Summer Movie Fantasy League Update 2

Well, well. Just a quick update to our summer movie fantasy league, to capture the record-breaking weekend ‘Arry Potta’ An’ The ‘Eathly ‘Allows just had. Box Office Mojo is reporting that Potter took in $168,550,000 over the weekend, destroying not just my top-grossing pick Transformers: Look Robots Cars Tits Explosions Robots, but officially taking the all-time domestic weekend opening record from The Dark Knight, which made $158 million back in whatever weekend of whatever year that was.

Potter took in $92 million just on Friday, which included $42 million from those midnight showings (I checked our local theater, and they had the movie starting roughly every five minutes). It also featured the biggest Friday-to-Saturday attendance drop-off in history, but even that wasn’t enough to stop it from crushing everything else ever.

Meanwhile, Kris’ questionable fifth pick Winnie the Pooh took in just an estimated $8 million. Still, the combination of Potter & Pooh bring Kris’ summer totals up to $240 million, where my take stands at $248 million (though P & P are both estimates, so those numbers will probably get adjusted slightly later in the day). We’ve got an $8 million difference, which is ridiculously close, and we each have one more movie opening this summer to decide who is the winner (me) and who is not the loser (me).

Pros and cons of our final movies? I’ve got Captain America, opening July 22nd.


1) It’s a known property with a built-in audience
2) Many Marvel films (Spider-Man 1 & 2, Iron Man) have been quite good and made bank
3) It’s got America in the title, and Americans love America (except for liberal scum like myself)
4) Everyone likes seeing Nazis get beat up


1) It looks dumb. But what doesn’t?
2) Many Marvel films (Spider-Man 3, Iron Man 2) have been awful (but still made bank)
3) Chris Evans is about the most boring movie star I can think of
4) It opens opposite Friends With Benefits, which may suck some couples away

Kris, meanwhile, has Cowboys & Aliens opening July 29th.


1) It’s called Cowboys & Aliens.
2) Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, and Sam Rockwell are all great.
3) Harrison Ford kinda sucks these days, but now he’s a cowboy, and that’s appealing.
4) Everyone likes seeing Aliens get beat up.


1) It’s an unknown property
2) It looks dumb. But what doesn’t?
3) Getting it made into a movie was basically a scam, though an interesting one.
4) It opens opposite Crazy, Stupid, Love which may suck some couples away

So, that’s it. I’ve got an $8 million $7.6 million lead, but this thing could easily go either way. But it’ll probably go my way. Probably.

I updated the spreadsheet below with reported numbers.

Opening Weekend
Kris Chris
Harry Potter $169,189,427 Transformers $97,500,000
Super 8 $35,451,168 Cars 2 $66,135,507
Cowboys & Aliens Captain America
Horrible Bosses $28,302,165 Green Lantern $53,185,000
Winnie The Pooh $7,857,076 Bad Teacher $31,603,106
Kris Total $240,799,836 Chris Total $248,423,613


  1. Man! “Harry Potter and the most lukewarm of fake titles Chris has written for the movie yet although the Transformers one is great, but it’s no big deal” seems to have fallen short of my expectations. I believe Captain America will beat out Cowboys and Aliens (even though C&A features Olivia Wilde’s “A”), so I lose my bet on the prediction.

    Did you know the character Machete from that movie Machete came from Spy Kids and appears in all the Spy Kids movies? Weird!


  2. You are so boned. (I base this on the cast list if nothing else.)

    I think C&A con #1 is your biggest hope. A bunch of people might wait to see what their friends think before seeing it.