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January 21, 2002 - Temp Chat 6!  Lots of Boobs!

The main problem with my little chat sessions is that I have to visit about 40 different chat channels before I find anyone who will talk to me.

Well, I took a different approach today.  I went chatting as a female.

I figure, hey, the internet is jam-packed with horny guys, so they'll be willing to listen to my asinine rambling about temping, in hopes of getting pictures of my breasts somewhere down the line.

Shows how much I know.  I was completely wrong.  They wanted pictures of my breasts RIGHT AWAY.  What's more, they'd even insult me, then ask for pictures of my breasts.  Nay, not just ask... they'd expect pictures of my breasts!

I really, really, really have no idea how you women deal with it.  God bless you.  God bless you all.  Especially you stacked ones!

Ha ha, just kidding!  Anyway, for today's session, I named myself 'tempgrrrl', checked my make-up, and hit the chat rooms running!

Let's see how it went!

*** Now talking in #startrek
<tempgrrrl> Hi there ;)
<Kahless> tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a'
<tempgrrrl> Yes, thank you!
<tempgrrrl> I have a star trek related question
<tempgrrrl> since I don't know the show that well
<Bateau> ok
<tempgrrrl> Well, I'm a temp, first of all.
<tempgrrrl> And, someone made a comment that temps were like the red-shirted guys on star trek
<Bateau> hahaha
<Bateau> yes
<tempgrrrl> Does anyone know what that means?
<Bateau> whenever they went to a planet and someone got killed it was always a red shirted ensign extra who wasn't a proper character
<tempgrrrl> Ah... I see
<`Starrider> the ones with the red shirt died
<Bateau> so they're thought of as cannon fodder
<tempgrrrl> So, it's a fitting comparison to temps, then? In your opinion?
<Bateau> I guess
<Bateau> you guys will get killed off first instead of more important ppl
<tempgrrrl> I see
<tempgrrrl> temps = not important person
<Bateau> damn straight
<tempgrrrl> Well, that's just plain rude!
<Bateau> boo hoo
<Bateau> temps are unimportant in the context of companies
<Bateau> got a pic?

[Okay.  I just have to jump in here and say:  DID YOU SEE THAT?  DID YOU?  Boo hoo. You suck. Gimme a pic.  Amazing!]

<tempgrrrl> Temps make up the backbone of the workforce at a lot of companies
<tempgrrrl> Especially these days
<tempgrrrl> How can you say they're not important?
<Bateau> cause they're not important individually
<tempgrrrl> If anything, we're MORE important, because we save the company money. They don't have to pay us benefits
<Bateau> but it's no biggy if you kill a few off to save the captain
<Bateau> don't be such a square
<tempgrrrl> But a middle-management type, like Scotty, is important
<Bateau> yes
<tempgrrrl> Like, you couldn't replace him with some other Scots git who would yell that he didn't have enough power and the ship couldn't take it
<tempgrrrl> Scotty is like every drama queen office manager who complains about how hard his job is to mask the fact that he's not really doing anything.
<tempgrrrl> Meanwhile, the temps in the engine room are doing all the REAL work
<tempgrrrl> I think I've made my point
Session Close: Sun Jan 20 21:25:14 2002

Now, I've left the channel, but Mr. Charming sends me a message.

<Bateau> hey
<Bateau> got a pic?
<tempgrrrl> first admit that temps rule
<tempgrrrl> and that we're valuable
<Bateau> you're not as valuable as other employees
<tempgrrrl> of course we are
<Bateau> get over it
<Bateau> and get a real job
<tempgrrrl> well, no pix for you, then, geek
<Bateau> you're fuckign rude =(
<tempgrrrl> you're rude! you're putting down my entire profession
<tempgrrrl> and then asking for pictures!
<Bateau> it's not a profession
<tempgrrrl> I've been making a living as a temp for 5 years now
<tempgrrrl> I think it's a profession
<Bateau> about time you got a proper job then
<tempgrrrl> what do you do?
<Bateau> I study
<tempgrrrl> oh, that must pay well
<Bateau> it will when I bother getting a job
<Bateau> stupid
<Bateau> see
<Bateau> if you study you can get a good job
<Bateau> which is why you have a bad job
<Bateau> cause you're dense
<tempgrrrl> you're a dork who will never know the touch of a woman
<tempgrrrl> not even a fake woman
<tempgrrrl> not even a guy pretending to be a woman.

Okay.  Let's recap.  He's dissed my profession, said I'm unimportant, dense, and stupid.  And I tipped him off to the fact that I'm not a woman.  Everyone got that?  Then:

<Bateau> don't be so mean
<Bateau> now give me your pic so I may judge the size oof your breastts woman!!!!!!!!!
<tempgrrrl> sorry, i'm talking to a nicer guy right now
<tempgrrrl> One who can spell

A few minutes go by.  Then: 

<Bateau> you obviously have none
<Bateau> and are therefor unworthy of my time
<tempgrrrl> then stop sending me messages!
<Bateau> YOU FIRST

Hmph.  Can you believe that jerk?  Men are pigs.  Maybe I need to talk to some women, huh?

