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Vision of the Future
Everyone is talking about the new home game console.  Not the X-Box 360, not the Nintendo Revolution, not the Playstation 3.  I'm talking about ColecoVision.

Hall of Henchmen
No medical.  No dental.  No aim. The temps of the silver screen -- henchmen -- are highlighted within.  

Temp Chat
How are temps perceived in the public eye?  Do people even know what temps are? Investigative journalism at it's least investigative, as I hit the chat rooms to get the word.  And the boot.

The Temp Test
How much do you know about temping?  Take this quiz to find out.

Food Generator
It seems like every week, new information on what foods are good for you (or what foods are bad for you) change.  Save yourself some time and simply use the Not My Desk New Food Dire Warning And/Or Healthful Revelation Generator to create your own headline.

Kid's Fun Page
Kids!  They're everywhere.  Unfortunately.  Keep 'em busy with this activity page.

Mary Jo Pehl Interview
Former temp and Queen of Movie Cheese, Mystery Science Theater 3000's Mary Jo Pehl allowed me to interview her (for some reason).

Memo Gallery
Real memos I (and others) have received on the job.