Wednesday Night Menu

I haven’t watched much TV this week due to all the gaming I’ve been doing, and I’ve been remiss in posting my daily menu for the two of you who read it. The menu tonight:

Justified: There’s only a few episodes left, and there’s a whole lot of story threads out there. I find myself hoping they don’t wrap everything up by the end of the season. With Boyd re-entering the criminal underworld, Mags as the marijuana kingpin, and Dickie as the loose cannon, I’d be thrilled if this all spilled into season three, because having multiple crime bosses struggling for control is more interesting than just one bad guy on the top of the heap. I suspect most of it will be resolved, though. Mags will probably take a fall and Dickie seems too stupid to survive much longer. I’m sure Boyd will make it to season three, though.

As far as the hitmen from last week, I suspect they were sent by Winona’s ex (or the mob goons he’s associated with) to rub her out — Mags wouldn’t employ anyone who drove a Mercedes. So, that’s all gonna be in play, too, along with the stolen money storyline… man, it’s gearing up to be a busy conclusion this season. (FX)

Modern Family: Cameron and Mitchell hunt through their family to find a suitable guardian for Lily in the event of their deaths. Kids aren’t my thing, but the little girl who plays Lily is freakin’ adorable. Actually, Lily is probably played by twin girls. So, they’re both adorable. Looks like Philip Baker Hall and Nathan Lane both return as guests tonight. (ABC)

Extreme Couponing: People use coupons and I watch them. (TLC)

Breaking In: This premiered a couple weeks ago, and wasn’t terribly good, but entertaining enough to keep an eye on. It’s going for the Community vibe, with a bunch of wacky, over-the-top characters, led by Christian Slater, who isn’t really funny. And he’s starting to look kind of weird. Like, his eyes are shrinking and his head is growing. He reminds me of Robocop without the helmet:

Maybe it’s just me. (Fox)

Happy Endings: Another new show with a decent cast, some laughs, but uneven as hell and trying way too hard. Hopefully it’ll settle down a bit. I like Casey Wilson, who had a brief stint on SNL, and she’s probably the best part of this show. (ABC)

Workaholics: This is a terrible, sloppy, crude, bottom-feeding show that I shouldn’t like because I’m not twelve. But I like it. (Comedy Central)


  1. Although I haven’t liked the newer Modern Family episodes (we play a game where we take a drink whenever we genuinely laugh at something). Yeah the babies are twins and yeah they are adorable because they don’t make expressions. Mention of Peter Weller makes this post one of the best ones yet.

  2. Uh, I didn’t complete my first sentence, but I don’t remember what I was going to say!