Still Living

Oh, hello.

With The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim coming just around the corner (okay, it’s half a year away, but it’ll be here before you know it), I’ve decided I should, you know, maybe bring some closure to this little blog that has been dribbling along intermittently since 2007 (!!!).

Sorry for all the delays, once again, and thanks to anyone who is still hanging in there.

Last night, I reinstalled Oblivion, and restored all my Nondrick saved games and mods (I’d uninstalled everything a while back to try out some sort of full-conversion mod thing that I wound up never playing). It crashed regularly for about a half-hour, but thanks to some inspired tweaking and the incredibly useful Oblivion Mod Manager (Thanks, OMM, you’re a damn miracle), I finally got everything running, loaded up my last save, and once again peered into the ugly face of Nondrick P. Cairk’tir.

He’s still there, waiting patiently. Beaker, too. They’re both fine and ready to continue, and so am I.

Here’s a picture from last night.

So. The blog will ride on again, picking up wherever it left off. Not sure when the next real post will be, but maybe in a week or so. I will guide this experiment to some sort of ending, and I will make an effort to do so before the release of Skyrim in November. That is my goal.

Thanks again for sticking around (if anyone has indeed stuck around), and I hope to continue the non-adventure shortly. Meanwhile, my wife and I are doing some pop-culture blogging over at my new(ish) site, Screen Cuisine.


  1. ronaldroe says:

    I haven’t been visiting the site, but it’s been sitting in my Google Reader ever since…

  2. Midget52 says:

    Chris, you are a beautiful human being. I (like to think I) speak for the entire Hiatus crew when I say we appreciate all your work and do not wish to force you to continue. Closure is all we really wanted. We look forward to your future posts, Nondrick or otherwise.


  3. Yes, I cannot wait for new posts! RSS feeds 4 lyfe.

  4. Thanks to the magic of RSS, your adventure has been rekindled in my mind, just as fresh as the day I first saw it :) Looking forward to more posts!

  5. I’ve been reading Nondrick adventure since the beginning and I was starting to fear his demise….
    Do not know if I’m the only one left around but please go on :)
    Keep Nondrick Alive….please.

  6. huhmasta says:

    jesus about frickn time

  7. I think you should do a recap post if possible.

    Last I remembered you were making him a mage/apprentice?

    Glad to see it back though! I occasionally stopped back everyone once in a while to check, sigh, and skulk off back into the darkness.

    Looking forward to the next epic adventure! =D

  8. Putzy Von Putzingburg The Third says:

    Chris I thought you actually died, like for real.

  9. I would like a full and complete refund of my subscription fees for the time period of February 16, 2010 to yesterday. Thank you for your cooperation in this regard.

  10. I just checked Google Reader and let out an audible “Holy shit.” Glad you’re finishing!

  11. killthenrun1 says:

    Holy christ i think my life just got three times better!

  12. *waves hi*

  13. Vrek / Matt says:

    YAY! :D

  14. I am please.

  15. Gerfboy says:

    I too am please. Thank you.

  16. Michael says:


    Thank you, Chris. I will faithfully await your new post.

  17. Welcome back, Chris! I was afraid that you were dead, or even worse, no longer making hilarious blogs about video games. Although I’m thrilled to see this story continue, part of me still wishes that Nondrick had been killed by Beaker that one time. Would have been the perfect ending to this story, but I’m sure that an even better ending is in the works.

  18. An update?!

    Do my eyes decieve me?!

    Awe – Fucking – Some.


    Oh wow, after firstpersonshouter dissapeared off the internet with no warning I’d assumed you’d sworn off the internet forever and gone to live in the forest. Although, that is not too unlike Oblivion so I was part right, I guess.

  20. The Truth says:

    He’s BACK. And only a couple of weeks after my little reminders on his new site…

  21. kingfrozen says:

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo much love right now

  22. Tombstone says:

    When I looked at my RSS Feeds and saw this, my mind was blown at seeing an update.

  23. OMG Thank you Google reader. I CANNOT WAIT for more nondrick!

  24. Midget speaks the truth. I can imagine this blog has become more of a grind than maxing one’s skills on an MMORPG, so take your time with the updates. Truth be told, I’d have settled for Alchemist’s Code to be the end.

    Just please don’t lock the comment section.

  25. Midget52 says:

    Seconded, dupersude. What else would we do in our free time? Something productive?

  26. I have clicked my bookmark link for over a year, each day hoping for an update. Finally it happened :)

  27. May have squealed slightly.

    I back dupersude’s proposal.

    Holy shit this is exciting, guys (and look at all the new faces that aren’t KTR it’s so beautiful oh man).

