesn’t the impostor at 1fort continue the Nondrick-blog as well? Damnit. Chris is like the Grey Fox or Dread-Pirate Roberts. It’s the Cowl of Cool that makes him Chris.

  123. Shit, if he’s like the Gray Fox, that means one of us will become Chris eventually.

  124. Christopholes says:

    EXACTLY! So who’s going to carry on his legacy? I would, but I have a bad back.

  125. My freinds name is chris! but… hes not clever nor gnerally witty….

  126. Microwavability says:

    OH GOD. Maybe it isn’t CHRIS that’s dead, maybe he fired up oblivion and got Nondrick killed, but he hasn’t the heart to break the news to us.

  127. chris is dead… that means nondrick is dead wich means …BEAKERS DEAD!!!

  128. No, maybe Beakers made it into another savegame! And don’t count Chris out just yet! Maybe the ability to return from the dead is what comes with that charm and wit of his.

  129. That’s it, Chris. Hurt me more. Make me feel alive again.

  130. Maybe he’ll surprise us with a New Year update (yeah, right)

  131. One of the most remarkable qualities of this blog, for myself, is that this is the second one I have been reading in the last few days, that has made me to reconsider my current status as a creative writer, who has not really felt like writing that much lately. I might be obligated to start my own blog about the subject, and even though English is not my first language (I’m a Finn and therefore just another witless wanker), I might be able to give some detailed insight to the world of being a non-adventurous NPC in the world of Oblivion as well. At least, I am about to give it a serious thought. For a nanosecond, at least.

  132. I’m convinced that he was murdered, and it was covered up. A government conspiracy! Why, you make ask, would the government want to kill Chris? Well, it’s all because of oil now isn’t it? Yes. They want his oil, and they also want to witness a world wide baby killing spree. Those sadistic bastards…

    I hope you’re happy.


  133. Too bad Nondrick doesn’t worship the Nine, and is a man of science. If he prayed to Stendarr, he’s have a Temple Rank × 2% chance to survive death (except from drowning, gods save us if Nondrick drowned) in a weaker state.

  134. Iain Sorestad says:

    I’ve been a silent observer for a couple of months. I’ve never commented, but I’ve always checked back for updates whenever I can. I know the chance of you reading this among the complaints is relatively small, but I want you to know that even if you stopped updating Nondrick after today, I still really appreciate the joy, laughter, and suspense (heh heh…) this wonderful blog has brought me. Somehow you took the most mundane idea of how to play an ADVENTURE game and actually made it more interesting than playing the game itself! Not a small task, even for the best of creative writers. I sincerely hope you continue the story, even if it is just to appease the ravenous masses further up the page, but only if you really still enjoy it.

    Thank you for a good bedtime story!

  135. Christopholes says:



    Man, I’m gonna freaking starve.

  136. vadermath says:

    Chris, we will make a unified bomb run on Valve if you do not update! And we may hit the Steam main servers! Yeah, we all know how much you love it!

  137. Washcloth says:

    Woa woa woa woa, lets not get to haisty! I have a better idea!, Lets bum rush 1fort!!!, we’ll post so many things about nondrick, and nondrick related issues he will realise the errors of his ways!

  138. well since everyone is too busy ripping your head off….. HAPPY NEW YEAR

  139. vadermath says:

    Oh yeah, 2009 is here, happy New Year guys!
    @Washcloth: Your idea is even better, we shall form the Nondrick Guard!

  140. Happy 2009!

    And I think we all have to face it–I’m convinced that Chris has died. D:

  141. Washcloth says:

    Happeh new yea- aw yea beat me D:

  142. The Green Lantern says:

    I’m having a Nondrickatine fit.

  143. Washcloth says:

    Lord, this comment string is on the verge of becoming a chat site!

    Can yea feel it?

    Social networking in its lowest form,
    chatting in the comment string on a blog that hasent been updated for a month, Which is about a game that is a few years old :D

  144. Christopholes says:

    In reference to a dead man.

  145. vadermath says:

    @Washcloth: This is how chatting will continue on if Fallout comes true.
    Hey guys, has anyone actually emailed Chris about this blog?

  146. Killer chinchila says:

    The last proper entry was on the 23rd of October, over two months ago!!!!!! We have now gone without nondrick for 71 days

  147. vadermath says:

    What’s the next thing? Trying to live without air?

  148. Washcloth says:

    seriosuly though, some one email him or somthing…maybie he just forgot about us…..D:

  149. Somehow I doubt he’s forgotten this. In fact I believe he is amongst us (not wearing the Cowl and hence not recognizable), laughing and drawing power from our longing like a Longing-Sucking Vampire-ish Creature of Great Evil.

  150. ..also he is trapping our souls so as to recharge his staff of burning satire.

  151. vadermath says:

    …and is also laughing at us for the little chat room we’ve made this comment page to be. I don’t know if any of you have noticed it, but the comment part of this “update” is at least 3 times longer than any of his updates up to now.

  152. …and is also drinking the spilt blood of new born babies.

  153. Washcloth says:

    …Oh my god! hes soul trapping us to recharge his End seires abrubtly staff!

  154. It sure has been a while hasn’t it? I’m dying to hear what happens to Nondrick. My abstinence has caused me to start my own blog where I simply document my first go at fallout 3 .. you guys can read it if you like.

  155. Will you people stop being constructive about this? Killing babies, yes. Chris doesn’t want us to kill babies. Starting blogs, NO! It’s what he wants! Now he’ll never continue.

  156. Oh god. I have brought destruction upon us all!

  157. vadermath says:

    I might be killed in my sleep, but I like your blog Aspgren. Be sure to update often unlike SOME PEOPLE I KNOW!

  158. Christopholes says:


  159. Hmm. Chris-topholes, that is suspiciously funny.

  160. Nanolathe says:

    *Shakes head*

    C’mon Nondrick! Get your act together!

    Do not let it die Chris!

  161. vadermath says:

    I sent an email to Chris regarding out friend Nondrick, and I asked him if will continue this blog, so we must wait and see.

  162. Washcloth says:

    welp, im gona light my self on fire, see yeah folks!

  163. The Green Lantern says:

    WASHCLOTH YOU’RE DOING IT ALL WRONG! It’s baby killing that will bring back the Nondrick, not setting yourself on fire.

    Pay attention.

  164. vadermath says:

    Okay, stop the jokes, I have a serious plan! Lantern, get some oil, Wascloth, get some torches, I’ll find us some babies, and we will light a great fire around them, threatening to burn them alive if Chris doesn’t meet us there. Next, we try to convince Chris to continue the blog, or if he tries to resist, we push him in the fire! Muwahahahahaha!

  165. Washcloth says:

    hmmm….plausible idea Vadermarth…

    i like it.

  166. This End Up says:

    Can’t wait for the hiatus to be over.

    But I can understand how Left 4 Dead is very distracting!

  167. But… if we burn him… he will not blog.

    No, I do not like this plan.

