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Welcome to Temp Chat!

About once a week, I'll hit the chat rooms in an attempt to find and talk to other temps.  That's the cover story, at least.

All the transcripts are real, although they have often been edited.  Non-relevant dialogue has been removed, and certain lines have been rearranged for clarity (if you've ever been in a chat room, you know why this is necessary).  In most cases, the nicknames of the chatters have been changed as to protect them. Or myself, in the event they possess firearms.

Dive right in!

Chat 1 - Testing the Waters

Chat 2 - Now 33% Steamier!

Chat 3 - Extra Hostile!

Chat 4 - D-FENS!

Chat 5 - Informing the Masses

Chat 6 - Lots of Boobs

Chat 7 - Do You Huzzah?

Chat 8 - Secret Identity Crisis

Chat 9 - USA, A-OK!

Chat 10 - A Whole Botta Chatter

Chat 11 - Say Cheez!