Sunday Night Menu (TV)

The Killing: The excellent two-hour premiere is airing again, followed by a new episode in this season-long murder mystery, featuring a teenager killed in the woods near Seattle and the two detectives who are tasked with solving the crime. The show has its share of cliches: one detective is weary and seasoned and a day from transferring to another city, the other is a rookie, formerly a vice cop, and has questionable methods. Still, it all works and it’s a breath of fresh air when compared to most murder-of-the-week shows. In other words, it’s closer to The Wire than CSI. (AMC)

Human Planet: From the makers of Planet Earth (the amazing high-def documentary about animals eating each other), a new series focusing on humans and their interactions and struggles with nature. The first of eight episodes features surfing, diving, fishing, and whale hunting. (Discovery Channel)

America’s Next Great Restaurant: Six contestants design food trucks and hit the road to see who can sell the most food. If this is like America’s Next Top Model, the winner will never be seen or heard from again. (NBC)

My Future Boyfriend: An original movie about a hunky guy from THE FUTURE who travels back in time and meets a romance novelist who teaches him about love, which doesn’t exist in THE FUTURE. As a visitor to our time (from THE FUTURE) he does kooky things like talk to lamps and doesn’t understand what kissing is (“May I please press my lips against yours?”) Barrrrrf. (ABC Family)

The Comedy Awards: Hey, it’s an awards show. Another one. Just what we needed. Yay. (Comedy Central)