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I Wrote Stuff: Week of March 15th


Hello! So. I need to do a better job of posting here when I write stuff that appears places other than here. I’m going to try to do a weekly post linking the stuff I’ve written for other sites. This should catch you up to the present day.

For PC Gamer:

  • Also for PC Gamer, I’m currently doing a multi-week diary about the survival crafting game Rust. You can read part one here, in which I vomit on a campfire until I die. Part two will be up this coming Wednesday! I don’t think it will contain vomiting because I learned how to cook.

For Rock, Paper Shotgun:

My DayZ Tumblr:

  • Lately I’ve been keeping a tumblr describing my encounters with other players in the multiplayer survival game DayZ. The encounters can be weird, funny, disturbing, violent, or poignant, and frequently several of those at once. There’s no update schedule; I should probably have one. Right now, I write when I play, and I play when I have time.


  1. Thanks for the update! Great Rust article, and nice callback to Concerned.

  2. Wesley Farber says:

    Thanks for the update, I love reading all your articles. I’ve been unsuccessfully looking for your stuff for awhile now though, and your updates here help me find it all.

  3. Heh, Frohman is still living the dream.
    Thanks for posting this here because it is an easy way to find the articles.

  4. oceanboy86 says:

    (In your Rust article) You seemed totally oblivious to the insult he was giving you. So just in case High School lingo has changed THAT much since you were there: A FROSHman is an insult for freshman (9th, lowest on the totem pole, doormat, inexperienced youth). So he was parodying your name Frohman with Froshman to insult you as an inexperienced player. There you go. Anyways I’ve seen the username “Ghost of Gordon Frohman” a few times but never just Frohman so yeah.
    And it is also pretty cool that you would post these on your site. I new you wrote for PCGamer (most of which are extremely awesome and as people have noted you can easily tell your style apart from the other writers) but the your RockPaperShotgun work is news to me.
    So….. Cool.
    Keep freelancing awesomely!

  5. oceanboy86 says:

    Can’t… go …. one…. comment… without …. typos… darm!