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February 21, 2002 - Temp Chat 7!  Do You Huzzah?

If you think about it, temps have been around forever.  Anyone, at any time in history, who was paid to do an odd job, mend a fence, shoe a horse, gather firewood, assassinate a monarch, whatever, could be said to be temporarily employed, right?  Work with me here.

Now, most of my temp chats are about me searching for other temps online (again, work with me here)... but why stick to this day and age?  This is the internet, after all... why not dabble in a little time travel, baby!

Camelot it is!  King Arthur, Merlin, the roundtable, alla that shizznt!  Bring it on!

In case you're unfamiliar with this sort of thing, these kinds of chat areas involve people speaking in character (these medieval personas they have invented for themselves), as well as performing actions (also in character).  Actions are preceded by an asterisk (*).

I chose the name of Multus, which an online English-Latin dictionary informed me meant 'briefly', or 'in brief' (among other things) in Latin.  Brief, temporary, see?  Christ, I'm amazingly clever.  Off I went, in the guise of Multus The Annoying One, Recruiter of Temps, fully expecting to get kicked out before I even got going.  But hey, they were pretty tolerant!  For a while.

Session Start: Wed Feb 20 20:20:19 2002  (Dang, almost nailed the start time, eh?)

*** Now talking in #Camelot

*** Medieval Fantasy Locale: Castle set in beautiful English Countryside near the western shore of Wales. No Foul Language, please be courteous. 

* Kalaris enters quietly, aside from the shifting of her cloak and the faint chiming of her hair.
* Guinevere smiles kindly at Saphire
* SaphireDragon smiles back
<Guinevere> Good night!
<Multus> prithee, are there any temps about, anon?
<Multus> for i seeketh the employ of one who might serve me, but for a short time
<SaphireDragon> may i ask your name sire?
<Multus> and I am called Multus
<Montrovant> Montrovant
<Multus> Well met!
* Kalaris takes a seat, absently tracing odd patterns on a table with her finger
<Kalaris> What sort of employment do you speak of?
<Multus> why, stablework, carpentry, silversmithing
<Multus> light filing, perchance
* Kalaris arches an eyebrow. "A filing of what?"
<Multus> documents, parchment, memos, luncheon receipts, and so on
<Multus> pardon my haste, but my knave called in ill. I suspect otherwise; it's the third time this month he's come down with leprosy.
* Kalaris crosses her long fingers and rests them on her abdomen, watching 
<Multus> Pray, may I buy you a flagon of ale, and describe to you my requirements for employment, my terms of payment, and my comprehensive benefits package
<Multus> He whom enters my employment may avail himself of leeching and demon exorcism, though I warn you, the deductible is quite high
<Kalaris> Hmm, sounds interesting.
* Kyrie offers a nod towards Kalaris before she turns to watch the newcomers, appearing relaxed and helpless like a proper lady should be she remains alert. A brow quirks at the discussion of employment and the rather odd terms therein.
* Kalaris gives a faint wave to Kyrie, before turning her attentions back to Multus
* Multus bows low before the two of them
<Multus> sorry, lost a contact lens there
<Kyrie> .. erhm contact lens? *blinks*
<Multus> Now! Whofore shall be intrigued by my offer of employment, temporary though it may be?
<Multus> The toil may be great, yet I pay in the coin of the realm, plus you get an hour for lunch and two breaks, and we have free sodas.
<Kalaris> I'm interested.
<Multus> Ah, fair Kalaris, it does please me to hear so.
<Multus> Mayhap, what is thy typing speed?

By the way, I'm trimming out all of the other irrelevant stuff going on in the channel, but here's a small sample, just for atmosphere:

* SaphireDragon frowns
<SaphireDragon> god?
* LadyMarty enters, covering a yawn as she tosses her cloak on the peg and turns to survey the firehall
<Montrovant> yes milady
<Montrovant> but why the frown? did my answer not please you well?
* Jolieve walks into the hall covered from head to toe in road dust. Her leather armor looks like it's seen a couple of piercings and her sword sheath is gone, so her amazingly beautiful sword, with a large sapphire gracing the pommel, gleams in the candle lit room.
* LadyMarty smiles at Kyrie and her young charges...remembering her own at that age

Etc, etc.

