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I watched Unstoppable on DVD. Based on a true and interesting story about a runaway freight train, it was directed by Tony Scott, who I think realized too late that he wanted to make an action film but most of the action boils down to two guys sitting in a train cab, talking.

His solution was to never, ever stop swinging the camera around and around and around. It was almost funny if not for the fact that I was almost getting motion sick. No matter how mundane the topic, the camera was always swooshing all over the place. Anyway, the movie was not enjoyable awful, nor awfully enjoyable. It was just sort of there.

To the menu!

Extreme Couponing: I wrote about this recently, and I don’t have much else to say other than that it’s a new episode, coupons will be clipped, dollars will be saved, pantries will be stocked with peanut butter and shampoo, and while I have no interest in ever watching any movies in 3-D, I would like to see this show in 3-D, so the extreme grocery savings come right AT MY FACE. (TLC)

Modern Family: Guest starring Jonathan Banks as Jay’s visiting brother. Banks spent most of his career playing a series of slimy, evil, extremely unlikable bad guys (look at his GIS and you’ll recognize him), but had a fantastic turn on Breaking Bad last season playing an aging, spectacularly dangerous, yet almost impossibly likable hitman. I’m interested to see him do a little comedy. (ABC)

American Greed: I’m almost tempted to enact some kind of scheme to defraud people of millions of dollars and go to federal prison just so Bill Curtis will narrate my story. He’s my favorite narrator ever. (CNBC)

Justified: I lost a bet on last week’s episode: I was certain Coover was going to kill Loretta. We’re getting so close to the end of the season, I figured something would have to happen to ruffle Raylan’s feathers just a little bit. He’s been cool as a cucumber for far too long. Alas, I lost the bet and Loretta seems safely out of harm’s way. Darn. I mean, good! Good for the little girl not getting killed. But, also darn. (FX)

Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files: A haunted swing is investigated, as well as a family in Florida who claims to have been in contact with aliens for a decade. I’m gonna guess these are both facts. (SyFy)



  1. keggerius says:

    Hey Chris, I’m a long-time reader of all your stuff, since before Concerned. Sorry for this totally off-topic comment (let me think… I totally thought Loretta was going to die too. There, now it’s at least slightly on-topic).

    I don’t have a Twitter account, and I don’t intend to get one, but I had to get in on that hilarious chinesetimetravelmovies thing. You can post these if you like any of them.

    Sarah Connor is a Waitress

    Sarah Connor is Still a Waitress

    Machines Kill Everyone and Nobody Pulls Humanity Back From the Brink

    Star Trek: The Borg Are Easily Defeated For Once

    Romulus is Destroyed, and There is Much Rejoicing (Yay)

    Superman Flies in Circles For No Discernible Reason

    Superman Gets Over His Writer’s Block on Mackinac Island

    A Teenager Lives Uneventfully Through the Reagan Administration

    Emilio Estevez Dies in a Car Crash and the Mighty Ducks Lose All Their Big Games

    The Ninja Turtles Do Nothing Exciting But Corey Feldman Still Takes the Job

    Ashton Kutcher Gets Therapy For His Childhood Trauma

    Harry Potter and the Dementor Nobody Saved Him From

    Bender’s Nonexistent Score that Doesn’t Set Up the Next Movie

    Denzel Washington Fails to Solve the Ferry Bombing Case

    The Prince of Persia’s Uncle Frames Him For Murder and Totally Gets Away With It

    Bruce Willis’s Childhood Trip to the Airport in Which He Witnesses Nothing Out of the Ordinary