Nondrone P. Carrikter

Just for fun, and so people would stop asking me about it, I created a distant future version of Nondrick in Fallout 3 today.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make him nearly as goofy looking as Nondrick. There’s simply no “Trout” setting on the face creation tool. But, I did my best.

As I mentioned on my 1Fort blog, this does not mean I am doing, or planning to do, a Fallout 3 blog. Not in the slightest. Even though it appears fate would like me to, because check out what I found on a dead Feral Ghoul.

Even in the distant post-apcalyptic future, you can make a silverware set from the leavings of dead monsters. Some things never change.


  1. Hahaha, Bethesda has a great sense of humor.

    • Theres a mod called Wanderers Edition that gives you needs if you want and makes the game as hard as you want and items as rare as you want, if you set it on the hardest then combat would be really quick and you and you’re enemys would die in about 2 bullets. Injuries and everything would be so much harder too so there would probably be alot of ohshit moments. So you would probably have to run away from raiders for a long while. Also theres a mod that adds people to endlessly walk around and adventure and all that. Please make this happen! D:

  2. the jellyman says:

    ‘I will stab you with my feral ghoul fork!’
    it hasn’t quite got the same appeal has it. plus, i haven’t heard anything about a persuasion screen in fallout (i am sure that somebody will correct me on this.

    incidentally. hi. my first post.

  3. Haha, this is awesome. He’s still has the looks of his great, great, great grandfather!

  4. You know what they say, “the more things change…”

  5. Well, a F3 blog would be good,but now..we are still in Oblivion.

  6. um…but when Nondrick has got a wife?
    He has no son!
    It’s a time paradox!

  7. It’s like a post apocalyptic Back To The Future!

    Well, MORE post apocalyptic, anyway.

  8. Van_Dutch says:

    My copy of Fallout 3 just arrived in the post this morning. Can’t wait to get it up and running.

  9. “Even though it appears fate would like me to” fate is clearly an avid nondrick follower like the rest of us, and who are we to deny fate what he wants

  10. Fork.

    Fork never changes.

    • Fork has been waged for numerous reasons, from religion to pure phsycotic rage. But fork? Fork never changes.

  11. Killa-Ewok says:

    I bet there’s a “Nondrick” named NPC somewhere. I just know.

  12. Waste_Manager says:

    Gah! I want fallout so much, but I’m having way too much fun with Far Cry 2 to even consider picking something else up.

  13. Trenchfeeder says:

    lol thats hilarious.

    IT BEGINS!!!!!!!!!

  14. A concerned citizen says:

    That is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week!

    But if you do decide to do a F3 blog, I reckon wait untill Nondrick dies… or you get bored of him.

  15. XD I laughed so hard when I saw “Fork”

  16. I agree with the concerned citizen – plus that gives you plenty of time to explore in F3 as a more ‘traditional’ char. and see all the places where potential pitfalls could overwhelm an NPC such as Nondrone….

  17. Do it! DOOO EEET!

  18. Fallout 3 has been rather unstable for me right now and I don’t know why:(

    Look forward to Nondrone’s adventures.

  19. I was thinking about making a Fallout 3 blog, but no reliable method of making screenshots ruined all that. Plus, roleplaying’s alot harder in it.

  20. Haha would be awesome… But wait till Nondrick finally bites the dust… Also get to explore Fallout 3’s world… Its quite spectacular, but not as charming as Oblivion (well, post apocolyptic settings aren’t meant to be charming, but you get my point).

  21. “I was thinking about making a Fallout 3 blog, but no reliable method of making screenshots ruined all that. Plus, roleplaying’s alot harder in it.”

  22. Well, nice ironic coincidence I guess. Funny. But I don’t have any “Fallout” games and I don’t expect to.

  23. Well, to be fair, Feral Ghouls were actually human at one point. So it’s not inconceivable that one might be in possession of a fork.

  24. Yeah, I usually walk around with some silverware in my pants.

  25. Logonginn says:

    Did Nodrick have a secret affair with one of the sleeping laidies? How else could he have had kids?

  26. “Yeah, I usually walk around with some silverware in my pants.”

    Maybe it was one of Nondrick’s other descendants who looted it off a mole rat before he became a ghoul. =)

  27. He looks like that one guy from Whos Line Is It Anyway. lawl

  28. usualroutine says:

    “I was thinking about making a Fallout 3 blog, but no reliable method of making screenshots ruined all that. Plus, roleplaying’s alot harder in it.”

    I’ve got the console version. Yes, yes, I know, but my PC sucks.

  29. Ha ha genius. I love this guys blog hes a pure awesome genius and never fails to make me laugh. More blog entrys would be awesome. Keep it up!

  30. I was playing Oblivion today and I found a fork inside a troll. It made me think of Nondrick.

  31. In terms of taking screenshots and such, the console commands of Oblivion seem to be the same for FO3. The only difference is there aren’t any sort of mods for FO3 yet, as there is no CS yet, that help with taking pictures.