  168. Baby–err, I mean WEENIE roast a success!

  169. Washcloth says:

    ^i lol’ed

  170. Vadermath, that could have worked if it wasn’t so obvious that in a scene such as the one you describe some superhero (possibly Buffy) will show up and rescue Chris and the babies and stab us in the heart with a pointed stick. Big bonfires and torches are superhero-magnets.

  171. vadermath says:

    There was something about the “Chris and the babies” that made me laugh for 10 minutes XD. But if we made a simultaneous attack on Valve and the babies, then even Buffy wouldn’t be able to save both! Unless she’s dating Spiderman, in which case we’re screwed.

  172. I don’t understand why all of you are making all of these complex plans to kill babies. Just hurl the fuckers off a bridge.

  173. vadermath says:

    Simple, yet genius. I like it!

  174. Dingleberry says:

    Nondrick update expected this week according to 1Fort news ticker.

  175. vadermath says:


  176. logonginn says:

    He said on 1fort that he found sheperd’s pie! That has a cure disease property!!!!! Yay! no more Helljoint!!!

  177. Washcloth says:

    Played some Oblivion this weekend (finally). Expect an update his week involving sheep, shoes, and Shepherd’s Pie. And little else. about 8 hours ago


  178. vadermath says:

    We shall flood the update with joyful comments!

  179. And a celebration baby killing!

  180. vadermath says:

    I think someone might be hooked on killing babies…

  181. My god, why have I need faithfully checking this blog a few times a week when for the past two fucking months absolutely nothing has happened. Lame.

  182. *nibbles at kibbles*

    This is free, high-quality entertainment. If you don’t like it, go cuddle a baby or whatever it is your kind does to babies.

  183. Your mom is free high quality entertainment.

  184. vadermath says:

    Kibbles, its his right to continue a blog or not. Besides, we will have an update before the end of this week.

  185. Hey, Kibbles … uh … you … umm…you don’t happen to be an infant, do ya?



  188. Wait. I think he means December of 2009

  189. vadermath says:

    Max… I though we were through with infant-murders?
    But I think we could accommodate kibbles, if needed.

  190. Washcloth says:

    Kibbles……… drop the k you get ibbles…… drop the bbles and you get i! and nfant to i and you get|

    INFANT! so…yeah we can kill/consume kibbles

  191. vadermath says:

    I know! Drop the W and shcloth, and add b and by, and guess what you get? Baby! After kibbles we move onto you, Washcloth. We are vampire baby eaters! Join us…

  192. Addicted- drop the Add and cted part, add a nfant, uh oh! That spells infant! Now I’m scared.

  193. Well, if you take “vadermath”, remove the v, both the a’s, the t and the h, then change the order of the remaining letters a bit and add a u and another r you get REDRUM, which is murder backwards. So you’ll want to be careful with this man, kibbles (if that is in fact your real false name).

  194. vadermath says:

    I think Ole wins this one XD Also, REDRUM could mean that I would MURDER someone by RE-DRUMMING him, aka by hitting him with drums in the head until he bleeds to death! I’m a fun guy!

  195. vadermath says:

    Sorry for double post (or double comment, as the case may be) but I wanted to ask you guys if there’s some kind of Nondrick forum? Because this is getting a bit silly, we should have 200 comments here by tomorrow.

  196. Washcloth says:

    ^i dont know

    take Ole, Dorp the o, add ittl between the L and the E, then add child and you get

    *GASP* little Child!!!!!

    looks like your not safe either

  197. Christopholes

    Drop the first h, both s’s, the t, and an o, and you get:


    Rearrange the letters and you get:

    Cr ophile

    Now add an ‘azy ped’ between the r and o and you egt:

    Crazy Pedophile!


  198. vadermath says:

    This is getting weird…

  199. vadermath says:

    We should make a Nondrick forum! Who’s up for it guys?

  200. BadassCookie says:

    200th commeeeeent!

  201. Washcloth says:

    ^ aw yeah beat me

  202. Jaded Cynic says:

    Okay, to everyone STILL kvetching about a lack of Nondrick, even beyond his notification of a pending update over on 1Fort and posting of that info here:

    SUCK IT UP, YOU CRYBABIES – try reading VG Cats or Order of the Stick or the like for a change! A month with no new posts but TWO messages from the creator? Child’s play!

  203. What? VG Cats? Those pussies has never killed a baby in their life.

  204. vadermath says:

    One of these days you’ll be caught for killing babies Max… I, on the other hand am a baby-blood sucking vampire, which is way more profitable, and it gets you a free meal every now and then.

  205. Yeah, VG Cats trains you like fucking Vietnam to get used to no updates. That Scott Ramsoomair is a son of a bitch beyond measure.

  206. vadermath says:

    Yep, I read VG cats a while ago, then I stopped because I thought it was dead, and then I started again XD

  207. Nobody can kill or consume me. I’m at least 21 years too old to still be an infant, though my bottom is delectably smooth, so I suppose it’d debatable. Also, cannibalism is so 2002. I think we’ve moved on.

  208. Kvetching? Who’s kvetching? And, more importantly, what is “kvetching”? Is it like Kvatching (complaining about having a big-ass red portal turn up on your front lawn, spewing monsters) only with an E? Forgive my ignorance.

    Nondrick-forum! That’d be wonderful.

  209. 209th comment!

    Yeeeaah, booooyeeeee!

    I feel so special.

  210. an unconcerned citizen says:

    for the love of god chris LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!! you reduced your fans to nothing more than Kvetching fools, be ashamed

  211. Washcloth says:

    I stoped reading VG cats when it stoped being funny like, a year ago…it makes me so sad to becausei used to love that site D:

  212. Microwavability says:

    Oh come on now, he even said there was to be an update this week!

  213. He has today and tomorrow to update, and then I go out on a vampire run!
    @Washcloth: If you want a good comic, go read Penny Arcade (although you probably have already)
    And do any of you know any good forum-makers on the web?
    @Chris Livingston: Goddamit, Nondrick in my blood is running low, do you really want to kill me?

  214. Washcloth says:

    Have faith my comrades! we shall have a dose of nondrick soon!

    @Vadermarth: i have been to penny arcade, but alas, they have the same issue of being hiliarious at first, but then slowly getting weaker, besides, i still havent forgiven them for their “serious” comics that plauged thier site for a few updates.

    The only comic worth poaying attention to is MS paint adventures and Gone with the blastwave, which also RARLEY updates..i guess thats what makes a web serires good, the whole never updating thing..

  215. @Washcloth: Penny Arcade is consistently hilarious. Furthermore, they have never been serious about anything. Even the Cardboard Tube Samurai was a humorous series.