  28. killthenrun1 says:

    But will any of them stay to talk?
    Oh and why does everyone hate me?
    I even stopped trying to kill you as this is much more important!

  29. My infantonium is complete.

    I caused this to happen.

  30. Hey B-Bop.

    Your new symbol reminds me of a swastika.

    This is all.

  31. Arreh, you should check out Jackrabbit’s icon. It practically IS a Swastika.

    Oh, and hi, everyone.

  32. Hi guys. *hugs*

    Arreh, this is the same symbol I’ve always had, and all this time I’ve been telling myself that it’s not a swastika and that no one could possibly think it is.


    Good to be back though. So



  34. Did jackrabbit not leave us? Or is he hiding somewhere? :(

  35. killthenrun1 says:

    He is not in my hole. ;0

  36. dupersude says:

    HAH! Something productive… It almost sounds like you said that as a viable option.
    Also, 3 seconds to scroll down and 0 lag on my iPhone. Feels good, man.

    And hey, it’s Blackbird! I don’t believe I ever had the pleasure of directly meeting you.
    So, hi.

  37. Hi, dupersude. It’s quite an honor.

  38. To fill you in on B-Bop, dupersude, she is like a new person but not shit.

  39. I’m a new person and I’m not shit.

  40. Nicest thing said about me all day.


  41. I’m sure B-Bop was here before? Or i’m I mistaken. :s

  42. B-Bop, I am fairly certain those are kindest words you have heard all year.

    Especially when they come from a Hiatus Crew member.

    Also, hi, B-Bop.

  43. I think he means that I’m RELATIVELY new. But I have been here a while.

    Which reminds me, doesn’t it feel strange to not be in italics?

  44. Oh, shit, B-Bop, I did not realize that until now.

    It looks much more boring without italics, maybe we can get them back?

  45. Midget52 says:

    You can try, but we don’t know of any possible side effects. Do you rally want to risk it? DO YOU?

    Hey B-Bop, how’s it been?

  46. Literally didn’t even realise there weren’t any italics.

    Commence operation break comments section.

  47. Hi, Midgie! How I’ve been is much too long a story. How have you been, is the important thing.

    Michael, I find it humorous that you want the italics back after all the trouble they caused. So humorous, in fact, that I may indulge in a tasteful, restrained guffaw.

  48. So does this give me free reign, to erm [i]break[/i] the comment section? :D
    Did that work….?


  50. Just saying hi. Had this in Google Reader and it was nice to see an update ;) Nondrick lives!

  51. killthenrun1 says:

    I wonder if the all the founders are coming back near the end?

  52. verendus says:

    With Skyrim around the corner, I feel the need to attempt a blog of my own, and I am faced with a conundrum – buy the PC version and face crappy graphics, choppy framerates, and all the other issues inherent on an outdated machine? Or buy the console rendition and deny myself the ability to take screenshots and download mods?

  53. killthenrun1 says:

    If you have a computer capable of running skyrim then get it on pc as nothing on consoles compare. But if your pc is not good enough get a dazzel (or other capture device) set it to get keyframes every 10 seconds note down when you need a frame the problem with doing that is fucking massive file sizes, And extra hassle of sorting through them so get PC.

  54. So… how about that new post?

  55. dupersude says:

    I know about her, Arreh. I read through the comments that happened when I was gone, so yeah.

  56. dupersude says:

    Also, I think you mean we now have italics, though they are slanted to the left. What we had on the previous page was normal. Who broke it now?

  57. Backwards italics! I can’t live like this.

  58. dupersude says:

    We need to figure out how to fix this! I’m going to try in here

  59. Midget52 says:

    Did it work? Experimentation is important, good on you dupersude for forging ahead! FOR SCIENCE!

  60. This Should Fix it right?

  61. Right?

  62. killthenrun1 says:

    I only just got the pun, and maybe he tryed reading our posts but the italics hurt his eyes.

  63. Michael says:

    Who enabled italics, last time? Maybe that person remembers what he did.

    Also, verendus, be a gentleman and get the PC version. Since the game is ported (!) from consoles to the PC, I bet any machine can run it (sadly).

  64. killthenrun1 says:

    They are starting to port ES from Consoles to pc well there goes the insanely good quaility atleast i will not need to upgrade my pc as it will look shit.

  65. G broke it last time.

    And I’m seeing italics as normal.

    Apologies dupersude, but I couldn’t just praise B-bop outright. You were my cover.

  66. Okay that was me and also totally deliberate.

    • Aaaand now the capital letter is back. Don’t mind me folks, not as if I’m doing anything suspicious. Except for using the reply function.

