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Key:  A = applet, S = Shockwave, F=Flash, N= Noise, Bold = My Favorites


Poulaga Challenge - An online flash game that lets you throw a chicken at strangers. (F, N)
Tha Shizzolator - Webtoy that lets you see the net through Snoop Dogg's eyes.
Optical Illusions - Your favorite optical illusions (and then some!) in Flash form.  (F, N)


Hangman - Fill in the blanks, throw fish at a nun.  Just like old times. (F, N)
404 Page - A 404 page without a gag!  Amazing.  It does, however have a nifty breakout game.  (F)
Name that Beard - And I'm not talking about Nicole Kidman.  Match the beard to the name.  Fun song included at no extra charge.  (F, N)


Hit the Fan - A fun Flash game where you make the shit hit the fan... lots of bonuses, too! (F, N)
Conversion Kings
- Kick a goal!  Kick another!  Kick more! Surprisingly addictive. (F, N)
Donkey Kong Jr. - Old-timey arcade goodness.  (A, N)


Evil clown generator - Make a really evil clown or dial up one at random.  Scary!
Make your own Bush Speech
- Build a GWB speech using sound clips. (N)
- Impressive use of Flash in this cube game.  Lots of neat extras! (F, N)


Swron - Just like the motorcycle scene in Tron. (S, N)
Crab Volleyball
- Just like slime volleyball. (F, N)
Yard Invaders
- A charming, Space Invaders-type game. (S, N)


Hold the Button - Even dead people can play!  All you have to do is hold the button.
Reflex Game
- Test your reflexes.  If you want.
- Calling all Canadians!  Calling them and asking them how in the hell this can be a real sport! (A)


Pongling - It' a clever cross between breakout and bowling.  Very creative.  (S, N)
The Mini-Mizer
- See how you would look as a Lego!


Emu Lander - Can you land the nigh-flightless emu on the landing pad?  (That was a rhetorical question;  I don't really care if you can or not.) (F, N)
Soap Bubble
- Do you possess the skill to guide the fragile bubble through the dangerous mine?  (Again, I have no interest in knowing whether or not you can.) (F, N)
- A collapse-like game, but slightly different.  How high a score can you get?  (I really don't give a shit.) (A)


Snowcraft - Lets you experience the gruesome conflict of a snowball fight. (F, N)
- Lets you experience the gruesome conflict of a heptathlon. (F, N)
- Lets you experience the gruesome conflict of bunnies fucking while being bombarded by meteorites.  Really!  (F, N)


Mini-Putt 2 - Sequel to the first Mini-putt game. (F, N)
Dancing Walrus
- A weird activity from Homestarrunner. (F, N)
Poke the Bunny
- Just keep pokin' him! (F, N)


Battleships - Like the classic game, only online. (F, N)
- It um... twists text?
Create Your Own Terror Warning
- It does what you think it does.


Create-A-Fart - It's a fart generator with a lot of different options. You can even e-mail your fart to a friend! (N)
Way of the Stick
- Kick some ass a stick man!  Pretty neat! (F, N)
South Park Studio
- Make yourself over, South Park style!


Bauns - A Collapse-esque game by the charming minds being (F, N)
- You can even play against a friend online! (F, N)
Ass-o-tron - You can put ass on any page on the internet with this webtoy.  Hey, don't ask me.


Shite Price - How much, in company money, is your poop worth?  Find out here! 
- A very tiny website.  The tiniest?
- Chinese Checkers meets Othello.  A lot of fun. (F, N)


Russian Roulette - Cool & morbid! (F, N)
- Get those damn roadies out the door safely!  Frustrating but fun. (F, N)
4 Rooms of Kharon - Long, weird, Myst-like game. (F, N)

Collapse - Addictive! Be careful!  The downloadable version has bonus screens and smoother gameplay. (S, N)
The Pump
- Like those dancing games, only you use your keyboard. Do not dance ON your keyboard. (F, N)
Tilt Mazes - 'Member those wooden games where you'd roll the steel ball into the hole?  Like that.  (A)

Dfilm - Make your own cartoons.  (F, N)
Insaniquarium - Oy, with the addiction.  Buy fish and feed them.  (F, N)
Tourette's Generator - Web toy makes websites into obscene and insane exclamations!  (S, N)
All Look Same? - Tough test that will make you feel like a racist.
Mini Putt - Mini golf!  Uncomplicated but lots of fun. (F, N)
Incriminati - Hide the stash (and lots of other things) before the folks get home.  (F, N)
Flash Puzzles - Neat jigsaw puzzles. (F)
What's New Pussycat? - A memory game with kittens and blaring music. (F, N)
Brad the Game - Weird, disturbing text adventure.
Castlemouse - Neat puzzle game! (S, N)
Work Nickname Generator - What's your name at work?
Bunny Love Cursor - Cute flash bunny thinks your cursor is a carrot. (F)
Cursor Love Bunny - Outline the rabbit or else. (F, N)

Spaced Penguin - A really fun, highly replayable game.  Get the penguin to his spaceship.  (S, N)
Looplabs - Make some techno trance music.  Fun stuff. (F, N)
Flashcan - Create some bizarre e-cards.
Text-based Pong - Just what it sounds like.
Pi-Search - Are you a part of Pi?  Um, yeah.
Bush Aerobics - Feel the burn, George! Make the prez get in shape. (F,N)
The Simulator - Live a day that's probably too much like your own. (A)
Online Etch-A-Sketch - Needs no explanation.  (A)
Industrious Clock - Very cool and creative online clock. (F)
Freaky Dreams - Interpret your dreams with this webtoy.
Quiztaker - Spinn created three "What kind of _____ are you?" quizzes that are taking the internet by storm.