*** Now talking in #centralcafe
<tempgrrrl> hi there
<Erin10> hey
<tempgrrrl> how is everyone tonight?
<Erin10> fine thanks u?
<tempgrrrl> ok... not looking forward to working tomorrow :(
<tempgrrrl> (I'm a temp, by the way)
<Erin10> that sucks
<tempgrrrl> temping sucks?
<Erin10> yeah I dont like being a temp
<tempgrrrl> are you a temp too?
<Erin10> I have been
<Erin10> I hated it
<tempgrrrl> it can be pretty tough!
<Erin10> cuz my boss was an asshole
<tempgrrrl> what did he do?
<Erin10> sexual harrassment
<tempgrrrl> that's horrible!  sorry to hear it.
<Erin10> yeah
<Erin10> I hated him
<Erin10> hehe
<tempgrrrl> men are such jerks. it's always breasts breasts breasts with them
<Erin10> he was fat and old, and yucky
<tempgrrrl> my current boss is always staring at my chest
<Erin10> punch him for me
<tempgrrrl> and he makes sly, insinuating comments
<tempgrrrl> like "Please let me see your naked breasts."
<tempgrrrl> what a jerk, huh?
<Erin10> he actually asks to see ur breats?
<tempgrrrl> well, he also buys me skimpy bras, and tells me to put them on
<tempgrrrl> he's weird
<Erin10> are u serious?!
<tempgrrrl> yeah, but what can I do?
<Erin10> why dont u quit? file a suit? anything?
<Erin10> u should file a harrassment report.
<tempgrrrl> think so?
<tempgrrrl> I don't really have any evidence. Except all the e-mails he sends me, with the subject line: 'I love your breasts'
<tempgrrrl> maybe that would be incriminating...
<Jim007> Well, that's admissable
<Jim007> That's good evidence
<tempgrrrl> I have to flash him to even get my parking validated... that stinks!
<Erin10> seriously temp?
<Erin10> why do u put up with it?
<tempgrrrl> i went to a lawyer once. He kept trying to look down my top.
<tempgrrrl> men are all alike!  oink!  am I right?
<uberpimp> men are not all alike, and i *REALLY* hate when people say that.
<tempgrrrl> sorry, uberpimp.  I'm sure you're much different.
<tempgrrrl> especially with a name like uberpimp.

After some more of this, a few of them amazingly got wise to me and figured I was making it all up, so I left.  Shortly thereafter, I got a message from Erin10, asking if I was serious, and I assured her I wasn't, and even apologized for disrupting their channel.  A few minutes pass, and then I get another message from her:

<Erin10> got a pic?

I'm not kidding.  A few minutes later, she asked again.  Then, she started following me around to the other channels I was visiting!  All of them!  Not only was she disrupting my annoying disruptions, she was getting real pushy:

*** Now talking in #repressed
<tempgrrrl> hi there
<Scooter_> Hello
<Rock_Goddess> hi
<tempgrrrl> hi!
<tempgrrrl> is anyone else here a temp?
<Hamster_Of_Death> a what?
<tempgrrrl> oh, dear.
*** Erin10 has joined #repressed
<tempgrrrl> I think I have a net-stalker
<Erin10> haha
<Erin10> a net stalker?
<tempgrrrl> she follows me everywhere
<Erin10> haha
<tempgrrrl> i'm a little worried
* Daleth always dreamed of having a stalker
<tempgrrrl> you can have mine
<Erin10> have your what?
<tempgrrrl> have my stalker
<Erin10> whos your stalker temp?
<tempgrrrl> i think you know
<Erin10> you do huh?
<tempgrrrl> yes
<Erin10> who do u think it is?

See?  It was getting creepy.  I asked her to stop following me, but finally, I had to change my nickname to 'tempgurl' to lose her.

Sheesh.  Women!  I think I'll go back to talking to guys.

*** Now talking in #hacked
<tempgurl> hi!
<twistedps> take newd pictures of yourself
<tempgurl> you first
<nightbreed420> its the only way you get help
<tempgurl> who says I need help?
<nightbreed420> who cares
<twistedps> take nude pictures
<nightbreed420> we still want that pic
<tempgurl> well, you're not going to get any pics like that
<twistedps> bye bye then
<nightbreed420> lol
<twistedps> its nude or nothing
<tempgurl> besides, there's this thing called the INTERNET. it's been in a few papers. all the nude pix your dead, glassy eyes can stand, I hear.
<twistedps> nope
<twistedps> doesnt work
<tempgurl> it's a great option for guys who have never been to first base with a woman. you might want to check it out
<twistedps> i think the only way we can solve this problem is by you taking nude pictures and displaying them for us
<twistedps> now take the pictures
<twistedps> ill give you 3 min
<tempgurl> i don't need that much time. see?
Session Close: Sun Jan 20 22:31:27 2002

Sheesh!  Men and women!  Can't live with them, can't get them to stop asking for nude pictures.

