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October 31, 2001 - Temp Chat 2!  Now 33% Steamier!

Decided to infiltrate the chat channels again on IRC.  Why not?  It beats actually writing material, and besides, I figured I was due to actually run into some temps this time around.

Wrong!  Took a while to even get people to talk to me this time, despite my new approach to chatting:  blending in.  Instead of just announcing I was a temp ISO same, I thought this time I'd try to assimilate myself a bit.  The best way I could think to accomplish this was by changing my /nick (chat name) to suit the room, and by talking about things they would find appropriate, while slyly working in the temping angle.  A chameleon!  That's what I was!  A veritable chameleon!

*** Now talking in #fitness

<Buff-Temp> whooo! what a workout i just had
<Buff-Temp> man, I am certainly fit, which is good, since I enjoy fitness so much.
<Buff-Temp> anyway, hi everyone!
<Buff-Temp> it's a good thing I'm so concerned with fitness because, being a temp, my health is very important to me
<Buff-Temp> since i have no benefits.
<Buff-Temp> you see.
<Buff-Temp> Questions?  Comments?
<Buff-Temp> i guess everyone must be busy doing squats.
Session Close: Tue Oct 30 19:18:26 2001


*** Now talking in #drugz
<TempJunkie> Temping is my anti-drug. Because I can't afford cocaine on my salary! ha ha!
<TempJunkie> Sorry, you must get that joke a lot, what with all the temps stopping by, huh?
*** ha_7aBiBy has quit IRC
<TempJunkie> Or not.
Session Close: Tue Oct 30 19:27:05 2001


*** Now talking in #godfather
<Don_Temp> I've got an offer you can't refuse... a WEEK OFF WITH PAY!
<Don_Temp> Ha ha! See, I'm a temp, so that would be an offer *I* sure wouldn't refuse!
<Don_Temp> How are you all tonight?
<Don_Temp> Anyone awake?  Or all sleeping with the fishes?
Session Close: Tue Oct 30 20:14:55 2001


Man.  Three channels and not so much as a peep from anyone.  I started getting desperate.  I even forgot to change my name before entering the next channel.


*** Now talking in #really_bad_advice
<notmydesk> Hey there!
<notmydesk> Nope, I don't need any bad advice... I've already chosen temping as a career! HA HA HA HA
<notmydesk> Seriously, though, I'm going to kill myself if someone doesn't talk to me. TALK TO ME NOW DAMMIT DO IT NOW
<syz> die pls
<beffy> kill yourself
<SloHandz> smell my butt


Well, at least I knew my computer was working.  I left them and moved on with renewed enthusiasm, and finally got into a conversation.  Just a warning, there are some very dirty words ahead.


*** Now talking in #100%bigdicks

*** Topic is: Welcome to #100%bigdicks; 18+ ONLY, state age/sex upon entry, no cumdrinking or cumthirsty channels, no MSG/DCC without permission, no kiddie, incest, animal, etc... AND GOD BLESS THE USA!

<HungTemp> Hello there!  God Bless America and oversized genitals!
<Space-Monkey> plz?
<HungTemp> Male/29
<HungTemp> And I'm hung.
<HungTemp> And I'm a temp.
<HungTemp> I'm a hung temp.
*** mikalya has joined #100%bigdicks
<Space-Monkey> plz?
<mikalya> sex..yes... age..41
* mikalya is female
<HungTemp> Anyone need some hot, hung, temporary lovin'? Or want to discuss impression management and dependent vulnerability among members of the contingent workforce?
<HungTemp> Because I can do both. Probably simultaneously.
<mikalya> hmmmmm
<HungTemp> mikalya! How do you feel about extremely large penises?
<HungTemp> And do temps turn you on at all?
<mikalya> well personally this girl thinks if you truly had an extremely large penis you would not be here advertising it....
<HungTemp> Good point.  Why would I come to #100%bigdicks if I had a big dick?  It's absurd.  Anyway, how about temps?  Do they get you hot?
<mikalya> this girl actually prefers someone who is gainfully empployed
<HungTemp> Huh.
<HungTemp> Well. I'm 0 for 2.
<mikalya> maybe you need to try a different line hehehehehe
<HungTemp> Do you work with temps at your job?
<mikalya> dont think so
<HungTemp> You don't find something appealing about a guy you've never met before showing up at your job?  And he'll only be there a few days?  And then you'll never see him again?  You don't find that mysterious and alluring?
<mikalya> nope..not at all
<HungTemp> Well, you're not alone.
<HungTemp> I assure you, you're not alone.
<mikalya> so he comes for a coupld days, mysterious and alluring chasing all the skirts
<HungTemp> No! Hell no!  He's there to take naps and steal office supplies.
<HungTemp> Of course, he might chase a few skirts, sure.  If they're of an acceptable length under the current dress-code guidelines.
<HungTemp> What sort of job do you have?
<mikalya> I am a claims adjuster
<HungTemp> Mmmm... lots of paperwork, I bet.  Paperwork gets me hot.
<mikalya> paperless environment
<HungTemp> Damn!
*** mikalya has left #100%bigdicks
<HungTemp> Guess she had a meeting.  Shame, I think I was gonna score.
<HungTemp> Anyone else want to talk to a hot, steamy temp?
<Space-Monkey> doubtful
<HungTemp> wow. tough room.


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