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Lady Business – Finally, some drama!

The American Horror Story ads had gimps coming down from the ceiling, so I had to give this one a go for the weirdness alone…and the fact that there are few things creepier than ghost twins.

I wasn’t sure I could handle it, because I’m a essentially a chicken when it comes to horror. For instance, I think I made it through about 10 minutes of the first episode of The Walking Dead before I ran out of the room. However, this show is more slowly paced which makes things a little easier to digest scare-wise. Plus, there’s something that’s just slick and gorgeous about the scares. I don’t believe I’ve ever been scared so damned elegantly before.

Another great thing about the show is that it’s just simply intriguing. Are some of the characters dead? Are these hallucinations? What is real? Why is Dylan McDermott naked all the time? Will someone hold a séance with George Carlin to let him know that one of his seven dirty words is on the TV menu? (Can’t tell you which, as I’m a lady.) Just how awesome is Jessica Lange, and will she continue to bring this level of awesome every week? What the heck was living in that basement in 1978 anyway? How refreshingly wonderful is it to see a 44 year-old woman looking like a beautiful 44 year-old woman?

The second episode was just fantastic. If you are going to have a home invasion and need saving from homicidal maniacs, this is one house that can work to your advantage.   The third gave just enough backstory to keep things running. I really thought they’d drag out the maid’s story for ages, but they just put it right out there. She’s trapped, like all of the others. Sorry Mr. McDermott – it may be a lovely gazebo, but you’re going to have a lot of explaining to do soon.

I suppose my real affection for this show comes down to the fact that I can’t figure out where the hell this show is going from minute to minute. How often can you say that about television shows?



  1. We’ve been enjoying this show a lot too. No one masturbates while sobbing quite like McDermy!