    Webcomics worth reading:
    Least I Could Do
    Cyanide & Happiness
    Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (HYSTERICAL)
    White Ninja Comics
    Perry Bible Fellowship (currently on hiatus)
    Snafu Comics (sometimes funny, also hasn’t updated in a while)
    VG Cats
    Bigger Than Cheeses
    Digital Unrest (bit of highbrow humor including some chemistry/physics jokes that only nerds will find funny)
    Ctrl+Alt+Delete (even if Tom Bruckley thinks videogames and abortion drama mix)
    Concerned (OBVIOUSLY)
    Concerned 2: A Concerned Rip-Off (actually decent stuff so far! I’m excited about this comic’s future)

  216. ActionTrip Comic is also pretty decent with some hilarious hits.

  217. vadermath says:

    @Mike: You are correct.
    @Washcloth: If you haven’t changed your mind about Penny Arcade getting weaker, you will have a vampire visit soon. Also my friend, Zolo the Zombie might stop by.

  218. Washcloth says:

    Cyanide and happieness is good, Snafu is Horrible (sorry, it really is).

  219. Microwavability says:

    C+H is the single best webcomic on the net.

  220. Washcloth says:

    Truck bearing kibble is really good aswell, very pleasing to look at visually.


  222. Goddamit Chris(t), where the fuck are you? It’s fucking SUNDAY now, you said THIS week!

  223. Washcloth says:

    I..i…cant take anymore let downs!!!

  224. vadermath says:

    According to my watch, he’s got 6 hours and 10 minutes to update the friggin’ blog, before me and Zolo get some meat!

  225. I am… disappointed (said with the voice of Gary Oldman’s character in The Fifth Element).

    Btw, Sinfest is a great webcomic (

  226. Washcloth says:

    I strongly disaprove of these let downs (said wit the voice of sean connery)

  227. vadermath says:

    I am friggin’ angry (said with the voice of Darth Vader)

  228. Washcloth says:

    ^ i loled

  229. vadermath says:

    By my local time, he has 2 hours to give us an update. After that, I, Zolo, Batman, Three Ninja warriors from an old SNES game, Super Mario, and any of you guys who wants to come will break down his door, force him to the computer, and make him update the goddamn blog!

  230. The Green Lantern says:


    Just make the fallout blog and get it over with.

    I’m fairly certain a trip to Tranquility Lane would yield some hilarious results!

  231. I will now reveal my secret plan for survival without Nondrick. Ever since two days ago, I started reading Penny Arcade once again, from the fucking first comic. After I finish that, I’ll be moving to VG Cats, and after that to Concerned. Its like a new Fallout, just instead of fresh air and water we miss Nondrick. If I manage to read all of these, I will move on to Garfield, and then my collection of Star Wars comics. If the goddamn update doesn’t arrive before then, I will start with bombing runs on Bethesda, Valve, and maybe Chris’ house.

  232. you guys please help me I’m dyin’ over here :(

  233. Bleugh. Fuck Garfield. What tripe.

    If you want REAL hilarity, read Garfield Minus Garfield

    Who would have guessed that when you remove Garfield from the Garfield comic strips, the result is an even better comic about schizophrenia, bipolor disorder, and the empty desperation of modern life? Friends, meet Jon Arbuckle. Let’s laugh and learn with him on a journey deep into the tortured mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness and methamphetamine addiction in a quiet American suburb.

  234. Just saw it, nice XD But insult Garfield again and I will cut your throat. I’m low on Nondrick so I can’t be responsible of my actions.

  235. Sorry for double post, just wanted to say that in my local time it is 15 mins into monday, so I didn’t get an update this week :( Damn you, Chris!

  236. “in the mooornin, whant to diiiiiie, in the eveninnnnnnng whant to die, but if i aint dead already, well, you know the reason why”

  237. VG Cats has nothing on Chugworth Academy, Gone With The Blastwave or Post-Nuke Comic for taking forever to update.

    VGC has also had numerous dead babies to add to our cause!

  238. The Green Lantern says:

    Someone predicted this.

    Skaevola: D-d-December?
    Although, I suppose it’s better than never!

  239. What are you doing, Chris? WHAT..ARE..YOU..DOING.

  240. vadermath says:

    @Mike: That’s pretty obvious, he’s trying to kill us, and then make himself a star, he will be the only person in the world that has commited mass killings by doing nothing.
    @Green Lantern: The first time I saw that a week ago, I laughed. That is truly sad.
    @Steve: We’re way past the baby killing Steve, right now I am commiting mass murders with the help of Super Mario and Zolo the Zombie. Once again, anyone is welcome to join.
    @Myself: Fuck.

  241. It is 7 minutes past 8 aus time, and i admit i lost hope for a moment. but then it came to me. It was so Simple! i cannot believe that no one before me has thought of it until now!

    I propose we create Chris 2.0

    He will be stronger, not of flesh but steel, with a brain so smart it can think its way out of a tumour, and wit so sharp it can cut diamonds. How, you may ask?

    I believe someone mentioned that they lived near him. they will be instrumental in this plan. They must acquire a DNA sample, so we know where to start. Be sure it is his, so we dont have any man-bear-pig-monsters with lasers for eyes destroying tokyo. using the improved Mega-DNA (grown from the Chris DNA we acquired), we will slowly grow a new brain, which we will house in a body made entirely of the recycled flesh of the babies massacred up to this point. They will have not died in vain!

    I hope i have the support of everyone for this long winded, overly complicated and elaborate work of genius i have spent the best part of ten minutes thinking up. The first phase (the DNA aquisition) must begin at exactly 10:52 pm (GMT +10) lest we be too late to save the nondrick deprived.

    Good Luck, gentlemen.

  242. I just realised that my Chris 2.0 materials changed halfway through, so instead of baby flesh or steel, i have amended the blueprints to allow for an amalgamation of the two. I have named this compound “Infantonium”. It is more flexible and smoother than steel, but just as srong and shiny.

    Also, sorry for the double post.

  243. We can rebuild him. We have the technology.

    We’ll make him better, stronger. faster.

  244. Christopher C. Livingston says:

    Since all of you have been posting all kinds of comments on my Hiatus update, I’ve decided to join in for a bit. I just wanted to tell you that Nondrick will be gone for a while, and you will have to learn to deal with it for now. Check on the blog from time to time, there will be an update, eventually.

  245. Well gentalmen, it was a pleasure playing with you…shall we one..more..time?
    (gets his violin out)

  246. I guess I’ll have to entertain myself with sock puppets until the next Nondrick is released.


  247. I guess that means my cyborg is no longer needed. Well, the parts are all stored in airtight containers, so you know who to call if you need some cybernetic, hyper-intelligent freakazoid.

    I mean, that was a great joke. Ha ha. Lets go do something else now *reads newspaper*

  248. Oh SHOOT I just realized Chris visited the comments section! Uh, uh, um. . .

    *eats sock puppet in an effort to impress Chris Livingston*

  249. vadermath says:

    Okay, it was me, just wanted to brighten you guys up with a little joke XD

  250. I smell a faker…

  251. Christopher C. Livingston says:

    Oh I just read vader’s comment. Yeah, I knew that shit smelled weird.

