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01-19-01 - Christopher Livingston, B.S.

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It's cool having a website.  Just look at the picture spinn sent me!  Rockin'!

If you don't do it already, check out spinnwebe every single gol-durn day.  Thanks, spinn!

Got a job lined up for next week, and it's only a few miles away!  No trains, no buses, no boats.  I'm pretty happy about that.  Also, I can dress business casual.  Bonus!  And I don't have to be there until 9am.  

Also, the first question the agency asked me was "Do you like dogs?"  I guess the office I'll be working in has a dog.

Close by, no tie, sleep late, and a dog.

Sounds perfect.

I look forward to completely screwing it up.

My dog, Cookie.  Well, not my dog.  My parent's dog.  I would never name a dog "Cookie."

But really, she's mine.  And look at her play with that ball, huh?

Cookie doesn't have a website.



01-18-01 - Christopher Livingston, B.S.

Hey.  Sorry there hasn't been much in the way of written content this week, I've been a little preoccupied with getting back to temping again.  Most of the sweating has been over my resume, or C.V. as I'm calling it this time around, which is the most depressing sheet of paper I've seen since being passed a note in 3rd grade which read "Christa Calanato thinks you're ugly."  


The real problem is trying to take all the jobs I've had and make them different from one another, when, in truth, they've all been about the same.  Office work.  It's what I've done.  It's what I do.

Since "office work" doesn't take up much space on a sheet of paper, I try to make it look a little different each time I use it.

For instance, the first time it appears as:

office work

The next time, I call it:

clerical duties

To add an air of importance, I move on to:

office management

Throw a twist on that baby, and you've got:

workplace organization

Bigger words!  Need bigger!  More bigger!

secretarial administration

And, finally, big words with no actual meaning:

administrative facilitation

Anyhoo, since this seems to be reader art week, let's take a look at some more submissions:

First, a few portraits of me.  ME ME ME!!

This was created by maime.  I don't generally dress this nicely, but it does look a lot like me.  You can visit maime's website by clicking the picture above!  Thanks, maime!

This was sent in by Kris (link is for e-mail).  It's in black & white, which in reality, is about the only way I can be somewhat decently photographed.  Kris doesn't have a website, but she had a short story published in a collection called "Between the Leaves" (that's a link for the book).  Someday she'll have a whole book all to herself!  Thanks, Kris!

This one is of me in tiny white underpants, created by me.  I'm responsible for it, and I apologize.  Sincerely.  While I don't have the six-pack, the GIANT DISPROPORTIONATE HEAD is depicted quite accurately!  You can visit my website by not leaving.  Again, I'm sorry.

You can make your own dress-up dolls by visiting this website:  Give it a look, it's a lot of fun!


Here's a logo sent in by the Word Guy, of  Despite the fact that it sucks, I was thrilled to receive it because I thought the Word Guy had been killed by Albanian assassins back in December.  Glad you're alive, Word Guy!  Thanks for the logo!

I know there's more creative people out there!  C'mon, send something in!  Anything will do!  Our standards are low!



01-16-01 - Uh...

Hey!  We've got some reader art submissions already!  In a manner of speaking.

First, from a reader named David, who sent in this:

Thanks, David, that's uh... pretty weird.  But cool!  David's website can be reached by clicking on the picture above.

Zompist, who is not only a very smart guy but also a talented artist, sent me the picture below.

The picture is from the SchuminWeb (, and it's Ben Schumin's back, and it's really doughy and awful, much like the SchuminWeb itself.  I almost can't bear having this picture on my site.  See how zompist has made it look like Schumin carved my site name into his back?  Isn't that nice?  Be sure to send some e-mail to zomp to tell him how disgusting you think this is, and how he could probably do much better and make me something really cool.

For more on the horror of Schumin, please see this story on spinnwebe, as well as his December 18th entry in Brainshots.

Last, my parents sent a picture of my Dad's desk at work.  Since he works part time, he calls it "Almost My Desk."

My parents don't have a website at this time, so there's nothing to click.

So.  There, you, um... have it.  I guess.  Reader art!  Kinda!  And, hey, we're still taking submissions!



01-15-01 - Art

Since I'm one big lazy bastard In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I decided not to write any actual content for the site today.  However, why not take a look at some art sent to me by Andrea Hinkle, a friend of mine from IRC.  I dig it.

You can see a larger version of the second picture by clicking on it, and you can visit Andrea's website by clicking here!  Thanks, Andrea!

Want to send me some art?  Then do it!!  Or photos or doodles or logos or whatever.  As long as you work the words "Not My Desk" into it, I'll stick it up on the site and you'll be as famous as I am.  I'll also be happy to link to you if you have a site, or put up your e-mail address.



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