Interlude with a Vampire

This is your character.

This is your character on porphyric hemophilia.

Any questions?

My main character in Oblivion (who you can see in the first link above) was named Murderin’ Jim. I created a custom class for him called “Murderer”. He was, as you might imagine, not the nicest guy. I put him through the Thieves Guild missions and the Assassins Guild missions, and by the time he was finished he was not only not nice, but was extremely powerful. He was also a vampire for a while.

It’s fun being a vampire in the game, and I encourage everyone to try it, even for just a few levels. At first, it seems like a hassle: you take sun damage, you have to be extremely careful about fast-traveling, and if you don’t feed for a few days you really start looking ghoulish (see the second link above), which makes people refuse to talk to you or even attack you. It makes it hard to do business or get new quests.

It does come with a number of perks, though, in the form of increased strength, invisibility, night-vision and life-detect, charm spells, etc.

I was thinking it might be interesting for Nondrick to become a vampire. There are some pretty big hurdles, though. First off, there are only a couple ways to become a vampire. First, if you play the assassin’s guild missions, you are offered the opportunity, but there’s no way Nondrick will be sneaking around killing people. Or even sneaking around being nice to people. It’s not really his thing.

You can also become a vampire though combat — if a vampire attacks you, there’s a small chance you’ll contract the disease. You can cure it easily enough at the outset — getting blessed at an altar will cure all your ills — but if you don’t, in a few days you’ll become a vampire.

Curing the disease after you’ve become a vampire is a huge headache due to the quest attached to it, and Nondrick doesn’t do quests. Not that it matters, since there’s relatively little chance that Nondrick will ever come in contact with vampires anyway, because he doesn’t do caverns and forts, either.

So, just for kicks, I thought I’d save a new game and enter in the cheat codes to give him vampirism, just to see how he’d look as the disease progressed.

And here is the result. Not a good look for a guy who is already not a good-looker.


  1. Abnaxus says:

    Heh heh now he is an ugly vampire, but we still love him :)

  2. Vermintide says:

    Woah, he kinda looks like the pope.

  3. actually, he looks better this way.

    • FableWriter says:

      yeh i definitely agree his lips r smaller and eyes not not as glaring however skin is pale and cracked, wrinkled

  4. grooossss

  5. Certainly an improvement!

  6. nancymarie says:

    He looks like he just got old. :P

  7. E.T.-esque! More plz.

  8. Emo.Eats.The.Vampires says:

    For a second I thought I missed a post and that Nondrick had died!

  9. Killa-Ewok says:

    Chris, getting Nonny a vampire was my idea! Oh wait, I only said “I wonder what would happen if vampires attack poor, poor Nondrick. Nothing good I think.” So, uhh. Carry on.

  10. Man he looks like he belongs in a nursing home as a vampire, gonna need to get him a walker.

  11. Artemis says:

    Hehe pretty much first mod I got for Oblivion, was the one that made you not hideously ugly as a vampire. It’s especially bad since even after you’re cured the look seems to hang around and drink all your beer.

  12. Well you couldn’t blame the people for atacking nondrick :D

  13. My God, it’s Emperor Palpatine!!

  14. Doctor Slack says:

    He’s got sort of a Gary Oldman thing going on. I like it.

  15. HOLY HELL!
    Looks like a decomposing corpse in a bakery.

  16. That sequence of pictures is funny as hell.

  17. Actually, you become sun-proof for a day if you drink blood. Atleast in the 360 version.

  18. He..He Looks like my grandpa. I couldn’t take that lovable oaf seriously as a blood sucking demon of the night.

  19. Maelthra says:

    Is the project dead or is it just delayed?

  20. Just delayed. Don’t worry, it’s still going.

  21. SovietRazor says:

    He looks like Ernest Borgnine.
    If he were still alive.

  22. Assassinador says:

    Kinda reminds me of Lord Sidious

  23. Hey look, it’s Uncle Fester!

  24. Why so serious?

  25. Hmm. I wonder if Nondrick would even survive as a vampire, given all the trouble. Also, his clumsiness seems to be quite in the way as well.

    And I agree he’s looking quite like Darth Sidious (aka palpatine, aka evil old overlord).

    Keep it up, Chris, always good to see an update on Nondrick.

  26. Percussion_Queen says:

    what the hell happened to this guys face!!! It’s like my grandpa on a drinking spree

  27. The Sith Lord: Darth Nondrick!

  28. Pasty Bleeder LMAO

    BTW thanks for the updates you really do make these a great read.

  29. Jackrabbit says:

    he he. he looks a bit more enduring this way though.

  30. LokiHades says:

    For a minute I thought I saw Emperor Palpatine!

    Nice little Interlude.

  31. Hey! I wanted to use a Star Wars analogy too! Hmm. Okay, he looks like Jabba the Hutt if he lost a lot of wait and developed a humanoid shape as well. Okay, happy now! :-) Nice experiment! Now, will you try the Console Command “SexChange”?

  32. Is my character part of a balanced breakfast?

  33. fucking LOL

  34. I’m definitely seeing some Nosferatu… he’s like a puffy Count Orlok. With hair.

    Come to think of it, Count Orlok had enough hair in his eyebrows to make up for Nondrick’s weird-monkish-bowl-outline-hair. So… carry on.