Spore To Spew In September

I wouldn’t go requesting vacation days yet, but kotaku is reporting that Spore has announced a release date of September 7, 2008. I’d link to the actual Spore site with the announcement but their site is all Flashy and shitty and annoying and crashed my browser once and it’s slow and I hate it and I’m on a crummy laptop right now with a bad connection at work.


  1. SGT Grumbles says:

    A civilization of Weighted Companion Cubes. I can see it now.

  2. Oh dear god “sick” days won’t cover it.

  3. Friggin’ finally! I’ve been waiting for that for… a couple years now. 207 days remaining!

  4. I bet they don’t make that release date.

  5. I’ve almost given up on Spore. The years of waiting have turned it into some kind of unobtainable, perfect mirage.

    Still, can’t wait till September.