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Portal 2:  Nope, it’s not out yet, but it is currently available for pre-loading off Steam, which I’m excited about, which is a little weird. All it really means is that I can download some chunks of it but can’t play it for another week or so. But still, the idea of that game-y goodness slowly leaking into my computer, and just knowing it’s waiting there, is a nice warm feeling. It’s like owning a gun and knowing that you can kill someone if you want.

I’ve been on a complete Portal 2 info blackout for a couple months. Valve do great promotion work for their games, but with all the videos and ads and mysterious puzzles they’ve been releasing lately, I don’t want to have seen 95% of the game before I get to play it. I won’t even visit the link I just linked.


Sports Show With Norm MacDonald: I’m not sure if I even like Norm MacDonald so much anymore. I definitely used to, but his attitude seems to be “I don’t care if you don’t find me funny,” which can be funny until it’s not, and when it’s not, he doesn’t care, and then I sort of don’t, either. The AV Club interviewed him, and he seems to regard the audience as an enemy and very much enjoys bombing. Anyway, he has a new show about sports, and I’m gonna give it a try, for old times sake. (Comedy Central)

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: Jamie Oliver is back with a new season, and tonight he’s trying to get kids to eat healthy in Los Angeles public schools. If they refuse, he picks one kid at random and slaughters him live on TV. (ABC)

Late Night With David Letterman: Ricky Gervais is a guest, and I’m going to predict he wears a black short-sleeved shirt and cackles a lot. I’m psychic like that. Also, Foo Fighters, if you haven’t gotten enough of them on every other show this week because they have a new album out. (CBS)

Kitchen Nightmares: I can’t keep track of how many types of shows like this Gordon Ramsey has had. This one is airing on BBC America, so I assume it’s the good British version and not the not-so-good American version. But this episode is about a Steakhouse in Queens, so maybe it is the American version? I have no idea.  I don’t even get BBC America so I won’t be able to see for myself. I don’t even know what to link to. I fail at telling you all about what’s on TV. (BBC America)

Sinbad: It’s Just Family: Sinbad has a new reality show. I was going to be snarky, but if Larry The Cable guy can have a show on The History Channel, I can’t think of any reason for Sinbad to not have a TV show on whatever channel this is. (WE)


  1. The Portal 2 trailers spoil nothing of the story, nor do they show actual gameplay. I highly recommend you just go watch them because they’re great. You’re pretty safe from spoilers if you check out Valve’s YT channel:

  2. I know someone who is so disturbed by the voice of GLADOS that she mutes Hulu and closes her eyes when the commercials come on. I’ve been unsuccessfully searching for a GLADOS soundboard for Android.