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I Wrote Stuff: Week of March 29


Hello! Here’s a quick rundown of writing of mine that appeared on other sites last week.

For PC Gamer:

  • My weekly mod column covers Altis Life for Arma 3, a game mode where you assume the life of either a civilian or a police officer on the massive Altis map. As a cop, I ran around with other cops desperately trying to find crime to stop. As a civilian, I bought a car and ran myself over with it. Somehow. That’s me in the above picture, under my own car. I don’t even need enemies or other players in order to hurt myself in games, apparently.
  • My Rust diary wraps up with a long, lonely jaunt around the entire map and a return home to find that my cozy neighborhood has undergone some major changes.

For Rock, Paper Shotgun:

  • In my weekly early-access column, I took a look at Planet Explorers, an ambitious survival slash exploration slash crafting slash building slash multiplayer game. It’s trying to do a lot of different things, and doing most of them pretty well. Best of all are some of the interesting-looking alien dinosaurs.

I don’t think I added to my DayZ tumblr this week, as I didn’t have much time to play. I’m thinking about trying the new experimental branch to check out some of the upcoming changes, though.


  1. simonsayzhigh says:

    I…. should check here way more often now.

  2. oceanboy86 says:

    Hey Chris I was just checking out your DayZ tumblr and heard your voice when you tried to save that guy. Are you British or was that just the quality of your mic/recording. Otherwise phrased as: is there any chance of me meeting you on an east coast DayZ server.

    • Christopher says:

      That wasn’t my voice, it was the other players. I didn’t open my mic at all during that encounter. I’m American, and I typically play on West Coast servers!

      • oceanboy86 says:

        So it’s not likely then. Thanks
        Granted I’ve had some ridiculous occurrences with servers (like the Russian tf2 KOTH server on which i have 200 ping but experience no lag from my end) but unless I have a huge setup change playing on a very buggy multiplayer game with someone from across the country isn’t going to happen.

  3. Please write more…

  4. Your weekly updates are several weeks out of date.

  5. Jean-Luc Picard says:


  6. Unnamed Hutt says:

    I have a number of ewok slaves I could sell you, Im sure they could type up a new article In a timely manner.

    Seeing as your current update schedule is bantha poo-doo…

  7. pondwhale says:

    Chris, I’ve been reading your stuff for a long time, and have always wondered what method you use to get such relevant screenshots so consistently. Do you just record your whole play session? Screenshots on intervals? Are you just that fast? For some reason, i’m dying to know.

    • Christopher says:

      I have both Steam and Fraps mapped to my Cap Locks key to take screenshots. So, anytime anything is happening I’m usually hammering it with my pinkie. I did once set up Fraps to take pictures at intervals but I wound up with like 1,600 screenshots, 99% of which were useless.

  8. oceanboy86 says:

    I noticed you’ve written another (actual) game review for PC Gamer. Not to mention a pretty good one over a super-hyped game. I think this is your 2nd one after Outlast. So, congrats on getting another commission thats not for mods or early access.