1-14-02 - 2-3-02
Big Money - A popcap game involving cash, baby, cash!  (A, N)
Engrish - Fun Japanese products where they didn't get the English quite right.
Guess the Beer Label - Well, uh, guess the beer label.
Pedestrian Killer - Run over people!  A lot! (F, N)
Virtual Model - Make a model of yourself and dress it up with clothes from online stores. (F)
Reflections - Great, challenging game involving mirrors. Addictive. (F)
Horrible Affliction Test - Find out what kind of disease you are with this quiz.
Spank the Monkey - With a paddle, no less.  (F, N)
Boink Mail - Have embarrassing packages sent to co-workers you hate.
Worm - Simple yet challenging game involving a flying worm. (A)
Habbo Hotel - Graphical chat rooms.  Pretty neat! (F, N)
Post-It Note Theater - Very creative movies made on Post-It Notes.
The Truth is Up There - Mellow game involving UFOs. (F, N)
Chicken Wings - Throw umbrellas to falling chicks.  Baby chickens, I mean, not girls. (F, N)
Mahjongg - Classic game done online.
Fling the Cow - Chuck them bovines like you always wanted to.  (F, N)
Whoohoo - Neat dialogue translator.
Guess The Name - Very clever webtoy that's tough to stump.
Tiny Games - Very tiny downloadable games.
Korean Ass-Shooter - Weird game, man.  (F, N)
Gimp Chimp - Profane, weird game, man.  (F, N)
3-D Pong - Cool ping pong game. (S, N)
Invisibles - Creative movie quiz.  With the actors erased, can you tell which movie it is?
Slime Volleyball - This is fun.  Play a slimeball.  (A)
Hare & Hounds - Neat puzzle game!
Acronym Generator - Put in some letters and find out what they stand for.
Cheese Messenger - Will write whatever you want in E-Z Cheez.  It was only a matter of time.
Death Clock - How much time do you have left?  Find out and watch your life tick away.
Human For Sale - What is your cash value?  You'll need to enter a valid e-mail address to find out.

Atomica - Mix and match molecules.  (A, N)
Jesus Dress-Up - Good old fashioned blasphemous fun.
Q-Puzzle - A puzzle game I don't even understand.  
Theses - A maze game I understand, but ain't that good at.  It's a lot of fun, though! (A, N)
Find Your Spot - Where should you be living?
Acme License Maker - Make your very own license plates.
Available Temping Man - A movie involving a temp super hero.  Cool! (F, N)
Strip Creator - Create comic strips!
Snowman Maker - Create snowmen!
Soda Creator - Create soda!  Wait, no.  This is a really neat game where you can build and animate these geometric thingy-do's... well, just try it. (A)
Mouse-Clicking Championship - Click!  Click, you worthless bastards!
In Passing - Great site consisting of snippets of overheard conversations.  Get eavesdropping!
Poke Alex In The Eye - Several different levels of eye-poking fun. (A, S, N)
Coolsig - Comes up with cool e-mail sigs, bound to amaze your friends until they are sick of them.

Map-A-Blast - Find out how your town will stand up to a nuclear strike.
Time-Wasting Calculator - Find out how much a smoke-break costs your company.
Kick-Ups - Fun!  Bounce the ball as many times as you can before it hits the ground. (F, N)
Talk to the King - Ask Elvis a question or two with this webtoy.
Dogs Playing Poker - The painting come to life.  Play poker against a bunch of dogs, and don't be afraid to bluff. (S, N).
Snake - Snake eats apples and gets longer.  A classic. (A, N)
Hi-Q - That peg-jumping game you used to play in Pizza Hut. 
Ask the Head of Bob - Got a question?  The smoking head of Bob can answer it.
How Bored Are You? - The more bored you are, the better you'll do.
Mix-N-Match Faces - Like it says.  (F, N)
Sticky Baby - Is it annoying or hilarious?  You decide. (F, N)
Stare at the Dot - Just do it!
Dialectizer - Read your favorite websites in redneck, jive, and Swedish Chef dialects.
Breakout - It's breakout, and you can turn off the sound if you're at work. (A, N)
Fresh Diversion - Cool stuff with a thing and shit!  And stuff!  Yeah! (F, N)
Lileks Writing Archive - Great humor writing.
The Ferrett's Domain - Humor writing that is great.
David Sedaris Archive - It's great.  It's humor.  It's writing.
Air Hockey - Just like the real thing! (S, N)
Stress Relief Aquarium - Torture a goldfish, it's good for stress relief. (F, N)
Choose Your Own Damn Adventure - Several text adventures all from that big bald brunching guy.

Home Run Rally - Swing your bat just like Mike Piazza, only less gay. (S, N)
Othello - It's Othello.  I can't think of anything else to say about it. (A)
Rubik's Cube - Like the Cube?  Sure, we all do! (A)

Dancing Paul - The Webby-award winning site.  It's fun! (F, N)
Stare Down Sally - Old fashioned staring contest.  Don't blink!
Anagram Generator - It generates anagrams.  You probably could have guessed.
Solitaire - If it ain't on your computer at work, you can play it online here. (A)
Minesweeper - Same with da sweeper.
FreeCell - FreeCell, too.
Furious George - Take a monkey on a nation-wide crime spree.  Great game. (F)
Roshambo Rampage - Rock, Paper, Scissors by e-mail!  From brunching.
Alchemy - Mix & Match stuff. (A, N)
Crossword - A selection of crossword puzzles. (A)
Bejeweled - A little gem-matching game that may take over your life. (S, N)
Magnetic Poetry - No need to bring make the fridge suffer, create magnetic poems online.