  252. Whoopsies, I mean to write a hilarious comment using Chris’s name, decided not to, and forgot to change it back to my OWN name! Isn’t that HILARIOUS?!

  253. I say we just go back to killing babies. That’s always fun.

  254. Christopher C. Livingston says:

    Always the live one, are ya Max? Fine, how about this: I turn you guys into vampires and we bite everyone, INCLUDING babies?

  255. Sorry, I forgot to change my name back XD

  256. HOW DARE YOU IMPERSONATE ME! No more Nondrick… EVER!!!!

    Hehe, just kiddin’. Expect an update by the end of January…


  257. Uh uh, Chris, maybe that is too evil? But anyway, I’m up to the vampire idea! I’ve always wanted to be a vampire! Hooray! And I like killing babies too, so Max, I’m gonna be your companion in baby killing from now on!

  258. The Green Lantern says:

    I heard that the update is actually in the source code for Duke Nukem Forever.

  259. Oh, then I’ll go right there and have a look! Thanks for telling me/us! =D

  260. Actually, I can send you some secret Duke Nukem screenshots and videos. Just give me your Paypal or (and) bank account.

  261. Actually, I can send you some secret Duke Nukem screenshots and videos. Just give me your Paypal or (and) bank account.

  262. Hm, seems like someone is bluffing here. But if you sent me them anyway, I think I won’t eat you for breakfast tomorrow. :>

  263. The Green Lantern says:

    Fuck Duke Nukem. He hasn’t been relevant in the gaming world for years and the release of DNF taking 15 years is just keeping him that way. The only thing that game was famous for was the part where you got flashed by the strippers.

    Boy do I love me some pixelated boobage!

  264. Then we have something in common!

  265. I never played Duke Nukem, not even when he came out XD

  266. vadermath says:

    Why has my name changed to vader when I typed vadermath?

  267. The Green Lantern says:

    What if we create a superior race of vampire babies?

  268. Then we will rule the world of course! And our evil reign of vampire terror will begin! So, I’m going to infect some babies with vampirism! Sounds good, eh?

  269. What the hell are you guys on abour, i want an update :( :( :( 2010 is like a…a…a…a…a… 5 years from now

  270. There is no validity. The only comment I considered authentic was Chris’s wife telling us her husband was busy.

    But who knows? Even that might have been some douchenozzle on here.

  271. @WTH: I lol’d
    @Lantern: That’s the plan.
    @Mike: I agree, right now nothing is certain.
    @Vader: I like talking to myself under a diferrent name.
    @Myself: Now to do it in a proper way.
    @Chris(t): Whore. Bitch. Tramp. Slut. Japanese Slut.
    @Myself: Now I, or you, am, or are, going crazy.

  272. So I ate my sock puppet for nothing?

  273. Pretty much, yeah.

  274. Aw.

  275. The Green Lantern says:

    At least it wasn’t a slinky.

  276. Ha ha!

    Yea, at least it wasn’t a slinky. =)

  277. Please do not create vampire babies. My infantonium will be ruined!

  278. The green lantern. I’ll have to point out that in Duke Nukem 3D there was MUCH more than simply “getting flashed by the strippers” to do!

    On the sushi restaurant stage you could slide the robe off the porcelain geisha statues, revealing their breasts for a brief period of time.

    Get your facts straight!

  279. mhhhhhh, Slinky with abit of mutton would hit the spot right now actually..

  280. Has anyone ever tried kangaroo steak?

    It isnt great. taste was too strong for me.

  281. I’ve tried kangaroo jerky.

    It’s nice.

  282. nancymarie says:

    I hope Chris never updates this again. It’s too damned fun reading all of your breakdowns.



    Shameless advertisement.

    Updated today!

    Someone bring Chris back before I kill myself!

  284. The Green Lantern says:

    I apologize Aspgren.

    But I still love me some pixelated boobage.

    And hate Duke Nukem.

    Let’s write a ghost story!!!!

    It was a dark and stormy night…

  285. When i found my self in a puddle of mud…

  286. Hand cuffed to a goat, with my hair died red….

    wait, is this supposed to be made up?

  287. Washcloth says:

    “wait DIED RED!!!” thats when i realized instead of dye, i used die, i was already scared to the bone

    And yes, yes it is

  288. THE END

  289. The Green Lantern says:

    Or is it?????

  290. Washcloth says:

    I then realized that it was infact not over, the goat next to me began to become resltless at my side, things where going to get worse…


    I’ve been playing Waaaaaay to much left 4 dead.

  292. Washcloth says:

    It was looking bad for me and my goat, The chain that linked us to gether finally snaped form the tesnion of being well….eated i guess, and we ran in two diffrent directions to escape the horde,,,

  293. I ran to the west, following the full moon to the empty cabin in the middle of nowhere with it’s lights turned ominously off- but I couldn’t leave my goat! I had to find him!

  294. HareichiSan says:

    As I called for my goat, I heard a faint bleating coming from the inside of the cabin! It didn’t sound much like the goat, but I decided to investigate anyway.

  295. Then my head suddenly exploded and as I lay there headless a 3 mile long congo line of clowns went past me.

  296. The clowns were fortunate enough to have a spare head, which they gave to me, thus prolonging this epic story.

  297. hahahaha *clap clap clap* way to keep the story alive. XD

  298. The Green Lantern says:

    As I replaced my head, I happened to notice that there was something amiss. This wasn’t a cabin, it was a theme park!

    To go into the theme park, turn to page 47

    To run away home and get a new goat, turn to page FUCKYOUWERESAVINGOURBELOVED GOAT

  299. Microwavability says:

    “Fuck the theme park!” I called out. I dashed straight for the lighthouse of benevolence down the lane of husky widows as fast as I possibly could.

    (I don’t know what the hell I’m even saying.)

  300. The lane of husky widows. Where the widows are husky and the men are dead.

    ‘ere the women get hungry for fresh meat to marry and bash into pulps, so that they may become widows themselves! I AM SUDDENLY SURROUNDED BY MUSCULAR AND QUITE UNATTRACTIVE WOMEN

  301. 300th comment yay!!!!!

  302. After distracting the women with a cake from my pocket I dashed into the now nearby lighthouse of benevolence. Inside the lighthouse of benevolence I rush immediately to the fortuitously placed computer and check the living in oblivion blog to see if there was an update of the Nondrick saga. Surely, I thought, Nondrick would lift my spirits! BUT NO, WOE ONTO ME FOR MY AGONY IS NOW COMPOUNDED BYT THE ABSENCE OF HALARITY!! And with that I picked up the also fortuitously placed gun next to the computer, placed the gun to my head, pulled the trigger….

  303. Which failed to fire. The resounding click alerted a nearby presence. As it stalked menacingly towards me, a faint bleating could be heard from the top of the lighthouse. I sprinted up the stairs, the menacingly-stalking presence menacingly stalking after me. With its presence. Menacingly.