    But yeah.. free cam, no clipping, turning HUD off, etc, are all the same.

  32. My internet-name has always been ‘fork’, and in Fallout, I always carry atleast one around with me at all times.

    Looks like I’m along for your ride.

  33. Come on man, make some more pages already!


  35. GreatDrake says:

    I want to know how Nondricks descendants ended up in post apocalyptic earth? But it’s good to see that he got an attractive wife.

  36. Oh, great mighty Oblivion god! Grace us with more entries! Please?

  37. Kill The Adoring Fan says:

    damn Fallout 3,

  38. The Ricker says:

    seems the trout DNA weakened a bit over the years….

    I’m with the others – I’d be as hooked to a Fallout blog as I am to this – but I can’t wait to read more about Nondrick’s non-adventures.

  39. I heard there was an oblivion mod that lets you get married. Maybe you could use that to explain Nondrick’s descendent

  40. I want an Oblivion mod that lets me fuck bitches, yo. I don’t need to be tied down in a videogame.

  41. Kill The Adoring Fan says:

    Mike is teh lulz

  42. I discovered this blog tonight…well…last night/this morning.

    I’ve sat and read all of it, and found it both inspiring (I’m going to sit down and try this myself), and entertaining.

    Thankyou for the excellent blog, and I hope you keep up the good work.

    I’m looking forward to the further non-adventures of Nondrick.


  43. Are the adventures of Nondrick over?

  44. This entry was posted on the 30th October, so only 16 days ago.

    So I’d say they aren’t over yet. Though I could be wrong.

    I hope I’m not though. I want to see if Nondrick will be able to earn himself a living, etc.

    I also want to know how he dies…because, lets face it, everybody in Cyrodill dies…


  45. *Prod* I kin haz moar Nonny? >:

  46. Kill The Adoring Fan says:

    is it time for the comments that beg for more Nondrick posts yet?

  47. gaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

    Just hurry up and post another post!

  48. Perhaps n the next instalment Nondrick will encounter some kind of space-time anomaly in Oblivion and be thrust forth into the world of Fallout, there to continue his non-adventures?

  49. I’d love to see Nondrick as a post-apocalyptic scavenger, bringing his particular brand of innocent haplessness to Fallout 3. :D

    But let’s see what happens to him in Cyrodill first. :)

  50. Flatware. Flatware never changes.

  51. Kallikanzarid says:


  52. Where’s Nondrick at???

  53. i think someone is too busy playing fallout 3 too remember little ol nondrick

  54. Timmy Petersson says:

    Haven’t you beaten Fallout 3 yet? We want to see Nondrick again! ;)

  55. Why, Chris? Why must your internal clock be set on Valve time? It’s been forever since the last Nondrick post!

  56. XChillaGorillaX says:

    we want nondrick back!
    pleeease! you will get a cookie from me! seriously! :D

  57. If you’re anywhere in the North Eastern part of the United States, I’ll give you huggles for more Nonny. >_> Just don’t tell my boyfriend. <_<


  58. C’MON! You can’t leave us hangin’ like this! I’ve been checking back everyday! WHERE’S MY NONNY?!!

  59. dude when you gonna give us more ive been waiting for almost 2 months

  60. everyone here wants more living in oblivion nondrick funny stuff cmon update man

  61. To all the people worrying that Nondrick didn’t have children (he’s still young, give him time) I feel I have to remind you that the Elder Scrolls series takes place on a distant planet, not in the distant future.

  62. That should be distant past, not future. Time is very abstract to me.

  63. And I have to point out that it actually takes place on an entirely different world. With completely different landmasses. Unlike Fallout 3 which take place in a distant (alternate) future, but is definately set on Earth.

  64. And TES has Elves.

  65. Maybe Oblivion is ALSO post apocalypse!
    In Elder Scrolls V: The secret of the lost land
    it is revealed that it is set 2000 years after Obama
    was posessed by Satan and launched the missles,
    the races are all mutants (except for Argonians who are distant ancestors of an alien race called frog-people-dudes)
    The only fturistic survivors must live of silver forks and wolf hides, they PC discovers them and they become Gods so he or she must slaughter them all before they usurp his champion of Cyrodil popularity status.

    In my mind it makes PERFECT sense

  66. Lemon Boy says:

    im inspired to go create my own nondrick in fallout now

  67. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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  69. Crazy Cal says:

    Hmm. Maybe when (and by when I mean if) I get a computer that isn’t complete shit, I’ll make a “Living in the Wasteland”. Maybe.

  70. Jewlzeh says:

    The images arent working for me! ):

  71. Hidole555 says:

    ^ Me neither. I try right-click, Show Picture but they just won’t show up.

  72. I’d just prefer you stick with Oblivion.

  73. Testing.

  74. Checking results.

  75. flaillomanz says:

    Dear Chris: Re-upload your damned images! Somewhere less volatile!


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