The King of Kong

We watched a great documentary this weekend called The King of Kong, which is about dorks fighting for the high score in the Donkey Kong arcade game.  Funny, surprisingly gripping and even moving, though, like most documentaries, it was perhaps a little manipulative and one-sided.

Still, a great film even if you’re not into gaming, and once you’ve watched it, you can search the web for all the controversy it’s generated.

Also, I once wrote something about Donkey Kong.


  1. If you ever choose that as your purpose in life… :-/

  2. Goddamn, I always hated Donkey Kong. Not the game, no, the character. Donkey Kong is an ass.


  3. I remember that post of yours, I read it a while ago, when Concerned was still in progress :) Good times.

  4. Brad Jensen says:

    I loved your old website, I read nearly every word you ever put on it.

  5. I finally saw this a few months back, in a cinema, that is also a restaurant, and they serve your food during the trailers and you eat it while the movie plays, and it’s in Texas, and this was on a business trip. And it was awesome.

    I’ve read masses about how grossly unfair it is, the many times that it outright lies and libels its subjects. It didn’t seem to retroactively diminish my enjoyment. I think you probably shouldn’t make documentaries that way, but if someone’s going to, I’m happy to watch and enjoy the excellent story they made up.