  67. killthenrun1 says:

    Tut,tut,tut you should know that every year worldwide the reply button kills 5 people. I am dissiponted with you Arreh.

  68. I find myself unable to Break the comment section
    This Geniunely displeases me

  69. Please work

  70. dupersude says:

    Midget – In other news, an entire village of orphans was mauled to death and eaten by a pack of slightly-tilted-to-the-right chimpanzees.

  71. dupersude says:


  72. dupersude says:

    i hope this works

  73. dupersude says:


  74. dupersude says:


  75. One of my big pet peeves: when people think “at least” is one word. If this applies to you, don’t take it personally. Just fix it.

    Arreh: I’m flattered by your efforts to not compliment me <3

    As for the italics, wasn't it G that broke it last time? G, can't you just do the same thing again?

  76. So html actually works here? I would expect a block to have tag breakers or something. Huh…

  77. Blog, excuse me. I can’t type tonight.

  78. li.comment{font-style:italics;}

    Attempt #2… A little more round-about.

  79. Midget52 says:

    The human race is truly a wondrous thing. Ten thousand years of the advancement of civilisation, culminating in the ability of a group of people from all sides of the globe banding together under one purpose: to slightly ruin a blog.

    We are gods.

  80. Hey, whatever keeps us out of the crackhouse.

  81. Woooh! XKCD!
    Hey there’s an idea, let’s discuss our favourite webcomics. To take our minds off the lack of italics and, you know, keep us out of the crackhouse.
    I’ll start with the aforementioned XKCD. I’m also a big fan of Cyanide and Happiness, but my two favourites are Ctrl+Alt+Del and Questionable Content. Beyond that I haven’t done too much exploration. I tried a few others but was put off by various things, such as art styles and jokes which I either
    a) couldn’t get
    2) didn’t find funny
    iii) I just wanted to bring this listing system back.

  82. I can’t really rememebr what I did last time

  83. Maybe i’ll find my post and copy and pasta the html, removing all but the italics…

  84. killthenrun1 says:

    But the crackhoouse is so fun! Also italics who needs them other than people who spend days staring at their screen waiting for somone else to comment on a (previously) dead blog.

  85. Aaron Snell says:

    I have been paitiently checking this site about once a week for what seems like forever. Thank heavens you’re back. I was unsure if checking on the site was insanity on my part, but then you did take a while to post the Alchemist code, so maybe you just had a really long release schedule. So, check back I did and I was rewarded. I look forward to reading your next post. Nondrick is like Ziggy for the digital age.

  86. killthenrun1 says:

    Who is Ziggy?

  87. Vermund says:

    I began following Nondrick’s Non-Adventures last night, well into the morning… I am very, very impressed. Start these going again, I say! But!

    I think you should begin a new character, with new goals and quirks, beginning (bear with me here) in a different location (Leyawiin?). I know everyone loves Nondrick, but he is a relic for the ages. Leave the dead in the ground. The dog has had his day, et cetera, [insert more analogies here].

    I want to see what more you can come up with!

  88. Michael says:


    Kill the heretic!

  89. killthenrun1 says:

    Done and done i knew the Pit to Lama Hell was worth the rent.

  90. dupersude says:

    Yes, he shall be crucified and tortured as is customary in the Church of Goat.
    And G, I’m just going from memory here, but I think last time you used an open tag (obviously without the space). For some reason though, wordpress isn’t breaking that way any more. They must have fixed it :<

  91. Midget52 says:

    Technology marches on. Are we still doing webcomics? LFG, OOTS Darths & Droids. A surprising number of D&D based stuff, given I don’t actually play it myself.

  92. Vrek / Matt says:


  93. dupersude says:

    I read LFG to the latest entry a few years back, and haven’t been back since. I think it was at about 80 strips in. What’s oots?

  94. Really not a fan of Ctrl-Alt-Del. Read it fairly avidly for a year or two when I was younger, but don’t like it or its creator much.

    C&H is awesome, though.

  95. killthenrun1 says:

    The only one i read regularly is DBM but i am going off it as they keep having crappy specials and the writer is a bit of a prick.

  96. dupersude says:

    I’ve heard others say the same, Arreh. About Tim Buckley that is. Not sure why though.

  97. Don’t tell me you other didn’t read the first part of dupersude’s comment in you-know-who’s voice.

  98. killthenrun1 says:

    I shall buy it and then we shall give it to the holy goat as a sacrifice.

  99. Kill them.

    Yeah WordPress keeps fixing it self, i’m just going to italicize everything I write, to feel normal.

