Living in Oblivion

Sorry For the Delays

Hey. Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, but I just haven’t had a good stretch of time to play Oblivion and very little time to write. I should be able to get on it this weekend and have some new entries start rolling in early next week. I appreciate the patience!


  1. Alexander says:

    Well, it’s an update anyway?

  2. lol I already see one because i havent been on internet in a while

  3. thanks for the update, look forward to it!

  4. Whenever you’re ready mate. It’s worth waiting for :)

  5. Phew! I was worried the hyenas got ya….

  6. As ArcadeSwan said, take your time. They *are* worth waiting for! ^_^

  7. For me, they are already posted too. :-)

  8. Red Cardinal says:

    Sooo, game abandoned then? Sad. ANyway, enjoyed the posts you did make. I might even fire up Oblivion again once I’ve finished my current replay of Morrowind :)

  9. RAWWR!

  10. Guess there’ll be no more updates, which is a shame, because this blog is one of the most inventive and refreshing things I’ve found on the internet, let alone to do with Oblivion.
    For what its worth, thank you !

  11. ffs we want Nodrick