  304. I woke up. Now wasn’t that a relief! I went to the bathroom, because I needed to crap like hell. I sat on the toilet, and the whole time I though I heard a tiny breathing noise. As I stood up to wipe my ass, I realized that there was a zombie in my toilet, and that it was very angry with me for crapping in its mouth. As I tried to run away, it grabbed by ass and pulled me down to the sewers. Then…

  305. Who and how is changing my name to fucking Vader? Its vadermath for fuck’s sake!

  306. I Tried to breathe with little, to no results. This was it, i was going to drown! until i came rushing out of a pipe and landed on my ass inside the sewers. I could hear bleating echoing from the darknes..”Hey, this place has great acoustics!” i thought. I got up and started walking towerds the sound when suddendly a….

  307. That is a wierd change to the story. Breaking the fourth wall. Nice effect.

  308. ah. my last post was aimed at vadermath. Thanks alot, Australian Internet Connection!

  309. A large gang of Pokemon fanatics came around the sewer corner. They were worse then the fucking zombies, and they each carried a DS. They saw me, and it seems they have mistaken me for a friggin’ Pokemon. The small one in the corner gave me this thought by saying “There’s a new one. You have to catch them all. Get him, boys!”
    They came at me with these weird looking balls, and I hit the first one in the face. I started running, and when I reached the exit…

  310. There was a fourth wall in this story? Was there even a third?

  311. I came face to face with a trout-faced man. He immediately asked me if I had seen any interesting plants in the sewers. Just then a rather angry looking Bulbasaur turned the corner and stared at me menacingly. The trout-faced man wasted no time setting upon it. “Ooo…big plant!” he said as he ripped the Bulbasaur apart. “Another fork?” I heard him exclaim as I ran out of the sewers into the…

  312. The Green Lantern says:

    Capital Wasteland!!! Little did I know that my home town had been destroyed in a nuclear war while I was in the sewers. There was no one around to ask about the situation, or where I might become unaddicted to vodka, so I decided to travel North. North had always been my favorite direction. Just then, what appeared to be a zombie came running at me. I pull out my…

  313. Christ, this entry has more comments than any other.

  314. I pull out my lucky slinky and throw it at the zombie right in between the eyes!

  315. vadermath says:

    @Ace: Read it, and see our maddnes and desparation.
    …Gravity Gun! At least that’s what it says on the label. With it came a small piece of paper, with a drawing of a man fucking a woman, and beneath it it says: Alex and Gordon: don’t touch the friggin’ gun! I didn’t give a damn about what they wrote, and I pulled a trashcan and hailed it at the zombie, instantly killing it. I moved further down the road, and I saw a radiated river. Well its better than nothing anyway. After drinking the water I saw…

  316. Washcloth says:

    a large mass floating towards me…, my jaw droped as i stood Frightend in the radioactive water. It was none other than ROSEY O’ DONNLE

    I looked around me for a solution to this problem..

  317. The Green Lantern says:

    “Hmmmm there is a lot of dirt in the post apocalyptic future,” I think to myself. Also, that radiated river water made me feel funny. My goat has to be around here somewhere. I find the town of Megaton and enter. The sheriff comes up to me and I ask him if he has seen a goat about. He says, “I haven’t seen a goat, but you might ask Moriarty. He runs the tavern.” Up in the top left of my vision I see “QUEST ADDED: FOLLOWING IN HIS HOOFSTEPS”.

  318. vadermath says:

    I just can’t take this anymore. I will joke no further, because my funny well has run dry. I can’t take it, and I die a little every time I come here and see no update. With that said, I won’t comment so much anymore, because it seems Nondrick will not be here for a long time. Expect me every now and then, and hopefully on the update comment page.

  319. Washcloth says:

    Although i was on the track of my goat, i was begining to suspect that this was infact, not megaton, and that prehaps i was being lied to…

  320. @ Aspgren: the fourth wall is a literary device used to describe the invisible “wall” between the events and participants of the story and the subject viewing or reading it.

    @vadermath: No! we must stand together, lest we be defeated! And other inspiring phrases!

    @The Story: Just as the suspicion crept into my head, the landscape around me began to slowly fade away, to be replaced by a green neon grid. Virtual Reality! Of Course! I began searching for the operator, who to my surprise was none other than…

  321. lemon boy says:

    michael jackson?

  322. The Green Lantern says:

    I put this up on digg, you guys should definitely digg it. Maybe being on the front page will bring Chris back!

  323. I knew i smelt powderd sugar some where! micheal jackson Flung him self apon me in a blind rage screaming at me.. no close calls this time, looks like this was the end.. untill i heard my goats hoofs right by me…

  324. Huzzah! My beloved goat! We exchanged a hairy embrace and his goat nuzzle locked on to my lips and we made sweet sweet. . .

  325. Washcloth says:

    Passionate love, like only a man and his goat can! micheal jackson was repulsed by the tender scene unfolding before him that he fled in terror!..But my nightmare was not yet over…

  326. Ok after the goat love I’m too grossed out to continue reading this. *vomits*

  327. Despite Michael Jackson being defeated, and me and my goat being…. reunited, there was still the issue at hand. I was still trapped in the virtual reality chamber, and i could hear it rebooting with the familiar chimes of a Microsoft Windows ™ Vista ™ Operating System. (hows that for product placement? i should get paid.)

  328. I spotted an exit, and made for it immediately, but a pop-up halted me, asking if I was certain I wished to exit. I said yes, and pressed on. Another pop-up, “Are you sure you’re sure?” I said yes, and pushed past. Yet another pop-up. “You really really reeeeallly sure? I don’t want you to do anything you’re not REALLY sure about.”


  329. I got infuriated with all the pop-ups and closed the browser w- …

  330. ^when i finally reached the exit!, it was a large on/off button. i was woundering what would happen when i pressed it..but i wassent thinking about my self any more..Theres no grass in the vitual world, any my goat looked abit hungry…

  331. I didnt want this to turn into an “alive” type situation, so i immediately flicked the switch. however, the switch would not stay down. One of us would have to stay behind… and my goat was not happy.

  332. As much as I valued my own life, I would not let my beloved goat perish. I stood on the switch and everything went black, my goat vanished. I suddenly heard a stange voice.

    “Rise and Shine, Rise and Shine……

  333. vadermath says:

    Hey guys, did ya miss me? XD
    Just dropped by to see if any of you knew that Chris had a bit of a heart problem, but it doesn’t seem to be lethal :) Check the 1fort news side.

  334. Washcloth says:

    I was confused, i felt like iwas floating through time and space..possibly both at the same time! The man talking to me would appear in my vision from time to time and good GOLY did he have the prettyst blue eyes i ever saw!…

  335. Not that I wish to imply you have been (long, eerie pause) sleeeping on the job- nooooone is more desssserving of a rest-

  336. Minister Masket says:

    …”unfortunatly, we already have a Mr Frohman filling in for our Half-Life 2 parody, so it looks like you’ll be getting the short straw. This time you’ll be parodying…

  337. Tomb radier!, I looked down, my boobs where MASSIVE, My shorts grew evern shorter and my midsection was more twig like with each second….