<Kalaris> Hmmm... 70 maybe 90 words a minute..?
<Multus> By my beard!  Thou type'st more with greater accuracy than the kingdom's finest archer, and more quickly than the southern winds blow! And definitely more quickly than my last temp, Phil, who also often arrived late, dressed slovenly, and stole a shitload of Post-It Notes.
* Lumiere gasps and stares at Multus. "Such language! Please refrain!"
<Multus> Oh, forgive! Joy overcame me, at the prospects of hiring one of such talent, that my tongue did slip, and the profane word did escape me.
<Kalaris> Of what?
* Multus gasps.
<Multus> Thou hast never heard of nor seen the fabled Notes of Post-It?
<Multus> Oh, milady! Golden in color they are, like sunshine, like warm, soft, perfect hay, as if spun from the richest goldmines of uh... a famous mountain of some sort.
* LadyMarty overhears a strange conversation...a frown upon her brow
<Multus>  And so square!  Square they are, like a window, like a... what else is square back then?  Back now, I mean.  Well, like a window, anyway.
<Multus> And!  As if by magic, they cling to nearly all surfaces, milady!  Assisted by neither tack nor nail!  Truly, it seems as if some wizardry has had a hand in their making!
<Multus> But I do prattle on.
* Kalaris blinks slowly at Multus, then stands, brushing a few strands of silver hair away from her black top. She bows in greeting to Jolieve, then looks back at Multus
<Multus> Now, good lady Kalaris, let us seal our bargain, and agree that you shall arrive on my lands no later than 8am, and that thoust shall bringest a timecard.
<Kalaris> 8 am?
<Multus> Ah, you are not familiar with the term, nor my measure of time. When the morning sun poises just above the lands to the east, and the cock doth crow with great aplomb, and the Denny's Super-Slam breakfast goes on special... that is called 8am, where I am from.

Meanwhile, this is all still going on (and man, do I hate being ignored):

* Montrovant bows to saphire
* LadyCeinwen turns to lumiere, speaking softly towards him.. her voice hardly a hushed whisper
* SaphireDragon nods slowly
* Montrovant bows to everyone else. then exits the hall
* Lumiere goes behind the bar, searches for a moment, then brings LadyCeinwen sweet, spiced tea.

Bleah!  Although, around this point, I get a warning message (in private) from one of the channel operators:

<Jolieve> Hate to ruin your fun... but in this Camelot, Merlin has disappeared and is also the only person who might have knowledge of post it notes and typing speeds... We would appreciate it if you could stick to the Medieval genre. :-)
<Multus> But... I come from distant lands... distant wondrous lands... and I bring complementary coffee mugs with my agency's logo, for all to enjoy.
<Jolieve> That's very nice, but stick with the genre please... there are other ops here who won't bother to give you a warning.

That's better treatment than I deserve!  Now, back to the public chat:

<Kalaris> I am perfect aware of the term.. I'd simply thought you needed more immediate assistance..
<Multus> Ah... eager to begin, I see... that pleases me. Nay, I do not require services before tomorrow's morn, for the land is now dark with night and the phone is set on auto-answer.
* Kalaris looks at this odd man, draconic eyes narrowing slightly. She seems to have no sense of humor.. or any other emotion...
<Kalaris> You are a very unusual fellow...
<Multus> Indeed. And, fear not, a sense of humor be not required for my employ, though a sense of direction helps, or perhaps a Yahoo! Map, for finding my land can be a chore in itself.
<Jolieve> (( Multus... you have been warned about the out of genre commentary... please cease and desist now, this is your final warning. )) <Multus> Er...
<Multus> Forgive, I did not mean Yahoo! Maps.  What madness do I speak?  I, um, believe they are called Huzzah! Maps in this land.  Yes?
* Kalaris refrains from bopping the man soundly on the head, as she is rapidly feeling increasingly inclined to do. There seemed something not quite right about this one...
* LadyCeinwen nods to Kalaris thinking the same thing and handing her a sledge hammer incase she so feels inclined to bop...
<Kalaris> "WHERE... in the name of all holy are you FROM...?"
<Multus> I am from a land beyond the stream... across the plain... beneath the mountains... just south of midtown.  Make a left on 37th, past the Shell station, we're on the right, across from Pottery Barn.  Beige building.  You might want to park on Madison, they don't check the meters much.
* Kalaris blinks again, then does indeed bop the man, soundly, on the top of the head with her closed fist.
<Multus> Ow!  Mine noggin!
*** You were kicked by Jolieve (You were warned.)


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