*** Now talking in #bonkerz
<tempgurl> hi, bonkerz!
<b[a]be> hiya tempgurl
<tempgurl> say, anyone else a temp in here?
<b[a]be> what kinda temp?
<tempgurl> an office temp
<tempgurl> what other kinds of temps are there?
<b[a]be> temp everything
<Spottydog> temphorny :)
<DanielVer9> i claim temp insanity
<tempgurl> temporary insanity... hey, I like that!
<tempgurl> I think that will be my new saying
<DanielVer9> NO!
<DanielVer9> thats mine
<tempgurl> maybe I'll start an mirthful, off-the-wall website or something
<DanielVer9> i will claim temporary insanity but i am full time
<tempgurl> well, I think I should get the saying, since I'm an actual temp
<tempgurl> I'll mention you on my website, though.  I promise.
<tempgurl> what do you do?
<DanielVer9> part time security guard
<tempgurl> what do you guard?
<DanielVer9> an arena
<tempgurl> ever had to shoot someone?
<DanielVer9> we dont get guns
<tempgurl> you don't have a big gun?
<DanielVer9> i didnt say that
<Spottydog> lol tempgurl
<tempgurl> how about handcuffs?
<DanielVer9> none
<tempgurl> that's too bad
<tempgurl> do you... you know... frisk people?
<DanielVer9> no
<tempgurl> sigh
<tempgurl> no gun, no handcuffs, no frisking... that's a real shame
* Spottydog thinks DanielVer9 should take his gun frisk tempgurl and handcuff her and have some fun :)
<tempgurl> pervert
Session Close: Sun Jan 20 22:44:48 2002

Some people can turn the most innocent inquiries into some sort of sexual thing.  Makes me sick!

Well, I was tired of being kicked around!  Tired of being treated so poorly!  Time for me to dish out some lumps.  I am a fake woman, hear me roar!  

Let's see... who can I pick on for a bit...

*** Now talking in #poetry
<tempgurl> hello :)
<|337_35p3r4nT0_k330> hi.
<tempgurl> is everyone here a poet?
<sb-> not I.
* Dallan hugs tempgurl and throws her abound, he reaches to the moon and maketh no sound
<tempgurl> Dallan isn't a poet either, I see
<Dallan> welcome my girl to the land of the free, where lovers are lovers and poets may be
<tempgurl> what in the good hell are you talking about?
<Dallan> Hush now my dear dont say a word, the leafs are upon us and you smell like a turd
<tempgurl> Your name is Dallan, it starts with a D, I've never met someone as annoying as thee
<Dallan> the snow is falling, the wind have a fit, my rectum is tight, i must take a shit
<tempgurl> your rhyming stinks, your meter is whack, don't quit your day job, you malodorous hack
<Dallan> oh tempgurl :-/
* Dallan hugs tempgurl
<tempgurl> and stop hugging me, pervert
<Dallan> See sweety the thing about poetry is you cant really judge it. my rhyming is irrelevant
<tempgurl> it certainly is.  and you know, i'm not having problems judging it at all.  sweety.
<Dallan> my poetry is a lot deeper than you think
<tempgurl> is it.
<Dallan> he pushes inside me, i hum like a bee, "dad are you done? get off of me"
<tempgurl> yes, that is deep.  forgive my earlier skepticism
<tempgurl> i think the only people who insist that poetry cannot be judged are lousy poets
<Dallan> i grabbed tempgurl's breasts and squeezed them tight "your gonna have fun with me, when i kill you tonight"
<tempgurl> Dallan the poet, his humor is fading, i suspect he spends all his time masturbating
<|337_35p3r4nT0_k330> his rhymes you do rival, tempgurl with a flare, but don't pick a fight or you'd better beware!
<tempgurl> he's the one talking about grabbing my breasts and killing me
<|337_35p3r4nT0_k330> your point, it is taken, but i'm guilty of far worse; if you're asking me, that's par for the course
<tempgurl> course doesn't really rhyme with worse
<tempgurl> but I'll let it go
<Dallan> thought it may be, tempgurl want to kill me with spike, i sense a kind of anger that means, she is probably a dyke
<tempgurl> So you're one of *those* guys, who always will say, "If a girl doesn't like me, well, she's gotta be gay."
<tempgurl> And now I shall leave you, though I've been quite the pest, you should pay a visit to notmydesk.
<tempgurl> (.com)


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