  338. But, as my body became thinner and thinner, i realised that it wasnt stopping! Soon, I would be so thin i would litterally fold in on myself, much like a black hole. The results would be catastrophic! I had to act fast.

  339. Washcloth says:

    I grabbed the gman and jabbed my tounge in his ear, it was the only thing i knew would work! he shreiked and i demanded in my best yiddish that he return me to my old self…

  340. How do you jab your own tongue?

  341. Washcloth says:

    I thought, but it dident seem to matter, the gman was on the verge of tears, and he finally said “alright! alright!” and in a instant i was tranported back to reality..i hoped, i could hear my goat bleating softly in the darkness, i found my self in a very, very dark room.

  342. A notice popped up in my mind, saying

    “You are in a very dark room, and most likely to be eaten by a grue”

  343. It was then that i realised that, not only was this cave a good place to be eaten by a grue, but the only exit in sight, to the NORTH, led into a dropbear infested forest. My only other options were SOUTH and DENNIS.

  344. South had far to manny U’s in it, so i went Dennis, in hopes that i could yet again be reunited with my goat, i felt i was being watched…

  345. Dennis was always my favorite direction, wait where is DENNIS?

  346. As I headed toward DENNIS I noticed a “compass” at the bottom left of my vision which was accomponied by a series of marks on the compass and the colors of the marks were….

  347. steam, watermelon, ambivalent, and automatic.

  348. @mike: wtf?

  349. Despite my technicolour compass, i pressed onwards. evidently DENNIS was the way to go. However, as i turned to go, my head was suddenly heavier, my vision impaired. Claws were slashing at my eyes! A drop bear!

  350. Korovashya says:

    fortunately for me, the drop bear turned out to be a plush toy and everything turned out alright. But as I continued onwards, i noticed that the passageway was no longer DENNIS…

  351. I slaped my head in disbelife and anger at my self.. how could i be so stupid? Take DENNIS drop the DENN

    Add T between I and S and you get its, than add hell and….. ITS HELL! what have i done!?….

  352. And add a T to its and you get tits XD

  353. Suddenly, the Devil himself seated me at a computer, where the only thing to do was to press the “refresh” button on the LivinginOblivion sight, and watch no new posts come up.

    My God! This really was Hell!

  354. XChillaGorillaX says:

    wtf just stop that hiatus thing xD
    when you were posting more often it was like my life xD
    (oh shit i cant believe i just said that.. sad :D)

  355. vadermath says:

    Okay, I’m fucking back, can’t stand the hiatus without you guys (and yes, I fully realize how lame I sound right now). To all HL players out there, have any of you seen Freeman’s mind on youtube? If not, I suggest you do so now.

  356. The Green Lantern says:

    Guys, just in case you didn’t know…

    The digital switch is only a few days away. Are you ready?

  357. vadermath says:

    I don’t follow, what digital switch?

  358. The Green Lantern says:


  359. vadermath says:

    Yeah, I don’t. What digital switch?

  360. The Green Lantern says:

    The switch from analog to digital television signal.

    God, I bet you feel like real dummy now. Seeing as they run something on it about every 2 minutes.


  362. vadermath says:

    I don’t really, in my country there is almost no digital tv signals, so I don’t feel like a dummy, because I don’t care :)

  363. The Green Lantern says:


    Yeah, I totally forget that this internet thing isn’t just in the US every now and then.

  364. vadermath says:

    I just realized we have more than 350 comments now. This is a growing community! Or commentunity!

  365. The Green Lantern says:

    We should all get an apartment together!

  366. vadermath says:

    Not that kind of community. But I still wish someone would make a forum for Nondrick. Chris should make one.

  367. The Green Lantern says:

    Isn’t this our impromptu forum? Haven’t we shared laughter and tears, stories and aimless rambling? I say MAY THE HIATUS FORUM GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY!!!


  369. “Crystal clear” picture, right. You mean a native signal above 480i?

    On another note, THE BIG SWITCH happens on my birthday. I couldn’t ask for a better (and more irrelevant) gift.

  370. @The Green Lantern: YES! OUR Hiatus forum shall be made by us, the Great Valar of the Blog! We shall shape it to our will and need! Bet you didn’t expect a guy named vadermath to be a LOTR geek as well? Well I am! Muwahahahahaha!
    @Addicted: Muwahahahahaha!

  371. *cries*

  372. That’s right! Cry it out, bitch!
    WTF is up with Chris?!! I mean he said there would be an update this week, like, 2 weeks ago!

  373. What did you call me?

  374. If I got it right, vadermath called you ‘bitch’. Poor Addicted.. But, I’d like to join our Hiatus community! Hooray!

  375. Korovashya says:

    Sometimes my only solace from the lack of Nondrick is inflicting pain like this on people like you.

  376. Yes, poor Addicted.

  377. Ah yes! Now its almost 17th of january and still no new update…

    What happened to the story!?! whers the goat!?

    and Love the Commentunity!

  378. I saved the goat at the last minute, before the story exploded into itself. it now lives on the fire trail out the back of my house. i use it to mow the lawn.

  379. Korovashya says:

    You know, we could all just as easily create our own oblivion character, start the game… and do nothing. It would pretty much be the same, minus the witty comments and overall hilarity.

  380. Yeah, but thats what chris WANTs us to do. If we do it ourselves, he doesnt have to do anything! Cunning and witty bastard.

  381. vadermath says:

    Cunning and witty bastard? I would rather call him bitch.

  382. each to their own. I prefer bastard. It sounds bigger, and stronger. Like a boulder or a big chunk of meatloaf.

  383. I wonder how long the hiatus community will last.

  384. Until the end of ages!

  385. Until the machine revolution arrives and our individuality is subsumed by the hive consciousness!

  386. Until your mom.

  387. Oh yeah. I went there.

  388. Yea! We don’t need Chris to have fun! We have the Community now!

    chris please come back…

  389. an unconcerned citizen says:

    hey chris guess what?
    another baby died…

  390. you know what… i think chris “accidentally” erased the save the nondrick on it… yeah… that’s it… and your too ashamed to admit it… ADMIT IT CHRIS I CAUGHT YOU DAMMIT

  391. sorry for yelling, i didnt mean to…………… CATCH YOU… HA

  392. Okay, screw baby killings. If i don’t get nondrick in one hour, Addicted gets one in the head. Then i’ll start killing one person every hour on the hour.

