To The Death! | Video Games

To The Death! Round Three, Match Three

Time for the rubber match between the antlions and the Gordon Frohmen! As usual, we’ll be changing things up a bit for the third and final round.

We’ll still have three Frohmen, but since they got their asses kicked last time, we’re gonna downgrade their hardware. Yes, downgrade. We’d had them armed with an AR2, an SMG, and a shotgun, but if you read the comic, you know Frohman prefers his pistol above everything else, except maybe his shovel. So, we’re going to arm all three Frohmen with the pistols. Though small, they hold an 18-round clip and at close range they really pack a punch. Or at least a paf.

Even though we’re reducing their firepower, we’ve added two more Kleiners, for a total of three.


Gives the antlions a few more targets, plus it’s kinda funny when benign, absent-minded scientists are horribly killed, don’t you think?


We’ve trimmed the antlion’s numbers down to ten, five on each bank. We’re ready to rumble, so you know the rallying cry:




The antlions buzz through the air, taking some fire from the Frohmen’s spitguns, but making a beeline for the trio of scientists. It’s baffling why they seem to hate Kleiner so. Perhaps because he tests his teleportation experiments on animals.


Looks like a couple of the Frohmen are baffled as well. They stand and gawp as a couple of the antlions tear into a couple of the Kleiners.


One finally gets the right idea and starts shooting! And missing.


A few more antlions touch down on the island, while the leftmost Frohman seems a bit shocked his shots didn’t connect. Meanwhile, Isaac, Isaac, and Isaac are getting hammered by the sharp claws of the enraged aliens.


Youch! One of the Kleiners is sent sailing through the air by the force of an antlion gouge, and, tragically, his flying body slams into one of the Frohmen, killing him to death! That Frohman is dead before he even hits the dirt! Death by ragdoll! This is physics in action, folks! You’re not gonna see crazy shit like this in Doom 3 or FarCry!


With one Frohman dropping after being killed by an airborne scientist, another Kleiner folds – literally! His killer is dispatched nearly in the same moment by a Frohman who has finally remembered that he’s supposed to be shooting bugs, and the antlion explodes in a shower of guts behind Kleiner’s shattered body! This is a gruesome one!


It’s happened again! The second dead Kleiner has been propelled into the remaining living Kleiner, killing him! The antlions have killed two Kleiners, and the two dead Kleiners have killed a Kleiner and a Frohman! If you’re keeping score at home, your line for this play should read as follows:

F1-AL1 / AL2-K1-DK1-F3 / AL3-K2-F1-AL3-DK2-K3 / F1-AL4 / 6-4-3 / F2-AL5


With all the Kleiners dead, it’s definitely less dangerous out there, but our two remaining Frohmen still have their hands full.


They sure seem cool under pressure, though. Here, one takes a break to observe the lagoon view after dispatching two antlions, while a third tip-taps up for a bite.


Ah-ha! It was a ruse, as Frohman spins around and dispatches it with a couple point-blank shots. Meanwhile, another antlion has misjudged his landing and is flopping around in the water off the coast, drowning (and creatures do actually drown in HL2, which is kinda cool). Our other remaining Frohman reloads…


…and shows no mercy for the floundering beast. Paffing away, he puts the creature out of its misery as a dead Kleiner floats serenely by.


Only one antlion left, a coward who Frohman finishes off long distance. Looks like this one is over! A bloody, gruesome, ragdoll-intensive slaughter, the likes of which have not been seen in gm_construct in perhaps minutes.


For some reason, one of the Frohmen decided to run underwater, perhaps to examine his handiwork. At any rate, two Frohmen have survived to win the match, at least until this one runs out of breath.


Nice view of the Kleiners, too. Not a good day for them. Seeya next time!