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Say, if you enjoy this site, and if you've got a couple bucks that you just don't know what to do with, I have arranged some simple ways for you to send them to me!  I'm nothing if not considerate!

Seriously, any donations you make will be highly appreciated and put to excellent use, and if you can't spare any, no worries!  The site is not in jeopardy in any way whatsoever.  This page is mainly a tip jar.

And in case you're wondering where your hard earned dollars are going (and you can't be too careful with donations these days), here is a list of probable items and services your donations will make possible!

$1 - a bus ticket
$2 - a large coffee
$3 - a tasty sammich
$4 - a pack of smokes
$5 - a book (used)
$6 - honey barbeque wings meal WITH a soft drink
$7 - 2 movie rentals (VHS - probably porn or foreign art film (which is porn))
$8 - an actual current release movie!  At a theater, even!
$9 - a cheap haircut that will look slightly better than a pasty bald head
$10 - a year's subscription to audio feed, which only drops out 14 times per game due to net-congestion
$20 - 3 months of cell phone service (Dial-A-Ricci calls not included)
$25 - a new staple-free tie
$35 - one month of free webhosting
$50 - 5 decent lapdances or one really good lapdance
$75 - a bunch of stuff I'd really like
$100 - most of a bottom-of-the-line DVD player
$50 thousand - a year of no work
$20 million - a trip to International Space Station (and just think of the essay THAT would produce, huh?)

Anyway, here are two easy ways to send me some scratch, if you are so inclined.  Thank you so much!

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