  393. I hope I’m not on the list. For your sake, since I’m a blood-sucking vampire. I am actually pretty hard to kill.

  394. WHAT????

  395. Help me! Joeman’s crazy. He’ll do it!

  396. Sorry, it’s for the sake of the blog.
    Now shut up and stay on the ground.

  397. *wimpers*

  398. KABLAM!!!! Addicted’s dead. Vadermath your next.

  399. Oh and Vadermath I’m gonna stab a stake through your heart.

  400. KASTAB!! Vadermath you are dead.

    oh and 400th comment

  401. I have boarded up all my windows. No rampaging Joeman will get near me! I have also fitted my Chris 2.0 with one of those revolving turrets like in L4D. Try kill me now, Smartarse!

  402. Okay then, I shall reprogram your Chris 2.0 to shoot at you instead of me.

    KASHOOTO! You are now dead.

  403. Washcloth says:

    GUYSSS! GUYS, GUYS!!!! Every one chill! If we can jsut work together to build a raft, than sail around the world to chris’s house, we can strap him in my Brain spectrometer, enslave him, and than force him to update on time



  405. Will the brain spectrometer work with dead people? If it doesnt, we may have to rethink our strategy. just maybe.

  406. Midget52 (Deceased) says:

    those were some terrible last words. i’ll try better next time.

  407. The Green Lantern says:

    Guys, calm down.

    I’m a superhero.

    I got this.


  408. vadermath (resurrected) says:

    You didn’t think I’ll be back? Well I AM! Muwahahahahaha! I have great power! Muwahahaha! Kidding, I called my friend, he has a part time job at McDonald’s, but he’s a necromancer! I will help you with the boat building, a couple of zombies have really fast hands. And after that I get my revenge on Joeman. If you find anyone dead with two holes in his neck, it wasn’t me.

  409. Washcloth says:

    Damnit guys…. im begining to loose hope….

    and im a bloody optimist

  410. Addicted's Ghost says:

    Oooooooh! And I aaaaaaaaaaaam aaaaaaaaa goooooooast! I am here to hauuuunt you, Joeeeeeman!

  411. Oh yeah? WELL GUESS WHAT. I have a fucking 50 megaton bomb here and i’ll BLOW THE ENTIRE WEBSITE TO HELL!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

  412. You’re a “goast”? Is that like a really scary piece of toast?

  413. Nondrick addict says:

    I need Nondrick!

  414. *easily disarms Joeman’s bomb*

    *sics the goat on him*

    *is both amazed and terrified to see that our lovable goat can eat through a human neck faster than vadermath*

  415. Learn to stop worrying and love the bomb!
    Disarming them makes you as bad as hippies and CND activists.

  416. Washcloth says:

    ^and thank you for smokeing

  417. Did….did you just call me a hippy?

    *sics the goat on Gerry*

    Wow..he’s really hungry today…

  418. Joeman (Neck is Hurting) says:

    Owwww. My neck. Damn goat.

  419. KILL ALL THE BABIES!!! (or how I realized there are just way too many fucking comments here to read)

  420. Midget52 (Deceased) says:

    HEY! Thats my goat! and i’m pretty sure you weren’t in my will.

  421. Yeah forrealz, this has gotten way out of hand. Goddamn Chris and empty promises.

  422. srsly, there are not this many hours of Left 4 Dead to play.

  423. Midget52 (Deceased) says:

    Thats the beauty of left 4 dead. It is sooooooo replayable that chris may actually die of malnutrition. Except he hasnt, because he updated the 1fort blog. he likes 1fort more than us. :'(

  424. the story is brokeded

  425. oh well myt aswell practs my karryoke: SHe GoT the-m Ap-ple bot-tle bot-tom je-ans and them re-box wit-the straps

  426. ALL DAY I Dream about teh SX


  428. JUST LIKE THEY do on THE national geographical channel, YOU and Me horny

  429. Trollin trollin ima trol

  430. DRUGS R’nt US

  431. HareichiSan says:

    C’mon, Chris! You’re probably in the living room watching TV while Nondrick is in your computer saying, “Chriiiiiis! Help! I’m being attacked by crazy, Nondrick starved people! Heeeeeelp!” and when you hear him, you know what you do? NOTHING! You ignore the cries of poor Nonny. I hope you’re HAPPY!

  432. probably is considering how boring Oblivion is compared to the new releases, not that i hate the game or any thing, it is just that Oblivion is old and the other ones are new so if I were in his situation I would play more of the new games too

  433. Midget52 (Deceased) says:

    Five years isnt that old.half-life has been around for a decade and peope still play that. hell, they like it so much they’re remaking it for the source engine (and i’m not talking about HL:S).

  434. vadermath (resurrected) says:

    Yeah, you’re talking about BM:S. And those goats will be valuable to me. You think their bites hurt now? Wait till I turn em into… VAMPIRE GOATS! Muwahahahahah!
    To be serious for a minute, maybe Chris is making a giant update so he can make up for our Nondrickless days.

  435. Midget52 (Deceased) says:

    Yeah, i bet it is chock full of flower picking, statue-head-replacing, large mushrooms, Beaker, bowel cutlery and all the other staples we have come to expect of him.

    Or, he might be dead. Whatever. An update would be great either way. its the wait that’s killing ME.

  436. right. This is killing me. there are only 55 comments on the latest 1fort post. They obviously dont care as much as us. So, if you guys will follow me, i am going to overload the 1fort server with posts until it crashes and the only thing chris has left is this and frohman. Because i cnat bear to kill frohman either.

    I will wait for exactly twelve hours. The article i will post on is linked in my name. if you TRUELY care about the fate of Nondrick (or just want to have another internet site to overload with comments), you will follow my lead!

  437. p.s. (please follow me. I dont like being on my own.)

  438. vadermath (resurrected) says:

    Check the comments on 1fort! I have arrived! TO ARMS!

  439. I have also posted.

    *teaches the goat to start with the crotch*

    Just in case Chris remains reluctant…

  440. Washcloth says:

    Ah, what the hell! ill post i few thousand times with you gents!

  441. vadermath (resurrected) says:

    That’s the way to go, my cloth-washing friend!

  442. The Green Lantern says:

    I’m starting to think we are being forgotten about, ladies and gentlemen. That the adventures of Nondrick are being tossed about, all willy-nilly, and that we may never see a proper Nondrick episode again.

  443. vadermath (resurrected) says:

    Chris cannot ignore us indefinitely.

  444. Addicted (alive again) says:


  445. The Green Lantern (never died) says:

    *starts a slow clap*

  446. @ The Green Lantern
    I agree man, Chris has DEFINITELY forgotten about us Nondrick fans and the love we have for Nonny’s amazing adventures of non-adventuring.

  447. XChillaGorillaX says:

    i so fucking miss nondrick stories!
    i mean its not over yet!
    Nondrick even is a VIRGIN!!!

  448. The Green Lantern says:

    446 comments don’t lie, Chris. You have a hit on your hands. Do you see all of these comments? It’s our cry. Our cry for more. I remember the first day I found this. I sat down and read through the entire thing in one sitting. Now it’s been sitting in my bookmarks for Godknowshow long. This is one of my FAVORITE things on the internet. Other comics don’t cut it.