    Also, Dr.McNinja anyone? Or i’m I the only one…..

  100. Was meant to italicize that, but forgot.

  101. killthenrun1 says:

    We must pick up our pace of breaking wordpress it is fixing itself too quick.

  102. I’m pretty much exclusively an XKCD reader. I’ve got it on my google reader feed. Also, I’m disappointed that my style tags didn’t do what they were supposed to… Why is CSS broken when everything else works so well?

  103. killthenrun1 says:

    No idea but like i said the only web comic is frequent is DBM

  104. Doctor Peanut says:

    Wow. Just… wow. After all this time it’s finally updated. Okay, guys (and girl) I want you all to get a glass of wine. Go on, I’ll wait. Another drink if wine is not available.

    Got one? Good. I would like to propose a toast. To everyone here, from those who have been with this blog from the start to those who joined late, to those who even now lurk in darkened corners, sworn never to interfere. You are all absolutely fantastic, brilliant and wonderful. You have brought tears of joy to me on a lonely night and laughter during my brightest hour. I feel a companionship to each and every one of you, one so strong it drove me to come back out of not only a slim chance of an update but because the exchanges that might happen while I was away. You’ve saved my life in so many ways, and nothing I do will ever pay off the debt I owe you, the Hiatus Crew, for simply being here. It’s because of the unyielding presence of this noble crew that has seen this update to the light of day, and, goat willing, many more as well. This crew is, without a doubt, the greatest group I have ever had the pleasure to be involved with, and I just wanted to say that you are just amazing. To think, that when this blog started the concept of the Hiatus Crew would have been laughable. I still can scarcely believe just what has been made from to little, and I simply want to say… thank you. For everything.

    TL;DR: You guys are awesome. But you already knew that, didn’t you? Also, I believe now is the time you’re supposed to drink.

  105. dupersude says:

    I think I speak for the entire crew when I say…
    D’awwwwww. We love you too.
    Seriously though that speech made me all warm and fuzzy inside. Being at TAFE I couldn’t go and get a glass of anything to drink so when I got to the end I went and found the nearest drinking fountain.
    Here’s to many more months of comment-posting and jack-assery, updates or not!

  106. Hear hear!

  107. killthenrun1 says:

    This is why the Haitus crew rules, they are the only people on the internet who can have a good time with out getting pissed off (except some mild murder).

  108. killthenrun1 says:

    What was the point of that?
    Nice song though.

  109. Thanks, Arreh! Great song, great find!

  110. Ok, I looked over the code on G’s posts and i’m going to experiment here. It seems he has a malformed italics tag, after which everyone’s posts were confused. “Wait… why was that in italics? I didn’t put them there!” etc. So here’s one more go to break the site!

  111. Now to test without a tag…

  112. Yoou make me so proud :’)

  113. killthenrun1 says:

    Yay italics. Pointlness is necesary.

  114. And we’re back!

  115. dupersude says:

    What was the tag you used??

  116. He just popped down (inside html coding things) an i, then a space, then a /. Without the full stop.

    So there you go.

  117. dupersude says:

    Now the ultimate question: will doing it again fix it??

  118. dupersude says:

    No. Apparently not.

  119. killthenrun1 says:

    Huh that is bloody awesome.

  120. It is unfixable

  121. killthenrun1 says:

    Did it work?

  122. Gravelfoot says:

    Let Nondrick be reincarnated in Skyrim.

    I am sure Nondrick’s many encounters with booze and bar maidens must have ended with at least one night of utter regret (for the girl involved). I therefore see it as plausible that a Nondrick junior might pop up in Skyrim — I am certainly hoping so.

  123. Holy shit he updated. I check this site once every month or so and it legitimately freaked me out a little when there was something different.

  124. This has always been in my favourites…today I click and discover it’s BACK! YEAHHH!!!


    *completely freaks out*

  126. King Luddite says:

    Dead people can’t post updates!

  127. Still alive.

  128. Welcome back!

    I was looking for Skyrim related news and I decided to see if there were any updates and I’m glad I did. That total conversion mod you were talking about was probably Nehrim. While its not a bad mod, it would not have been suitable for a NPC like Nondrick since the NPCs interaction are more or less restricted to quest related dialogs with rather few general dialogs and they speak German which I’m not sure Nondrick will understand.

  129. YOU CAME BACK! You came back! =’)

  130. Wait, what? Dude, I thought you DIED. I couldn’t get pentadact to tell me where you went, what the hell?!?

  131. If anyone is looking for a version of this in Skyrim, click mah name!