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Monday Night Menu

Quick recap of Sunday night’s entertainment:

We watched episode 2 of The Killing. With an entire season devoted to one case, the information is coming in at a leisurely trickle, which is good, though I admit I’m already impatient for more. I sort of wish we’d missed the season, waited until it was out on DVD, and rented it so we could consume it big, multi-episode gulps (The Wire was much more satisfying that way). Still, it’s very good, and it’s devoting a lot of time to the family of the deceased and how they’re trying to cope, which is both painful to watch and extremely rare for television to show. Generally, the only time you see the reaction of the family of a murder victim is when they’re informed of the murder, and they cry a little, and they mention “She used to hang out with this kid down the street” and then the investigation shifts away from them, until maybe you see them in the courtroom at the end.

Yesterday, I mentioned a TV movie called My Future Boyfriend, a bit of family-friendly dreck on ABC Family about a man who finds an old romance novel a thousand years IN THE FUTURE comes to the past to learn about love from the author, and I started watching it just to make my wife watch it, because I like making my wife watch terrible movies just to torture her. I blinked first, though; in fact, I started chanting “Kill me, just kill me” when she refused to change the channel. It was all incredibly trite, including a bit later where the guy from THE FUTURE gets sad and cries and doesn’t understand why his eyes are leaking water. Groan.

On to the menu for Monday night’s TV and Tuesday’s DVD & Video Game releases:


Intervention, followed by Relapse: Watch some people struggle to overcome drug addiction, then watch some other people succumb once again to drug addiction. I’m not sure if that’s Arts or Entertainment. (A&E)

Paranormal State: The sixth season kicks off with Penn State’s ghost-busting crew (who have apparently been in college for six years now?) visiting a home that is haunted by the show’s editor the ghost of a murdered girl. (A&E)

Being Human: A vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost walk into a bar share an apartment. Is anyone watching this? I caught a few episodes of the original British series, and it was very good but not really to my tastes. Wondering if SyFy is running with it or mucking it up. (SyFy)

The Colbert Report: Mythbusters fans might want to tune in as Jamie and Adam are Stephen’s guests. If you miss it, it’ll only be on 19 more times tomorrow. (Comedy Central)


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1: It’s coming out tomorrow on DVD, but there’s actually a box set of the Harry Potter movies for sale on Friday, containing the first film to the seventh, even though the eighth and final one will be out this year. I can’t think of a reason for anyone to buy this set unless they’re unfamiliar with the series but have a friend or family member who’s a fan, so they buy it for them as a gift not realizing there’s still one more movie on the way. Which is probably exactly why this set is for sale, actually. For shame! (April 12)

Video Games

World of Tanks: A new MMO featuring, as you might surmise, a shitload of tanks. It’s free to play, with the option to earn or buy various upgrades. This was an extremely popular game during its nine month beta, with over 90,000 people logged into the same server at the same time, so it’ll be fun to see how it does in full release. (April 12, PC)



  1. Hermes Conrad says:

    Love entirely eliminated?

    I wish!

    I find emotions getting in the way of proper filing procedures all the time.

  2. So because love was eliminated, so were tears? I don’t care, that’s still an amusingly awkward premise. When the future man cried, did he say, “I know now why you cry” and then go into a pit of molten lava? I swear I think of that quote most of the times I see people cry when I don’t feel too sad myself.