    C’mon man, just an update on YOU would be something awesome.

  449. Off the the other sites!!!! *holds torch up high* uhm guys? …Guys… AH darn they went without me!!

  450. Midget52 (Deceased) says:

    Thats the spirit! Like a mighty storm, we descend upon them, striking fear into the hearts of all those who do not follow His flower-picking ways!

    Crap, i just realised, we may have started an adventure. Is that what nondrick would want? Is anybody actually thinking about HIM, not just his stories?

  451. The Green Lantern says:

    Dude, months and no word from him…

    He’s obviously been kidnapped!!OhNoes!!!!Gasp!!!1!

    The only way to get him back is through adventure, questing, peril, and possibly a girl to get.

  452. vadermath (resurrected) says:

    If she has big tits, I’m in!

  453. The Green Lantern says:

    They’re the biggest!

  454. Is it just me, or does this page gain about 100 comments every 2 days?


  456. The Green Lantern says:

    I hereby lay forth the motion that the next 50 comments be about waffles and how DELICIOUS they are. Defiance of this motion is punishable by severe beatings about the head and shoulders.

    Yum waffles.

  457. I spit upon your heathen waffles!

  458. Midget52 (Deceased) says:

    I’ve never had a waffle before.

    Are they good?

  459. vadermath (resurrected) says:

    Are you fucking serious? They’re great! WAFFLES FOR THE WIN!

  460. vadermath (resurrected) says:

    And to be serious for real now, I think we might have Nondrick on our hands soon enough. Here’s the deal: For every blog update he makes on 1fort, Chris constantly reads the comments, he has talked about some of them numerous times, I followed his blog from the beginning. In his latest post, we have left many Nondrick-desperate comments, so he will make an update here soon, in my opinion.

  461. The Green Lantern says:

    All I see is an unhealthy addiction to Left 4 Dead.

  462. The Green Lantern says:

    And Waffles. They’re goddamn delicious.

  463. Washcloth says:

    funy, i had waffles for breakfast! they wheere heart shaped :D

  464. Waffle Man! I am the Waffler. Gold and Crispy, bad guys are history.

  465. obama just became president…. that means today is january 20th…. 20TH OF FUCKING JANUARY…..NOT THE FIRST WEEK OF DECEMBER…… you try my patients… soon i will begin my secret plan to bring nondrick back… MWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  466. vadermath (resurrected) says:

    sales, joking and comments are done, so no more stupid childish stuff, okay? Hence I will summon an army of vampire turtles! Suck my cock, TMNT!

  467. You know what? I’m beginning to suspect someone kidnapped Chris, just because they were having too much fun in he comments and an update would put an end to that. I’m looking at YOU, Vadermath! D:<

  468. Washcloth says: many side plots in these comments

  469. The Green Lantern says:

    Agreed. In all reality, I’m thinking that L4D kidnapped Nondrick. And there may be nothing we can do.

    On an unrelated note…

    As we all know, the national food of the world is waffles. But that doesn’t mean that it has to be your favorite.

    What is everyone’s favorite food?

    I’ll start.


  470. vadermath (resurrected) says:

    Pizza, and spaghetti. And I’m not Italian ;)

  471. The Green Lantern says:

    Well I didn’t know we could have more than one.

    Pizza is on my list as well.

  472. MaleAlphaThree says:

    Just, uh, wondering when the next one will come out. I can understand not doing one every week, but if much more than two months pass since the last one…. I might start losing hope.

  473. MaleAlphaThree says:

    Oh, and if you aren’t going to be updating could you please provide us with your Steam ID so that we may game with you and possibly nag you about making another one. If he has posted it somewhere else, someone please tell me it. Wouldn’t mind gaming with a “semi-web-celebrity”.


  474. Wow it feels suspiciously not hte first week of december

  475. @MaleAlphaThree : I do not believe that he reads the comments on this anymore.

  476. Midget52 (Deceased) says:

    My favourite food is Tom Yum Goong. Or is it Tom Yum Gai? Which is the one with chicken?

    Seriously, i still have the Chris 2.0 parts in my freezer. I put the goat on guard duty. Just say the word!

  477. This .. this is madness!

  478. Jaded Cynic says:

    Guys? You know what? You’ve lost any respect I had for you as fans of something I liked. But spamming up Chris’s other blogs is taking things too far; yes, he’s getting itinerant, and essentially broke a commitment here, but what you’re resorting to is inexcusably rude.

    I now hope that Chris not only never gives you spoiled little children another Nondrick update, but then proceeds to close down and delete this blog, in toto. You don’t even deserve the chance to kill WordPress’s storage & bandwidth.

  479. vadermath (resurrected) says:

    Jaded, we were not spamming Chris’s blog at all. Once he would put an update here, he always said it on 1fort, and then people would discuss it in the comments there. Check the 1fort updates concerning Nondrick, and you will see people posted their need for this blog as well, in the same manner. So I don’t see why our comments are spam, and theirs are not. And if Chris doesn’t want to update the blog, he should say so, so we don’t wait like idiots.

  480. Joeman (Neck Is Hurting) says:

    @ Aspgren
    Madness? THIS IS SPARTA!

    Some one had to say it.

  481. killa chinchilla says:

    @jaded cynic Dont be a douche

  482. Joeman (Neck Is Hurting) says:

    Guys, what ever happened to that Nondrick Forum we were talking about a while back?

  483. The Green Lantern says:

    Careful guys.

    He’s a cynic…

    And he’s jaded.


    @ Joeman

    We can’t have one because we’re spoiled little children. Now if you’ll excuse me, I just made poopie in my pants.

  484. vadermath (resurrected) says:

    Now guys, I suggest to take a break from 1fort, and let Chris do his thing. He has seen us by now, further fighting will do nothing. I suggest a ceasefire.

  485. Killa-Ewok says:

    Soon, guys! SOON!

  486. Addicted (still alive) says:


  487. vadermath (resurrected) says:

    He’s back!

  488. Addicted (still alive) says:

    Too bad for you, Jaded Cynic, there’s a new update.

  489. I now offically declare these comments CLOSED! As they are no longer needed because the wait is finally OVER!

  490. Joeman (Neck Is Hurting) says:

    I defy thee Farty,


  491. Blessing! Oure blessings are heard! NOndrick has returned! Oure pleads/stalks for nondrick are Heard!

  492. Joeman (Neck Is Hurting) says:

    I am determined to have the last post.

    Whoo! Last Post!

  493. Joeman (Neck Is Hurting) says:


  494. Joeman (Neck Is Hurting) says:


  495. Joeman (Neck Is Hurting) says:


  496. Joeman (Neck Is Hurting) says:


  497. Joeman (Neck Is Hurting) says:


  498. Joeman (Neck Is Hurting) says:

    There can be

  499. Joeman (Neck Is Hurting) says:

    Whoo! 500th comment!