This is just an updated list of the mods I use for Living In Oblivion, since I’m adding new ones and removing old ones fairly frequently.

Parts of Modular Oblivion Enhanced, which has a number of files that you can activate separately.

Specifically, the Main Quest Delayer, which lets you start the game in Anvil before the events of the main quest have happened. If you do want the main quest to start, just go to Imperial City and get arrested by a palace guard.

Hunger Effects, which means to have to eat regularly or suffer drains on a number of attributes.

Fatigue Loss from Runnning, which means you can’t just run forever without losing fatigue.

Natural Environments

Overhauls the weather, water, and vegetation to make everything look much nicer. Thunderstorms are daunting, sunrises are prettier, and there are even rainbows. This mod even adds insects like dragonflies and lightning bugs, though only enough to notice once in a while — it doesn’t put you in a constant swarm just to show off. I really recommend this mod, and despite all the goodies I don’t think there’s an FPS hit. (I use the non-HDR versions.)

No Quest Items

You can drop or sell quest items from your inventory with this mod. Which is cool, just be careful. It’s fun to chuck the Amulet of Kings off a bridge but, you know, you might need it later. I don’t think I downloaded this one for Nondrick, but it’s on anyway.

Book Jackets

Though Nondrick has yet to pick up a book, this is a great mod.

Loading Screens Themed Replacer

If you’ve been playing a while, you might get sick of the standard loading screen images when you enter a new area. These are nice replacements, and the images even match the theme of the info text.

Crowded Roads

I was using this one to add a little random foot traffic between cities, but all of the sudden there were like 700 people all on the road within 10 feet of each other, so I disabled it.

Actors in Charge

I just installed this. It lets you choose from a menu of animations and have your character perform them in 3rd person view. The problem is, it’s hard getting them to stop performing them, and it’s kind of a hassle to use.

Cats and Rats

I think I downloaded an early version of this, but the cats were all invisible. Which is cool if you’re an invisible cat person.

Thievery in Imperial City

This has nothing to do with Nondrick’s Adventure, but it’s installed and it’s brilliant so I’ll mention it. For the accomplished thief character, this adds a bunch of new wonderfully written and surprising missions and locations. It’s just great. I could have shipped with the game. If your character is the slippery type, you’ll love this stuff.  The voicework, well, it takes a little bit of getting used to, but you’ll forgive it.